Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogosphere Trial of the Century - Consider the Source

I am not going to post the entire article on this site as it originated from http://www.mplsmirror.com/ but, it is simply amazing how all the "legal experts" that were made out to be neutral, 3rd party analysts are all connected.
I will even offer another connection that was directly involved in the case, the Defendant John Hoff.
John went to Law School at both the University of North Dakota and Minnesota. Is there a chance that Hoff knows both of the professors who were quoted in the StarTribune and Pioneer Press?
You be the judge.

Here is the link to the MplsMirror article: Click Here

1 comment:

northsider said...

This Johny Transplant is such a gentrifying douche bag. It makes me sick. Longtime nothsiders and northeasters are being forced out of thier once affordable homes in the name of "revitalization", and for what? So these yups from hillbillie-land can come in and live thier fantasy urban adventures into their late thirties and forties?
Some of us actually lived in the city our whole lives.
I hope that this is just the begining of a long, arduous, expensive legal battle for this transplanted piece of shit. What kind of person constantly badmouths and attacks people they don't even know??