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Sunday, August 22, 2010

NoMi "Crack-tivist" Megan Goodmundson Feels Harassed & Includes Family

Earlier tonight I was writing the previous post and decided to send Megan Goodmundson a text message. In fact, it was the first time I had EVER tried any contact with her outside of her own crappy blog. That means I have never emailed her, called her or anything other than commented on her blog (none of those comments were ever approved though surprise surprise).

Megan didn't respond well to my text message and fired back a few of her own, even after she said she would not respond again. She responded again. And again.
In the letter that Megan sent to various politicians she stated she would "share" her disgust with neighbors if the politicians did not reply to her. Then she said she will "share" her disgust even if they don't. Translation: "I am going to bash you no matter what you say."

Megan and "Super-Stiff" boyfriend, John Hoff think nothing of other people's privacy and have proven such by posting personal emails on their blogs and have threatened people who have spoken out against them on thier own blogs as well as countless others run by neighborhood chums.
With that in mind, I decided to "Share" the petty shit (yes, I consider what she said to me to be shit) Megan said to me in the text message exchange earlier.

"Super-Citizen" revitalizer of NoMi or just a whacked out "Crack-tivist?" You decide.....

Aug 21, 2010 8:39PM
From Jim TO Megan
“Hi Megs! Why bother commenting via ur blog when mpls gave me ur number & I can just text u!
Tune into Johnnynorthside.net tonight for a megan special report!”

Aug 21, 2010 8:58PM
FROM Megan to Jim
“Let me be very clear: Do not ever call or text me ever again. Do not call my house. Do not call any of my family members. Any future contact from you will be considered harassment and I will persue legal remedy. Do not reply. I am of course documenting this brief exchange.”

Aug 21, 2010 9:00PM
From Jim TO Megan
“You go right ahead megan. This is not harassment at all. Your number is of public record supplied by the city. I also did not threaten you at all. So go ahead.”

Aug 21, 2010 9:02PM
FROM Megan to Jim
“One more time: I’m telling you do not contact me or my family at all. Its not about public record or not. Its that I’m telling you I feel harassed and I’m telling you to stop. Do not reply. I will not reply again. Stop harassing me.”

Aug 21, 2010 9:04PM
From Jim TO Megan
“Whatever. I hope you do pursue this so, u will be laughed at when claiming you are being harassed. Maybe tell me a 3rd time? They will tell u to ignore me. Bye!”

Aug 21, 2010 9:05PM
FROM Megan to Jim
“You are sick. Third time do not call me or text me or any of my family members.”

Entertaining stuff, huh folks? I thought it was interesting that she felt the need to "warn" me to not contact any of her family members in EVERY message she sent me. Not only have I never contacted any of her family, I don't even KNOW who anyone in her family IS outside of her parents. Me thinks Megs is a wee bit paranoid about her family finding out what a piece of fluff she really is.

(Anti-Johnny Note: Megans boyfriend, Johnny Northside made good on a threat to send threatening letters to my friends who are in a Duluth Federal Prison Camp. AND John sent letters to the prison administration in a feeble attempt to make life on my friends more difficult. Oh, John told me that it was his intention to make my friend's family hate me. As readers know, I have never pulled the sort of sadistic crap that John Hoff has with the intention of truly hurting people. Yet, Megs was adamant that I not contact her family. Ooo K!)

Lastly, there is a new blog out there that is devoted to... Me! You readers can Google around and find it but, it is set up so no one can figure out who is involved with it or owns it. Funny thing happened tonight though... The post (lone that is) has information about me contacting Megan by text messaging yet, I have only sent her mssgs ONCE... Earlier tonight!
I think it is pretty clear that John and/or Megan Goodmundson are responsible for that hate blog or else it would be pretty difficult for the post author to know about those messages since I had not posted either this or the last post online at that point.

It is funny though. Megan and all the northside haters comment all over the net that I and the JHG must be bored to keep after them like this for us to waste as much time as we do to with our anti-activist blogs. HAHAHA But, as I and others have said before... That group of slugs that claim they are revitalizers, have the mind set of "Do as I say! NOT as I do!"



Anonymous said...

here is the jim watkins anti-johnny blog, i received it in a wide spread email blast yesterday:


Jordan Hawkman Group said...


We salute your efforts to expose these guys for what they are.

Last we heard, your friends have not had anything to do with Minneapolis for a few years.

It would appear that Goodmundson and Hoff are the obsessed ones.

Anonymous said...

This just proves that Megan Goodmundson, and John Hoff ARE aware of Minnesota's new anti-stalking/harassment statute.
The law is very clear, and John and Megan's online harassment of targeted individuals is stalking under the new statute and will be reported to the authorities.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 7:20-
Yep, thats the one. You would think they would wait a few days to post that after I sent the text message. It just proved that they are behind it. The ONLY person who could know some of the "history between me and John is... John. And they comment all over that I have nothing better to do lol.

I am going to copy what they wrote and post it on here with my comments soon. There are a LOT of false things they claim as true.

Anonymous said...

You are the most sad and crazy stalker on the face of the earth. OMG you write about one guy for YEARS? GET help. Get a wife. Get a wife. You are just sad. NO ONE in north mpls cares what you thing! You lie and you lie in your blog. Most people like John both in the city and on north talk except a few wack job thugs. You really need to get medicated and find a hobby other that another grown man. You must really be crushin on him.

Anonymous said...

Go f$%k yourself Dana, you trailer trash tramp.