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Monday, December 6, 2010

Who Could Attack a Person Who Just Lost Three Relatives? Only Johnny Northside!

I admit that I have not bothered to read any of what JNS has been blogging about in the past few weeks. When I read things that he rants about, it usually annoys me enough to post something to voice my opinion but, I haven't lately.

Today I can't ignore what he actually said to a person who just lost three family members in a senseless car crash. Senseless. That is a perfect word to use to describe John Hoff's words he threw at the victim's relative who had submitted comments in response to the post John published on his blog. Here is the link to the posting on his site and be sure to read the comments that follow as John goes out of his way to defend himself for bashing the relative who commented.
Johnnynorthside blog

Oh... John did not publish the relatives comments because... He doesn't take someone serious when they have the words, "wooden slurpy" in their email address.
In my opinion, I can't take anything serious that has John Hoff, Johnny Northside or John Willard Hoff anywhere near what I am reading. If I was to write about an accident where someone died and someone claiming to be a relative submitted comments that had "Santa Claus" included in their email address.... Guess what??? I publish the comments and at the very least I would try to contact that person and try to make sure it wasn't a prank. The LAST thing I would do and I would think just about ANYONE who claims to be a journalist would NOT do, would be to openly bash the commenter and place the burden of proof on them!

John Hoff is simply a world-class jackass who never seems to learn that there are times when he should shut his pie hole of a mouth and give someone the benefit of the doubt and maybe he might start to be taken more seriously than the likes of Geraldo Rivera!

Here is what John said to the person who submitted the comments:
(NOTE:  I have not published the comments that were submitted to my site yet because, I sent an email to them last night to verify that they intended to have their comments posted on my blog along with John's ass hole response)

"I have your comment in a cue and can still publish it if I really believe you are not a troll just making stuff up. WOODEN SLURPY. Right.

When I taught journalism (and I did) we always told our students that if they want to be taken seriously
they should not use ridiculous email addresses. I'm sure the death of three people merits a more
serious email address than "wooden slurpy." "

Anyone who would like to offer their opinion on Hoff's cold words to the relative is encouraged to submit them on this blog and I can guarantee that I won't attack you or your credibility. I leave that to Hoff.


Junior Mints Alexa said...

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I have decided not to fight with him anymore, and I asked him if he would post an entry about the date, time and location of the memorial, to which he agreed.

But I am done with this. I am going to continue the actual fight, which is ensuring that high-speed pursuits become safer. I'm not wasting any more time arguing with people. Another commenter on Johnny's site has implied that I am litigious and looking to sue the city.

This is insane. And I won't be a part of it anymore.

Solutions won't be found online; they're found in action in the real world.

Heartfelt said...

Junior Mints Alexa I hope you saw my comments about how John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes believe memorials on light posts are blight. They refer to them as "thug memorials".
Both John Hoff and Jeff Skrenes (see his blog: http://north-by-northside.blogspot.com/)have written how these memorials should be torn down after a few days because they get all wet and sloppy and make the community look bad.
Jeff Skrenes in particular has written about how he removes memorials, and/or calls the city to have memorials removed from city property. He will also call the city and file a complaint against a private property owner to have memorials removed from private property.
John Hoff tells a bold faced lie when he says he has no part in removing memorials. He has written, and supported the removal of "thug memorials" in his blog.

Both of these despicable men serve on the Hawthorne Neighborhood council, with Jeff Skrenes being a paid employee. They are a disgrace to the community.
John Hoff is a total nutcase. There are several blogs (such as this one) dedicated to getting the truth out about what a dangerous psychopath John Hoff really is.
Be careful of him, he will turn on you in a heartbeat and make your life miserable. He is truly a sick deranged person.

Truth be Told said...

Well of course John W. Hoff is going to be disrespectful to these people. The poor victims were Jewish. And we know from his blog postings that Hoff (aka John Hoffman)is a major racist. His goal is to ethnically cleanse NoMi of the poor and minorities so he can gentrify his community and turn it into a "urban eutopia", where his property value will rise.
John Hoff has frequently been compared to a Nazi for his blog postings and derogatory comments about minorities and Jewish property owners whom he frequently targets for attacks.
John Hoff is a sick, twisted, perverted anti-semitic racist, who gets his jollies harassing and intimidating those who actually work and struggle to make a living, while he lives off government subsidies.

Anonymous said...

For people new to reading this blog. Jeff Skrenes is the paid housing director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council. And John Hoff serves on their board. Both of these nitwits have appointed themselves as some sort of "sheriff" to patrol the neighborhoods and remove signs and memorials that they don't like. These two racists flood the city of Minneapolis with property violation complaints sending city inspectors on frivolous searches for extremely minor violations of properties housing minority families, while they seem to have some type of immunity for their multi-violations property.
If you take the time to read their respective blogs, you can see what biased individuals these two degenerates actually are.
Rounding out the group is Megan Goodmundson, who serves on the Jordan Area Community Council. She follows up on their complaints to make sure the city harasses these poor working class people.
They victimize the weakest people in north Minneapolis - minorities, poor, and immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link where Jeff Skrenes states memorials are blight, read the comments:


Ruth said...

Here is a direct quote from Jeff Skrenes' blog:
"...if the first memorial hadn't been removed after the rain made it look exactly like a blight, I would certainly have called it in [to the city of Minneapolis] and said it needed to be removed. I've called for other memorials to be taken down when either they've deteriorated or when it's clear that the property owner (such as a bank-owned vacant house) has likely not given permission for such things to be on the property."

Ya know, I just don't know what to say about this guy. He is a total jerk. How idiots like this get jobs with neighborhood agencies, when they have no clue about the cultural aspects of community work is just a mystery.