Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tribute to Johnny Northside Groupies

In a recent post, I referred to one of Johnny Northside's buddies to the little, annoying, laughing side-kick of jabba the Hut. This little weasel-like character laughed at anyone who came to talk to Jabba and was easily one of the most annoying characters in the movie.
One of the best parts of the movie was when Jabba was killed and the little weasel (his name is actually Salicous Crumb) was promptly lynched.
I see most of Johnny Northside's buddies the same way. They talk a lot of smack, rip on people in public (threaten them in private emails) while kissing John's ass.
I for one, am curious to see how fast the Northside "Crumbs" will shut up once their protector, John Hoff is finally silenced?
John is pissing a lot of people off with his disregard for the rules, some laws and anything else he simply thinks don't apply to him. People with the ability to shut him down (or at least UP) are taking notice to his recent antics and its only a matter of time before "King Hoff" is de-throned.
Click the link to see Youtube clip of Salacious Crumb. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Still no action on 2226 Bryant Ave N (Mr. Hoff's residence) housing issues. My sources show that multiple complaints have been submitted regarding his lack of completing his Truth In Housing orders on time. It appears as if Janine Atchison and Sheila Rawski appear to be in charge of this type of noncompliance. Interesting how nothing is becoming of this yet there are multiple complaints that have been filed.

One can easily draw their own conclusions.

Both of these people can be reached by calling 311 and simply asking to be transferred to them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to admit that THIS is funny!

Charles Leck said...

Okay! So who is "anti-johnny" anyway? Let's have a little bio information on him in the interest of truth, balance and fairness. If I get that, I'll keep reading. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to keep coming back. Chas

Charles Leck said...

Okay! So who is "anti-johnny" anyway? How about a little bio information in the interest of truth, balance and fairness. If I get that I'll keep coming back. Otherwise, I'm outta here. Am I missing your bio information somewhere? Chas

Anonymous said...

Chas, I'll email you all you need to know!

Doubt this will get posted!

Prove me wrong anti-johny since you are so transparent!