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Friday, December 17, 2010

Jeff Skrenes & Fraud: Where There's Smoke... There is Fire

Jeff Skrene's Pink Slip

Jeff Skrene's was officially given a "pink slip" by the Minneapolis City Council. I would love to see a copy of his resume when he starts looking for a new job (if he already hasn't) to see what he lists as job duties with being the Hawthorne Housing Director. It doesn't take a lot of talent to point to an old, run down house that is falling apart and say to his former employers, "That one! Run that one over with a bulldozer!"

Let's take a little look at the two jobs Jeff had before his stint as "Jeff Skywalker" in Hawthorne...

I find it typical that Jeff rants about fraud and points his finger at everyone else, accusing them of being fraudsters considering his last job was with ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). ACORN is a huge special interest group that turned out to be guilty of voter registration fraud and
embezzlement. Clich here to see the Lou Dobbs video: ACORN voter fraud
Makes me wonder if Jedi Jeff will even list ACORN on his resume after working for those fraudsters.
Before ACORN, Jeff worked for US Bank as a mortgage originator. Investopedia defines that as: "An institution or individual that works with a borrower to complete a mortgage transaction."
Lenders! This country is in the biggest real estate crash in history mainly because, lenders issued bad loans. To put it another way, banks gave loans to people who had no business getting a mortgage, then they defaulted on the payments and the lender had to foreclose. The government keeps trying to bail the banks out of the mess they created and amazingly, the people who approved these bad loans are not in jail!
To Summarize Jeff's work history...
*Worked for the fraudsters ACORN
*Worked for US Bank who issued their share of bad loans
*Currently working for the Hawthorne Neighborhood & all the Johnny Northisde frauds that come with it
Impressive resume!

1 comment:

Fire Chief said...

Should any prospective employer Google "Jeff Skrenes" they will see that hiring him will be nothing but controversial, and a huge mistake.
Jeff, like other NRP funded neighborhood employees could have just done his job, quietly, like all the other neighborhood council employees around the city.
But NO! He had to blog and spout off about orphan phone books, and unlawful signs on telephone poles, and "slumlords" until he was dubbed a "NoMi Terrorist".
Now a Google search beings up a whole lot of negative information about Jeff Skrenes.
Yep, that's what you want a prospective employer to see - a whole lot of information that you are going to cause problems, antagonize people, and waste funds.

Where there's smoke...There is fire.
And Jeff Skrenes is one big smoke bomb employers would be wise to avoid, unless they have magnificent fire insurance.