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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Megan Goodmundson's Hate Blog: The Voice of John Hoff

Looks as though Megan is posting as much as she can on her own Anti-Jim, hate blog. If you care to read it, here is the link: http://www.jimwatkinsantijohnny.blogspot.com/
Today, it was verified thru a friend of Megan's that she is the one behind the new anti-jim, hate blog but, they also pointed out that John Hoff is more or less telling her what to say. Afterall, Megan knows nothing about me but, her boyfriend, bully blogger John Hoff has know me for a few years now.

The reason for this post is to point out a few, teeny, tiny facts that both John and Megan have overlooked in their quest to hurt me by attempting to make life on my friend more miserable.

You see, John has clearly detailed his intentions and his actions that he has followed thru on concerning my friend. Just yesterday, there was a new post on Megan's hate blog that explained how the prison authorities have been alerted about... Me. I copied a portion of the post for you to read here....

"Hoff took his remedy to the next level. He alerted the Duluth Federal Prison Authorities to Jim Watkins 2+ years targeting of him and others that was quickly turning into harassment and stalking, and expanding to anyone who seemed to associate with John. How can convicted criminals be allowed to have this sort of reach into the lives of people who spoke out publicly about their crimes and the impact it left on their very own neighborhood"

Here are the little facts that John and Megan have failed to overlook:
1) Outgoing phone calls are monitored and recorded and numbers dialed must be on a screened list.
2) All incoming mail is screened & recipients of outgoing mail is documented as well.

What all of that means is no one in prison is able to issue commands to anyone in the outside world. Not without it being well documented anyway.
Since May of 2009, I have recieved one letter and two phone calls. The letter was over a year ago and the last phone call was in February.

Did you get that John & Megan??? ITS NOT POSSIBLE for anyone in prison to get instructions out as you have described! You have been watching too many gangster movies!
The upside to this is the fact that John and Megan have outlined their plan to bring discomfort and worse to people who have no recourse to bullying like they have inflicted. Add to that, is the fact that their well documented bullying against my friends as well as me, is considered Harassment and Blackmail. Yes, I said blackmail because, John made it clear by threatening me of his intentions to attempt to make their lives difficult unless I agreed to leave John alone and continue on with his crusade to become Dictator of NoMi. By threatening me with the threat of harm to others... That is Blackmail.


Anonymous said...

this says your last phone call was in february. your other misadventures blog dated Jun 27 says you got a phone call from your friend "about a week ago"

what gives with the contradictions?

you put so many lies up on your blogs, in the comments, made up people and made up conspriacys you can't keep them all straight.

(screenshots taken so feel free to take it down or make your corrections)

Anonymous said...

Can we expect something new soon please?

Anonymous said...

I love how you putting all this info up on your blog makes it come way up at the top of google searches, since your blog has been up way longer than that anti-jimmy blog. Fuckin' great man, thanks!

James Nelson said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks. I laugh out loud at your candidness. Truth is good. But I mus say,they're (Megan and JNS)some of my favorite folks. Their words are offensive, arrogant and ignorant from the world/social crowd I know and love but they do care and have great heart and intentions. But I know they think the same of me in many ways. But they also have lots of good to say if you hear them out. They accept me no matter how wrong they think I may be on any issue. They have great energy and commitment and will sit down and talk (even though they're wrong on everything....just playin'...). Call me sometime and the four of us can sit down and have a great time disagreeing but sharing our concern and love for NoMi. We may just learn something as to why each other think the way they do. I ask one of my other favorite folks, Don Allen to come over and join the discussion. It should be good.
We just need to squash all the hate (all of us) and learn from each other and agree to disagree but continue to work together at a team for our community.
Call me and we'll set it up. I'll make dinner.

God bless,
James Nelson
2611 Upton