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Monday, March 1, 2010

N Minneapolis Braces For Storm of Controversy- Seattle & Grand Forks Also Hit

John Hoff aka Johnny Northside appears to be delivering his usual storm...of controversy, in N Minneapolis just as he has done while living in Seattle and Grand Forks. In Seattle, he was given a ticket for sitting on a sidewalk and appealed that all the way to the Washington state Court of Appeals and lost. Click here to readabout that.
In North Dakota, he won a seat on the Grand Forks city council but, was removed just a few months later in a recall. Click here to read about that.

Johnny Northside has seen some of his posts create some controversy in the last two years but, none of them compare to the storm that he is currently brewing by going after level 3 sex offenders and publishing their exact home address. John has been ranting on and on about how this information needs to be given special attention and the "slum of the slumlords" need to be contacted for "recruiting" these "sick puppies" to NoMi. He has had help from his girl friend, Megan Goodmundson with getting the word out.
One of Johnny's top friends, Jeff Skrenes has taken a step back away from him and has said that he doesn't agree with him on this one.

The Johnny Northside blog is intended to convert NoMi into an "urban utopia" as the blog header states. I am of the opinion that the blog has brought about some changes in the area but, it has also brought in a truck load of controversy as well.
Two weeks ago, John went all out against KSTP News for them wanting to do a story about a recent murder in the neighborhood. He claimed that doing such a thing only brings negative attention to the area and results in people not wanting to move to NoMi.
I can only shake my head and wonder what makes him think the way he does. If a young family is thinking about moving to north Minneapolis, does he honestly think that giving all this negative attention to the high number of level 3 sex offenders in the area is going to HELP? 
Simply reading the comments on his blog as well as the E-Democracy forum shows that his antics are upsetting a lot of people to the point of good citizens who were on the same team before with their efforts to improve the neighborhood, are now split because of his crusade against the sex offenders.
He is creating a storm that has the possibility of back-firing in very bad ways by harrassing sex offenders and recruiting other citizens to "get MAD" as his girl friend, Megan has said.

Well since John see's it as the resident's right to know where sex offenders live, I think the citizens have a right to know that Johnny Northside himself has not paid his property taxes for 2008 OR 2009 as of today.
John is claiming a reason for outing the sex offenders is to protect "his" son but, he only has visitation rights with his son and according to the CURRENT court records, he has not paid his clild support as he had previously agreed to. John Hoff appears to be one step away from being a deadbeat dad who will have no visitation rights if the court sides with his ex-wife.
Click here for info & facts about non-payment of child support as well as past due property taxes.

All the sudden the picture above that shows John Hoff's face as Dr. Evil is not all that far fetched after all. John firmly believes the public has a right to know about the bad apples in his neighborhood so... The community has a right to know about a resident who has not paid taxes, child support or his court fees.
The Storm is just starting to pick up power and it won't be long before NoMi joins Seattle and Grand Forks as cities that have endured his storm of controversy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping to articulate what a divisive individual Mr. Hoff is. The last thing the community of North Minneapolis needs is Hoff’s biased, inflammatory, paranoid, self-aggrandizing rants. At best however, he helps to advance the argument regarding the importance of maintaining GAMC, as medications are often very important to maintaining mental stability.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you two are in such a pissing match but, it seems childish.
That aside, the information about Johnny Northside that you have uncovered and the amount of of it is really staggering. I read his blog but, after reading some of the posts on this site I take what he says with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, Mr. Hoff, when he purchased the home on Bryant, took responsibility to complete all of the housing issues noted by the Truth in Housing Inspector. As of today, it looks like he has completed or resolved NONE of these issues, almost 2 years later! The inspection is set to expire in 3 weeks. Is he trying to beat the system?

He did pull a permit over a year ago, but it doesn't seem the work is complete and he's well past the deadline. Just another deadbeat homeowner dragging down property values in NoMi.

Anonymous said...

You should also know that John Hoff and his apparent sweety, Megan Goodmunson, have been intimidating Minneapolis Issues Forum readers with offline messages of retaliation (according to Watkins and others). You want retaliation? Here's what I suggest happen to Hoff:
ALL THE INFORMATION. The years and years of him harassing people, suggesting that people break the law (as in his dumpster book and online posts), the trouble he caused in Seattle, the uproar he caused in North Dakota, the nonsense he created at the UofM (UofM students actually posted a Facebook page about what a douchebag he is), the lawsuits his behavior has brought upon himself, the predatory - stalking behavior he exhibits while getting stories for his blog, his postings on the JNS blog, e-democracy forum and Twitter, and every article, comment or message he posted that we can find on the Internet. Document that while he can't pay child support,property taxes, bring his house up to code, or find a job, that he has the time & money for internet and domain names payments and spends hours attending meetings and blogging. We take all this information and compile it a nice indexed presentation binder, and we show that he presents a mental and physical danger to his son (he himself has posted that he has received death threats). Then we make sure his ex-wife gets this binder. Maybe even forward a copy to child protection. And when the Judge finishes reading all the information, I'm sure he'll agree with the rest of us that John Hoff is a predatory, stark raving made lunatic who needs intensive therapy. His ex-wife will get sole custody and the only time John Hoff will see his son is when he looks at a picture. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!

Casey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anti-Johnny said...

I just wanted to let it be known that I am holding back approving a comment from an anonymous poster because, it accused someone of some rather serious criminal activity and names the person by first and last name. Unless there is some sort of proof that this person has been charged wirh such crimes and can state the relevance with regard to this blog and/or John Hoff, I am not going to approve such comments.

Casey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anti-Johnny said...

For the record...
I have not published three comments due to the fact that they accuse someone by name of being a sex offender and not only will I not publish their addresses but, I will not publish their names either.
This blog is not about to get in the middle of John's mess on that topic. That being said.....

I would also like to point out to the same commenter who has told me that I have stooped to new lows by attacking the fact that John is being sued for non-payment of child support.
My response?
I think you have the low-life's confused in this case. You see, it is JOHN who has failed to maintain his financial responsibility with his child support. If there is a low-life in the matter, it is clearly the dead-beat dad.
I don't think there is anyone (other than you) who will get on my case for telling people that John never pays.... Well, anything.

Johnny Northside said...

Jim, I thought we had a "gentleman's agreement" that children and golden retrievers were off limits. I'm shocked you would stoop so low.

Also, there is NO CUSTODY DISPUTE in regard to my son.

You have the info wrong and you have stepped into content which may be defamatory, so I am warning you fair and square to tell you to go back, check, and revise.

The fact is I routinely and simply filed a copy of the out-of-state visitation order with the Minnesota court system, which caused some kind of minor notation to appear in the system, which you have gone and interpreted as a "custody" dispute because, well, you just have your facts wrong.

More disturbing is the fact you are stopping so low as to suggest bringing children into our conflict.

You are right about one thing, though: how will my neighborhood be a good place to live if it is known we are stocked with way too many Level Three sex offenders? The answer is we must do something about all the Level Threes, not stick our heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears that recently a comment about failure to pay child support was left out on his blog, but Hoff responded to it anyway. Apparently, he "doesn't have time to pay it because he's too busy doing more important things."

Nice. His son isn't as important as getting material for his blog. That's the kind of neighbor I want to have in NoMi!

Anti-Johnny said...

In repsonse to Johnny Northside's comments on this thread:

I didn't bring anyone's child into this. YOU brought the attention upon yourself by forcing your ex-wife to take you to court over the matter.
There is a word you never seem to have learned the meaning of... ACCOUNTABILITY!
You are a bully who has made so many threats to me that I lost count!
Do you recall what you said to me early on in a private email to me?
You told me that people have tried to sue you before and it never works and that "its boring."

You are a cancer with a voice. I won't compare you to any other well known psychopaths by name but, I will say that I will NEVER back off from letting the public know about you and how you abuse their privacy and even their safety. I could list many other things you violate as well.

This is not about my friends as you so love to state in public as though you think it hurts me every time you do it.
No John, its about YOU! It is about me standing up to the "800 pound gorilla" that you have said you are.
The only way to stop you from continuing to hurt and threaten people is to SHUT YOU UP!

If you want to claim defamation... GO AHEAD! I will be waiting with anticipation to bring all of the documentation and communication I have with and about you and present it to the judge.
Can you file a defamation suit in Minnesota by using In Forma Pauperis???