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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hypocrite Hoff At It Again!

John Hoff - America's # 1 Hypocrite
 'Ol Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, is back to his 2-faced ways again in Minneapolis. Recently John begged the judge presiding over the civil case Jerry Moore filed against him to delay the start of the trial. Yet, John spent the better part of two days sitting in a courtroom in support of his equity skimming pal, councilman Don Samuels. Samuels was in court as a result of a lawsuit filed by former Mayoral candidate, Al Flowers. John Hoff's blog, has been posting up a storm about Al Flowers in recent days and the latest post Click Here on the blog is nothing more than John taking another shot at someone (Flowers) who is against him or one of his pals (Samuels).

I have previously posted about the time when John lived in Seattle and was cited for sitting on a sidewalk during a time that was not allowed.
Did John not know about the no-sitting ordinance and his timing simply unlucky when he got the ticket? Hardly. Make no mistake about it, follks... John "the hypocrite" Hoff, knew full well about the ordinance (See text below in red) and was there to stir up trouble and after he was ticketed he wasted the courts time by appealing the lower courts ruling to the Washington State Court of Appeals. For SITTING ON A SIDEWALK!

Allow me to provide the readers with proof of John's frivolous court battle on the matter... Here is the link to see for yourself: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19970603&slug=2542653
June 3, 1997
Puget Sound Newswatch

Seattle's Sidewalk Ordinance Upheld

SEATTLE - The state Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of Seattle's sidewalk ordinance yesterday.

Sarah McConahy, a formerly homeless youth, and John Hoff, an advocate for Seattle's homeless, were cited in 1994 for sitting on the sidewalk in the University District. McConahy was sitting with friends, eating and sometimes panhandling, and wearing a button that said: "Sitting is not a crime." Hoff was sitting reading a book with leaflets in his lap advertising a protest against the ordinance.

The two had separate municipal court trials. Each was found to have violated the sidewalk ordinance.
McConahy and Hoff joined together to appeal the decision, alleging that the ordinance violated the state constitution, including their rights to free speech and due process.

The 1994 ordinance bans sitting or lying on public sidewalks in commercial areas from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Lets recap!

John bashes Al Flowers for filing frivolous lawsuits and proceeds to bash him in public on his Blog YET, John decided that an ordinance was stupid and goes and gets himself a ticket so he can make himself an attention whore in the press while he tries to prove the law itself was stupid.
Did anyone notice that John didn't make his case about the law to those who made the law rather, John violated the law on purpose so he could exploit the law AND get his name in the paper!

Pffttt! John Hoff himself is frivolous!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a jack-ass! I used to sort of give Hoff the benefit of my doubt but it sure seems like he really doesn't see any of his antics as wrong or even juvenile.

Douchebag Denouncer said...

And let us not forget that John W. Hoff is trashing Al Flowers for getting kicked out of the meeting. But John Hoff was also kicked out of a meeting for being disruptive and swearing. His dominatrix, Megan Goodmundson, says he did it on purpose. He did? You mean just like he sat on the Seattle sidewalk and violated the law to make a statement.


Yep, that's John Willard Hoff. Anything to get in the spotlight.
He just loves attention.
I'm sure he'll get plenty of attention when he looses in his civil suit. People are lining up to testify against him.

Junior Mints Alexa said...

John Hoff posted an article today on the deaths of my three cousins, Amanda Thomas and her two boys, Andre and AJ, who were killed during a high-speed police chase. I decided to respond with a comment about forgiveness and decided to finger the real culprit in this: chasing criminals at high speeds in residential areas.

He did not post my comment, which is completely fair, but decided to publicly humiliate me by taunting me because of a silly email address. Woodenslurpy@gmail.com. He basically told me that I was a liar. Here is what he wrote to me personally:

"I have your comment in a cue and can still publish it if I really believe you are not a troll just making stuff up. WOODEN SLURPY. Right.

When I taught journalism (and I did) we always told our students that if they want to be taken seriously
they should not use ridiculous email addresses. I'm sure the death of three people merits a more
serious email address than "wooden slurpy." "

He said this to me, family of the victims. Of a horrendous and senseless and very violent ending. I'm sick to my stomach. I just wanted to go on record reminding people not to demonize the perpetrator and focus on the real system issue.

He's not a real journalist. At least, not anymore.