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Monday, December 27, 2010

"Bumbling Brothers" To Be Together Again Soon

Bumbling Brother, "Sam"
(Pic in frame was drawn by Molly Barrett-Seeley, by hand)

The surviving Bumbling Brother, Sam was brought home today after a week long stay at the vet where he was treated for Kidney Failure.
The conclusion was reached today that Sam's condition was no longer treatable and the vet said since he is not in any pain, is still eating and would be more comfortable resting at home for what looks like will be his last hours or maybe, days with me.

In late 2006, I had lost my long-time golden retriever, Bo and I contacted the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas. I was introduced to two goldens, Sam & Alex who were litter-mate brothers and both had recently been treated for heartworm. The rescue wanted to keep them together because of their close bond and I agreed to adopt them.

Soon after adopting them, their goofy and clumsy personalities made me call them the "Bumbling Idiots." A few family members thought that was too harsh for them and that is when they officially became known as "The Bumbling Brothers".
I have never seen or heard about two dogs who have gotten along with each other as well as they did. I don't recall a single time when either of them so much as growled at the other. Sam & Alex were best friends and they had been through a lot before the rescue got to them. They appeared to love their time they had with me after I adopted them and I always enjoyed seeing them happily "bumbling" about.

In July of 2010, Alex died. He had cancer and no one ever knew about it until the tumor ruptured and bled internally. Alex was cremated and his remains have been close by both me and his brother, Sam.
The past 5 and a half months have been difficult for Sam as it was obvious that he missed his brother. Even without his brother here, Sam continued to be the fun, loving friend, although I could see that Sam was slowing down and I assumed the loss of Alex was taking its toll on him.

When I look at Sam now, I see a very sick dog and I am guessing he has only hours or maybe a few short days to live. While I am feeling the impending loss more and more as the hours pass by, there is one thought that I keep telling myself that seems to help me with feeling better and accepting the loss that is closing in.
As soon as Sam takes his final breathe and leaves his tired body behind, I know that there will be two dogs who were life-long, happy brothers, separated for nearly 6 months when Alex died but, with Sam's passing I can only imagine how happy and thrilled Sam & Alex will be knowing they won't be alone ever again.

I am going to miss Sam a lot. I hold out hope that I will see him again after I die but, it won't just be Sam I will be eager to be with again. There, beside him will be his loyal brother, Alex waiting there to greet me.
Whenever that day comes, I am going to be among good company... I will be back with "The Bumbling Brothers."

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read about the illness of your dog. Those of us who are very close to our canine companions understand that these are not just "dogs", but our dear close friends and members or our family.
I know your pain having put 3 labs to rest in the past 10 years. Their pictures are on my desk along with a lock of fur, and I wish them a 'good morning' every day as I run my finger across the three tufts of soft fur.