Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All Quiet On The Northern Front

The Northside Cracktivists have gone silent. Oh, sure North Minneapolis still has the sounds of gunfire, speeding cars, banging doors and people yelling but, Bully Blogger John Hoff aka Johnny Northside has gone silent. Hoff's pals and fellow bloggers have also gone silent.

The reason of course, is because a jury of seven on Friday, decided that John Hoff must be held responsible for his blogging about a former JACC board member which led to his being fired from his University of Minnesota job in 2009. The jury also decided that John must pay $60,000 in damages.
That is sixty thousand reasons for Hoff and company to sit back and consider what they write about in the future.

The ruling has not gone un-noticed by other people who have experienced the wrath of Johnny Northside in the past. Granted, Johnny doesn't have a dime to his name and likely never will but, for at least five or six people who John has attacked on his blog before, one of them who is now preparing to file a law suit against him said, "it is the principle of it all."

One has to wonder how the Minnesota National Guard is going to feel about one of their enlisted men giving the Guard a bad name by having someone like PFC Hoff constantly in the news and about to be spending a lot of time in court defending himself from all the law suits that are coming down the pike.
I for one, intend to let them know all about it. After all, its the least I can do to show my appreciation for his sending hate letters to prison authorities about two inmates who never did a thing to John personally.

Enjoy the silence, Northsiders! There is no way to know how long the silence will last.

- Anti Johnny


Anonymous said...

Actually John Coward Hoff is not a PFC. He is a Specialist.
A specialist at being an asshole, being a psychopath, being a douchebag, being a pussy boy....etc

Anti-Johnny said...

Can you confirm that? (the part about not being a PFC lol)
I want to be as accurate as possible when sending letters up his chain of command.

Anonymous said...

This story is very complex and this is just the beginning.

:-) said...

Just use Hoff's Serial #HOF7518193039
They'll know who your talking about.
Or they just have to look for the guy that has a $60,000 judgment hanging over his head. He'll look like a douchebag with egg all over his face.

lifelong mpls resident said...

I wish he would have stayed quiet...

Anonymous said...

I actually went to college with John Hoff. I find it funny that he doesn't advertise that he went to an expensive, private college(Concordia, Moorhead). He was a year behind me, I'm not sure he actually graduated.

Anonymous said...

Gov Dayton's Economic Summit will roll into NoMi, to the UROC Center at 3:30PM this afternoon.

Jeff Skrenes, So-called but do-nothing, Hawthorne Housing Director is surely taking another day off from NOT working, to be there in his fancy Suck-up Suit. The fine one with the permanent wrinkle at the waist, where Jeff bends over to kiss-up political dupa.

Do not get between Jeff and a politicians behind. You could get sucked up into the Skrenes Vortex. An all too common phenomena around and among the John Hoff Deadbeat Hater and suck-up squad. They suck up and kick down, no mystery.

UROC should get busy on a study of the withering effects on NoMi of The Skrenes Vortex.