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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don Samuels: "Best Council Member EVER"... For Sex Offenders Seeking Residence

Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels
On August 17, 2010, Johnny Northside gave an ass-kissing to Minneapolis City Council Member, Don Samuels and in the post title John Hoff proclaimed him to be, "The Best Council Member EVER" The content of the post was to promote the fact that Samuels had announced his intention to "Take up issue of Sex Offender concentration."  Click here to read the ass kiss post by John Hoff.

Hoff gushed about Samuels in the post by saying,
"Council Member Don Samuels--a man blessed not only with intellect, but a graceful bigness of spirit in the face of constant mean-spirited, off-kilter critiques from certain quarters--appears to be responding to the enormous political buzz building around the issue of North Minneapolis sex offender concentration."
Hoff continued the mission by saying,
"right now Don Samuels is grabbing this issue by the horns"
Fast forward to this past week where John got some more "pay attention to me!" airtime when KARE-11 news showed John rambling on (and was bleeped for swearing) holding up a sign, complaining about more Level 3 Sex Offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis (yes, a sign even though he was sitting at a table amongst a small group of Megan Goodmundson-led protesters).

The Johnny Northside-led public outcry about sex offenders being dumped in North Minneapolis seems to be getting worse. Especially after Don Samuels decided to grab the issue "by the horns."
I am not sure what the "horns" were attached to but, if it involves Johnny Northside, the chances are good that the horns are attached to Johnny's mentor, Satan.

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Jerome said...

Just for the record I have talked to several officials with the police, DOC, and corrections and they all think John Hoff is a nutcase who just likes attention.
While there have been several meetings to discuss the L3SO situation in north Minneapolis, none of the officials will involve John Hoff because he has no ability to participate a meaningful dialog without going off the deep end.
As a matter of fact I have been told that John Hoff has actually done more harm because he has been harassing officials, and they are starting to refuse to participate because of Hoff's harassment and protests.
The problem with John Hoff is that he has never learned how to be diplomatic. He thinks the way to solve a problem is to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
Except the result is that people just toss bananas at him in an attempt to shut him up.
And, while Hoff might think those bananas are a token of friendship, people are just hoping he chokes on a the peel.