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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

John Hoff: The Hypocrite Behind the Hate & Disregard

As promised, I have copied the post from the new anti-Jim, hate blog run by John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and posted it here. How can I say for sure that Hoff is behind it? Simple. No one else knows the details outlined in the post like John does. True to Johns ways, he inflicts anything he wishes unto others but, see's it as wrong for others to re-publicize anything about him online. I say that because, the information contained on this blog was obtained from other websites and media outlets.
This blog itself is bothersome to John Hoff. In a recorded phone call between us nearly a year ago, John asked me directly to "Delete the damn thing." When I refused, John threatened me by saying, "You don't want to piss off the 800-pound gorilla."
You see folks, John is a Bully. He lives his life by a separare set of rules and anyone who challenges him, he proceeds to devote himself to ruining that person using a tool known as the Internet. I have several emails sent to me by John AND posted on this blog, that clearly outline how he plans to go about hurting me in any way he can. Unless... I back off him. No lie, check it out for yourself.

As I posted and outlined on the other anti-johnny site, John did something that even I didn't think he was capable of doing. When he determined that there was nothing for him to humiliate me with online, other than him constantly linking my name to my friends name (guilt by association approach), he decided he would attack me below the belt. By that, I mean that John literally told me that if I didn't back off of him, he would write letters to both Tom and Jon as well as the prison in attempts to hurt them. It was simple in his mind, "Stop your pursuit of exposing me (John) or I will do what I can to hurt your friends."
In my mind, that is the most cowardly act a  human can do. To put it another way for the purpose of explanation... (Note: this is an example and I have no intention of pursuing it past this explanation)
Since John has been after me and threatened me and my career since we became aware the other existed, if I decided to really take a low-blow, I could tell John that if he didn't stop writing about me, then I would contact his family and inform them of all the wrongdoing he has been involved with over the years.
As I said, I see such an act as something a kidnapper would do. I see it as blackmail. In fact, in the text message from John, he told me directly that it was his intention to make my friend's family hate me.
As you read below, you can easily see exactly what I am talking about as John goes into detail to explain how he intends to hurt me as well as my friends. Look for my words below in red text.
The following was copied directly from http://jimwatkinsantijohnny.blogspot.com/

"Jim Watkins has dedicated an entire blog, no, two entire blogs, wait! THREE entire blogs to bashing,  I admit to this site and one other but, they are dedicated to alerting the public of the misleading, bullying, threatening and hurtful ways that John Hoff conducts himself. He has a past that display what I outlined above and I have assembled a large number of links to sites and articles that document the forceful ways John has and still does conduct himself. trashing and stalking a guy (and his friends) who live across the country from him. I don't understand how he see's it as stalking as I have never followed him in person one time. Trashing? If thats how he see's my repeating things that he has said himself online and repeating what others have said in atricles from places he has lived.

Wait, first, where does Jim Watkins live? That's a good question. And it's not anywhere near North Minneapolis. It appears he lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. It makes me wonder why he has made such an issue of this? For someone who doesn't care about me, he sure does wish he could find out where I live. Why? My guess is so he could further his attempts to bully me byt sending letters, filled with lies to who knows who? He has another self-proclaimed moniker aside from "the anti-johnny". He also refers to himself as the "DFW Mentor." He self-proclaims to be a real estate mentor. This is a whole different episode of The Anti-Johnny = The Jordan Hawkman = Jim Watkins. 1) It is no secret that I have not been active in real estate for over two years. Yet, John clings to this as some sort of bad thing. Notice he doesn't say anything negative but, he does present it in a negative manner.  Also, just last month John and girlfriend, Megan Goodmundson called a meeting with Don Allen of Minneapolis and presented him with demands to take down the Jordan Hawkman blog and he claimed he was relaying that message for councilman Don Samuels and State Senator Linda Higgins. Hmmm seems he has changed his mind about who is behind that blog and is now claiming it is me. The only problem with that is, he is wrong. I do claim to know the identity of the Jordan Hawkman but, why would I want John to know who it is??
Think about it... I have made it clear for a long time that I am the person in charge of this blog you are reading. What has it done for me? Nothing. John has constantly bullied me because he has known I am behind it. Now he tries to imply that anyone who writes a blog and does so with a hidden identity, is a coward. Are we that stupid to think that IF the Jordan Hawkman's identity were public that he would not launch an offensive against that person???
Oh, one other thing to notice... The blog I copied this post from does not identify who the author is and does not allow for reader comments. See what I mean when I say, John plays by a different set of rules? Its ok for him to do but, not ok for others. Some might compare those characteristics as that of a Dictator.

Well, why so many hate blogs? Another good question. The first one came from his obsession with John Hoff aka Johnny Northside and grew out of all the attention that John was getting on the internet on his own blog. Huh? Why would I care? Jim Watkins dubbed himself the Anti-Johnny Totally FALSE! You can read it on Johnny Northside.com where John came up with that nick-mane and gave it to me himself. I personally don't care to have his name that closely associated with mine. and tried to ride the coattails to get a little internet attention and be a thorn in the side of John Hoff. This was the first example of the many instances of copycatting that Jim Watkins will continue to create. He copied Johnny Northside's blog almost identically. He copied the url as close as he could. Please see the recent post on here that talks about how John failed Blogging 101. All of what he said above is a credit to me because this blog so closely resembles his own and he was not bright enough to register the .net and .org URL's, this blog ranks just as high as his own in the search engines and he SHOULD be upset about that! Upset with himself! He rode that pony hard and set out on a mission of harassment, stalking and lies, Which are? He is good at planting a seed only he never comes back to back things up with facts. all to fill his need for attention and get "revenge" (He admits it! We'll show you the many messages in which he admits it!) He wasn't getting much attention, so he intensified. Its no secret, after one of my dogs died in July, I wrote much less and didn't research John with the same intensity. Mainly because, the Jordan Hawkman Group started their own blog and it has been getting a lot of attention. It allowed me to rest. Remember, John lied to Don Allen and said the order to remove that blog came from Don Samuels and Linda Higgins. To date, neither of them have confirmed what John claimed. He blogged more, he created conspiracy theories of "special treatment" and political favors, despite the fact that he has zero involvement or inside information of the political winds here in North Minneapolis. He saw John blogging about successful (read 'winning' elections) politicians. He saw John getting accolades in other media. He saw examples of John's writing getting picked up, redistributed, or further elaborated on in other places. He was not creating the effect he wanted, ruining John Hoff wasn't working, but this isn't surprising since nothing this man, Jim Watkins, does is very successful. All I can say after reading that self-promotion is that John does have quite the imagination. However, I don't recall even thinking such things. It IS a rather large ego John has. He even referred to himself as the "800-pound Gorilla."

For some unknown reason, probably technical, or maybe not, Which means, he has no factual idea and is merely saying that to "plant a seed" as other journalists in his class have done. Like, Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Springer to name a few. he created a second Anti-Johnny site. Perhaps he thought blogger would take his misadventures site down because it too closely mimicked someone else's intellectual property. LOL well that would be his former editor and current web-master, Karl Noyes. John has no talent where that is concerned.  Who knows. But he didn't do much with that second Anti-Johnny site. Just a few more cleverly spun conspiracy theories. Mostly just regurgitating what he'd already put up elsewhere. Truth be told... I got tired of trying to maintain two sites. That being the case, why would I care to start a third and spend so much time on that when this site already ranks neck and neck with John's in the search engines??

He became connected with a small handful of other Minneapolis malcontents. For example, during the 2009 Minneapolis city council campaign season, he reached out to loser candidate Lennie Chism, you know, the convicted woman abuser. He connected with a few other blogger-journalists who also spew out conspiracy theories and espouse their severe discontent with local politicians, such as the ones who keeping winning elections. It's pretty coincidental how the other crazy malcontents that teamed up with the Anti-Johnny were also tied to fraudsters and nefarious people that also enjoyed a starring role on Johnny Northside Dot Com. Birds of a feather.... As far as Lenny Chism, all I did was send one email offering information about his opponents. I notice that John has failed to name any other people but, he does lead readers to believe that there are others but, did not back up his claim with any fact. Even if I contacted half of the city, who cares???  Look at the last sentence though... He admits to bashing anyone else he suspected of not agreeing with him and admits to attempting to bash them by giving them a "starring role" on his site.

So now Anti-Johnny has some local help to expand his harassment. Pictures. Local flavor to spice up his rantings. Assistance with creating the illusion that this is real. That there is some big push to ruin Johnny Northside and pals. (Well, okay, there is. The fraudsters, sex offenders, thug-huggers, slumlords and disenfranchised also-rans would REALLY like JNS to shut up, already!)  It is very well known that John has attacked a LOT of people on his blog and in most cases, he has had no factual information to support his accusations. Remember Remar Smith? He accused him of Murder and to date, Remar Smith has not been charged with anything involving that case. So, that being said in addition to what I explained earlier as my reasons for maintaining this site... Sure. It is my intention to inform the public about the unfair, unfounded and bullying ways of John Hoff. Anything accusatory that I say about John, I have or can supply documentation to support what I say. Check around this site and look at the countless links I provide to the sources of such information.

So why the third Anti-Johnny hater site? That's easy to answer. Again, not mine and he already falsely accused Don Allen of the same.  Alerting the prison authorities to Jim Watkins hate and obsession caused him to go under the radar. Anonymous and Unidentified. How Convenient. I don't understand why prison authorities would be concerned about someone like me Or why they would care about someone like John. Again, he attacks the anonymous aspect of that site but, the VERY BLOG this posting came from does NOT reveal who is behind it. Hypocrite!
The back story is that John Hoff grew tired of the constant harassment by text, by email, by comments submitted to the Johnny Northside blog I admit I have sent a few texts but, none threatening and certainly not at all hours of the niht as he claimed. In fact, the latest I have ever sent one was 8:30PM. I have not emailed John in well over a year and he must have super=human power to be able to say that he knows who has submitted anonymous comments to his blog. If that were true, I suggest that John would be pursuing the people who actually submitted them and not making blind, false claims that I did., by targeting his own friends and family. Not to mention it extremely bothered him that the TJ Waconia fraudsters who had wreaked havoc on North Minneapolis contributing to a debilitating foreclosure crisis, had resorted to harassing the people that spoke out against their mortgage fraud and criminal activities. It was clear Jim Watkins was acting on behalf of his good buddies, either by direct order, or by his own initiative and his own self-declared mission to "ruin" John Hoff. What??? That is about the craziest, conspiracy theory bunch of BS that I have seen in a while. How he conjured all that up and connected me to it in his mind is beyond me. 

So Hoff figured the prison authorities and parole board would be interested to see what was going on after the TJ Waconia fraudsters were incarcerated. Please note: What John just did was ADMIT that he was determined to hurt me by attacking someone I care about. COWARDLY! His arrogance actually allowed him to admit such a thing. His words, not mine. Did the harassment and stalking of northside activists by the good friend and former employee of TJ Waconia really show remorse for their crimes? Does it show incarcerated prisoners reaching out through the very bars of steel that surround them? Wait, is he referring to me as being someone who should be showing remorse for the actions of others? Where does he come up with the notion that my constant pursuit of exposing John and his checkered past has anything to do with anyone other than me? In prison or not, there is no basis at all for such an accusation. But, John doesn't care. He figures, just throw one of his crazy theories out on the Internet and let the targeted person defend themself and prove the accusation wrong. John does that ALL THE TME! Read his blog and that is painfully obvious.

First a short, sweet note straight to the fraudsters themselves. A bit later, a more lengthy explanation of why it is in their best interest for Jim Watkins to *not* be showing such disdain for the people left to live amongst the crime scene of the TJ Waconia fraudsters. Good Behavior = Early Release. Documented harassment of neighborhood activists committed by former TJ Waconia employee and self-declared best friend = Not Good Behavior. No idea where this came from? I don't know much about the Federal system but, I was told that there is NO parole system for Federal. I wonder what John's response would be if people knew that he volunteered to go to jail in lieu of paying back child support that he owes? Thats right. He would hurt his own offspring and his former wife AND add the financial burden of the cost to incarcerate him to the taxpayers, so he could avoid paying his back child support. $3,600+ the last time I looked.

When the prison postcards and letters were received by the TJ Waconia fraudsters, Jim Watkins was not happy. Rightfully so. I don't know many that would take someone who made good on a threat to blackmail, in a positive way. Text messages came flying in. Angry messages came via comments submitted to blogs. Along with the flying monkeys and other imaginary things that exist in Johns mind. Increased blog postings and made up troll voices on comment threads. He even wrote about it himself. Any factual documentation or proof to those accusations? Nope.
Hoff took his remedy to the next level.Meaning, he REALLY got pissed off and he stooped even lower in his attempts to get me to stop repeating factual information about him that has been on the Internet already. He alerted the Duluth Federal Prison Authorities to Jim Watkins 2+ years targeting of him and others that was quickly turning into harassment and stalking, and expanding to anyone who seemed to associate with John. Give me a break! Why would he alrert them about ME? Let me remind the readers that John Hoff holds a degree in LAW! He knows damn well that the Duluth prison authorities have no interest or concern for me but, he did it with the intention of making life more difficult for my friend. John, you are a SLUG! How can convicted criminals be allowed to have this sort of reach into the lives of people who spoke out publicly about their crimes and the impact it left on their very own neighborhood? What proof does John have of this? NONE! If my friend wanted me to pursue anything, it would clearly not be John Hoff. Why would that do them any good? John has no bearing in anything they are involved in. Think about it! How would it benefit my friend one bit by continuing to repeat information about John Hoff with mostly unrelated events? That argument by John is ridiculous and shows a lot about Johns character or lack thereof. It shows to what extent John will go to prevail over someone who disagreed with him and his lack of concern for others' that he has and will continue to hurt in his quest to be... Who knows what? He has no regard for other people's safety or well being.
Prison authorities wrote back words to the effect of "your concern is valid and you should contact these involved authorities." (Sorry for the cryptic summary, but it's best not to disclose too much info publicly)
By this time Jim Watkins was already in the habit of making up fake identities and trolling around northside blogs and other internet forums. Shamika. Patrick. James Washington. Dontrell. Jack Oliver. Too many to track and list. Some were like extras in a movie script, one time appearances with a short speaking role. Some became more developed characters who imaginatively created glimpses into their fake, non-existent lives. False. If John has any proof at all, I challenge him to present it. He can't because, his accusations are not true. His ego is pretty big though because, I don't even follow his blog on even a weekly basis. I admit that it has been aggrevating to maintain this duel with John because, he thinks nothing of publishing lies and hurtful things about me and countless others while, I have maintained my position of only publishing things that I can prove or document. It worries me that this guy is trying to join the National Guard while knowing he employs such unfair tactics. What he inflicts on others is the opposite of what morals this Country was founded on. However, it is because John has continued to employ those bullying, hurtful tactics on others to the current day via his blog and elsewhere, that has fueled my desire to continue to inform people of the damage he has created and currently inflicts. For example: If you were to go back in time and were to meet and be around Adolf Hitler, before it was widely known what he intended to do to humanity.... I ask you... Would you turn and look away or would you do what you could to warn others of his intentions? 
I am not comparing John to Hitler but, I will continue to warn others of his past, what harm it has caused others and the current harm and hurt he continues to display.

Then a character with a cutesy copycat name was born. Jordan Hawkman. Awww, don't you just love him already? He *must* be one of us, right? He adopted a copycat name after one of our dearly beloved revitalizers and incorporated one of our neighborhood names, all at one time. So sweet. Let's keep him.
*POST IN PROGRESS* (the point i'm getting at, he went unidentified undercover to skirt the pressure from prison! we'll share more soon!)  John may have missed his calling. He could write the previews for the coming attractions for suspense-thriller TV shows and movies. He does a good job of creating suspense and buzz but, once the cliffhanger is reached, John backs away and hopes his efforts will create a drama for him to watch.
I have a better idea. Maybe John could find a job and pay his taxes for his house and get his child support caught up? NAW.... That would be the honorable thing to do! John Willard Hoff has no honor. He has no respect for anyone else or their well being. Anyone who is WILLING to sit in a jail cell rather than contribute money that he agreed to in writing to benefit his son... Well, how honorable is that?


Anti-Johnny said...

I just found the following on Johnnynorthside.com in the comments by none other than John Hoff. He goes into detail with his intentions. John is sadistic.
Read on:

Johnny Northside! said...
In regard to parole and the federal system:

It is true there is no parole and hasn't been since a law was passed in the 1980s. However, there are persistent attempts to repeal that law and it's not unthinkable the law could be repealed before these two get out in, what? 2015 and 2016? Something like that.

There is still a U.S. Parole Commission, it appears, so go figure! I wonder if they have anything to do with reviewing "good behavior" in these circumstances which can reduce a sentence by (Tyrone says) 12 days a year.

If Tom and Jon are in any way encouraging Jim Watkins to constantly razz and mock the people trying to revitalize North Minneapolis, is THAT good behavior? Is THAT remorse? If they even KNOW about it and don't say, "God, Jim, lay off..." then I find it hard to believe that's good behavior. Depends how you define it, though. I guess it could mean scrubbing the toilet really good.

I have half a mind to print out and organize all the relevant stuff Jim Watkins has been writing and start bringing it to the attention of the prison authorities in regard to Thomas Balko and Jon Helgason. But I happen to be busy at the moment, kicking back on my personal time after a long day of trucking. But I could get un-busy if I grew more than mildly irritated.

Tom and Jon are in a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT which is harsh and where punishment can happen on a whim. If you want to find out what it is like in the federal pen in Duluth, or any federal pen, there are books written on the subject. One of which is "I Was Wrong" by Jim Baker, the disgraced televangelist. He lays out the conditions there in detail.

I think Martha Steward wrote a book on it, as well.

I'm about halfway through Jim Baker's book. Wish I'd taken it with me on the road. There's a great "prison pizza" recipe I have often thought of sharing with my readers.


These guys are in great discomfort, very vulnerable, and unwanted attention from their keepers can indeed make their situation even MORE uncomfortable. What could BRING that unwanted attention?

Knowing this, if I were "Tom and Jon" I wouldn't want a whole bunch of attention. I wouldn't want folks writing letters to the authorities saying, gee, there's this friend of Tom Balko who keeps trying to demoralize people in the North Minneapolis neighborhood and it's hard to believe Tom Balko isn't aware of it. This is his self-described "best friend" after all. And Jim Watkins says it's all about his friend.

I am hoping the evil Anti-Johnny Jim Watkins will soon sing the same tune as Jim Baker and say "I Was Wrong" and will make many amends. He can start by apologizing all over himself to the folks on the "T.J. Waconia Victims blog."

I also think it's fair to bring "Tom and Jon" into the discussion about whether they are communicating with Jim Watkins and encouraging any of Jim's attempts to demoralize the "revitalizers" in North Minneapolis. Therefore I dropped one of them a postcard and one a short note on scratch paper. No sense putting a lot of EFFORT into it.

Yawn. Scratch butt.

I'd feel kinda bad if they use up some of those precious 300 minutes a month worrying about this situation.

(Commenting from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, on a trucking trip)

(For now, I'm keeping this comment here on this blog instead of just tossing it into the shark pool over at the T.J. Waconia Victims blog)
April 23, 2010 8:17 PM

Sensible NOMI Resident said...

Mr. Watkins,

I'm not really sure what your game is here. If your accusations are true about John Hoff and associates, that is alarming, yes. But I don't understand what your actual aim is after doing this for so long. You obviously have no concern for North Minneapolis. Rather, you are acting like a teenage girl...the movie "Mean Girls" comes to mind. I am someone who has chosen to live in North Minneapolis despite its flaws because I liked the home that I purchased. I appreciate people who make efforts to better their homes and community. Maybe Hoff and friends don't do it in a way that you approve of but it really is none of your concern. I wish you would write a post about what this is really about. How has John Hoff negatively affected your life?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add to Sensible NOMI's comment with the following:

If it is unfair and mean and hurtful for Hoff (and potentially his girlfriend) to go after your friends in order to get to you, then why are you and your cronies doing the same thing to people who have never ever tried to contact you or your previous associates?

As you have made your association with the JHG very open, can you tell us why it's okay and not unfair, mean hurtful or even "blackmail" to start slinging mud at people who have done little more than comment on Hoff's blog?

And furthermore, to threaten them by stating that they will get strung up if anyone suspects them of associating with Hoff & Co...?

If there is a difference in your mind, I'd like to hear about that.

Anonymous said...

This is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture that show up in our organizations. The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. these characteristics show up in the attitudes and behaviors of all of us.
little appreciation expressed among people for the work that others are doing; appreciation that is expressed usually directed to those who get most of the credit anyway
more common is to point out either how the person or work is inadequate
·or even more common, to talk to others about the inadequacies of a person or their work without ever talking directly to them
·mistakes are seen as personal, i.e. they reflect badly on the person making them as opposed to being seen for what they are -- mistakes
·making a mistake is confused with being a mistake, doing wrong with being wrong
·little time, energy, or money put into reflection or identifying lessons learned that can improve practice, in other words little or no learning from mistakes
·tendency to identify what's wrong; little ability to identify, name, and appreciate what's right
·continued sense of urgency that makes it difficult to take time to be inclusive, encourage demppressive culture
quantity over quality*
·all resources of organization are directed toward producing measurable goals
·little or no value attached to process; if it can't be measured, it has no value
·discomfort with emotion and feelings
worship of the written word
·if it's not in a memo, it doesn't exist
·the organization does not take into account or value other ways in which information gets shared
·those with strong documentation and writing skills are more highly valued, even in organizations where ability to relate to others is key to the mission
only one right way
·the belief there is one right way to do things and once people are introduced to the right way, they will see the light and adopt it
·when they do not adapt or change, then something is wrong with them (the other, those not changing), not with us (those who 'know' the right way)
·decision-making is clear to those with power and unclear to those without it
·those with power think they are capable of making decisions for and in the interests of those without power
·those with power often don't think it is important or necessary to understand the viewpoint or experience of those for whom they are making decisions
·those without power understand they do not have it and understand who does
·those without power do not really know how decisions get made and who makes what decisions, and yet they are completely familiar with the impact of those decisions on them
either/or thinking*
·things are eitherpeople who show emotion
·requiring people to think in a linear (logical) fashion and ignoring or invalidating those who think in other ways
·impatience with any thinking that does not appear 'logical'
right to comfort
·the belief that those with power have a right to emotional and psychological comfort (another aspect of valuing 'logic' over emotion)
·scapegoating those who cause discomfort
·equating individual acts of unfairness against white people with systemic racism which daily targets people of color
One of the purposes of listing characteristics of white supremacy culture is to point out how organizations which unconsciously use these characteristics as their norms and standards make it difficult, if not impossible, to open the door to other cultural norms and standards. As a result, many of our organizations, while saying we want to be multi-cultural, really only allow other people and cultures to come in if they adapt or conform to already existing cultural norms.

Anonymous said...

Dear possibly Sensible NoMi Resident:

The record shows John Hoff is a serial stalker and opportunistic carpet-bagger. It is the duty of those he has harmed in the past, and other sincere and noble individuals, to come forward to alert the community he is currently harming.