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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging 101: Johnny Northside Never Bothered To Learn

If there were a Dumbass of the Year Award, John Hoff aka Johnny Northside would surely walk away with the grand prize!

There is a basic rule that "most" people adhere to when they venture out into the Internet world and Blogosphere... When you register your site's new domain name (URL), it is wise to register the .com, .net and .org domains. If you do not secure all three URL's, you risk your competition securing those names and thus, being able to "piggy back" on the momentum and search engine exposure that the .com domain has worked so hard to attain.

How is this done? Simple....
You go to a registrar like GoDaddy.com or Yahoo.com and do a search for certain domain names to see if they are already taken or not. In this case, I checked to see if John Hoff had secured the URL's of Johnnynorthside.net and Johnnynorthside.org. To my surprise, BOTH of those domain names were AVAILABLE! Needless to say, I quickly broke out the credit card and registered both so, I now own those URL's.

I then went into the settings for the domain names and redirected the URL to my current site, Misadventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com. Now if someone wants to visit my site, they don't have to type in the long URL address to get here! All they have to do is type in the address http://www.johnnynorthside.net/ and BOOM! Here you are!!!
Even better is the fact that both Johnnynorthside.net and .org mirror John's URL of johnnynorthside.com! What that means is that BOTH .net and .org will automatically pull up neck & neck with johnnynorthside.com with the search engines!!!

It gets even better!!!
I didn't want to be selfish and keep all that exposure to my site all to myself so, I decided to "loan" the domain name http://www.johnnynorthside.org/ to my friends over at the Jordan Hawkman Group (http://www.jordanhawkman.blogspot.com/).
So now you can access this site by typing http://www.johnnynorthside.net/ and you can visit the Jordan Hawkman's site by typing http://www.johnnynorthside.org/!

Lastly, to double the insult to John Hoff, rather than pay an extra $10 a year to hide the identity of who owns those two domain names, I decided to leave it visible to the public for all to see how stupid John was to not secure those URL's himself.
I almost forgot... Know how much it cost me to do all that???
Only $25 !!!

Folks, I give you the Dumbass of the Year.... Johnny Northside!!!


Let the World Know said...

That is wild AJ. I just looked at that a couple days ago because I have been thinking about launching johnnynorthside.tv, and starting a online "TV" show about John Hoff, and I too saw those domains were available. I was going to snatch them up, but great you got them.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Now this IS funny!
A very clever move that is sure to piss off JNS! It is his own fault though.
Kudos to you AJ!

Anonymous said...

Better he should spend the $25 on his child support, anyway. Bravo

Anti Johnny said...

Oh, just to let people know (mainly John Hoff who must already be thinking I have slipped up), when I registered the domain names, I used an address that I have not been at for the past two years. A simple search of the county records will confirm that information. The phone number is still valid though. Keep trying John!