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Friday, March 11, 2011

Hawthorne Hawkman Among Top Three. Top 3 of What?


I submitted the following comments to Jeff Skrenes' blog a few minutes ago that were in response to his comments he made about me in his latest post. Click Here to read. Jeff's words are in bold with the blue highlight.

"there was a grade-school quality photoshop piece showing John Hoff's head superimposed on an obese man's naked body"
That shows where your mind was as it was not a man's body at all. It was a female body but, you saw what you wanted to see. Oh, the picture was not on the main site, it was used in the profile.
"and that was somehow supposed to convince readers that Jim Watkins is the better man than John Hoff. Watkins hasn't matured a whole lot since then."

How do you know what I was trying to convince people of? That picture was a parody, intended to make fun of Hoff.

"Watching a man halfway across the country try and impact neighborhoods where he really had no stake was actually kind of fascinating, if not a little creepy."

Again, where do you get that I was trying to impact neighborhoods??? I was standing up to your back-scratching buddy, Johnny Northside.

"Things became less fascinating and more creepy when Watkins tried to intimidate me into distancing myself from John Hoff, as documented in this NXNS post. I encourage readers to examine Watkins' statements in light of recent allegations regarding the identity of the Jordan Hawkman."

Yes I remember that. I have two things to say in response to that:

1) You posted MY email to you YET... You ramble on in your reply by saying...
"In a message dated 4/18/2010 8:34:07 A.M. Central Daylight Time, jeff.exyooper@gmail.com writes:
Mr. Watkins,
Let me first state that you do not have my permission to reprint this message or its accounts in any way whatsoever."

Another example of you being a hypocrite.
2) I noticed you no longer blog on John's site. Hmmm Rather than attempt to bash me, you could have simply said, Thank You. What a little cockroach you are.

Since you won't publish this (so much for fair and balanced, huh?), I will go ahead and post it for you.
Oh yeah I almost forgot... I think it is great that you stood by to support your friend and Hawthorne board member John Hoff, during the "trial of the century".
Ooops! I'm sorry... You really DIDN'T support him as you didn't show up for a single day. Seems to me that you have distanced yourself from John afterall.

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