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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minneapolis City Council Votes to Cut Hawthorne Neighborhood Funding & Jeff Skrenes

Jeff Skrenes aka Hawthorne Hawkman

Jeff Skrenes aka the Hawthorne Hawkman, is facing the unemployment line. The Minneapolis City Council voted this week to cut neighborhood funding and that includes the Hawthorne Housing Director… Jeff Skrenes.

The cuts included giving pink slips to fire fighters and police officers but, three council members voted against the cuts. Surely Barb Johnson and Don Samuels who represent North Minneapolis voted against the cuts… Right?


Barb & Don ignored the pleas of Jeff Skywalker and voted to make neighborhood funding go away. Jeff has been one of Samuels’ biggest supporters during his tenure so, it will be entertaining to watch the public display of displeasure Jeff and his pal, Johnny Northside unleash onto Samuels and the rest of the council now that they have effectively shown Jeff how much they appreciate his efforts to collect phone books, call 911, call 311 and blog continuously (even on company time) about the shit-hole they live in.

Don Samuels
Ain’t politics great!
Barb Johnson
Northside and Skrenes will never get the big picture. Its politics and their role is to get their buddies re-elected and when push comes to shove… People like Jeff Skrenes are insignificant and this week the city council (Samuels and Johnson to be exact) proved it.


Jordan Hawkman Group said...

You hit to spot on this one Anti-Johnny!

Informed HNC Member said...

According to Hawthorne Neighborhood Council Jeff Skrenes title is Director of Housing. But what does that mean and what is he supposed to be doing?
I can't find one housing project that he brought into the neighborhood. I can't find one project that Jeff Skrenes originated and brought to the community. I can't find one instance where he worked with a troubled landlord (or "slumlord" as he would call them) to improve and repair a blighted property. As a matter of fact - Jeff Skrenes' own landlord owns properties with numerous housing code violations, which he publily admits he ignores and does not report.
I can't find any evidence that the "Director of Housing" position has been anything but a waste of NRP funding. No other - let me repeat that - NO OTHER Minneapolis NRP association has a housing director, and just because Hawthorne gets a lot of NRP funding they believe they can waste it on a useless position.
If the actual Hawthorne residents as a whole (and not just the small group of HNC members) truly knew what HNC was doing with their funding, they would be outraged. That must surely be why Jeff Skrenes and other HNC employees and board members rarely update the official blogs or newsletters.
Operating in secrecy assures that Jeff Skrenes can bilk HNC for his pay while he blogs away the day.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anti-Johnny, There is a great liklihood that Jeff The Feather-Bedding Goof and pandering pundit will lose his job with the cuts to neighborhood groups. There will be no net loss to the neighborhood, though, as you correctly pointed out. His do nothing job meant nothing to net neighborhood improvement; nothing.

Politics being what it is, watch for those at the current Government $$$$ Tit of Neighborhood Group Employment to scramble over and suck up to direct employment with the City of Minneapolis. Who moved my cheese; follow that cheese, to City Hall??!!