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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coming Soon... Foreclosure on Como Ave. Linked To Hawthorne Neighborhood

John Hoff
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 Information has surfaced recently about a house located on Como Ave. in St. Paul that was a casualty of foreclosure in the last few years. While everyone at some point has commented and had an opinion about the foreclosure crisis in North Minneapolis, no one seemed to notice when a certain house on Como Ave. was foreclosed upon.
That wasn't an accident that it went un-noticed. Someone who not only currently lives in the Hawthorne neighborhood was personally involved with that property but, they have been one of the most vocal critics of landlords in NoMi and has suggested that they are one of the main reasons the foreclosure crisis has rocked North Minneapolis.

Living their lives by the double-standard has become common for many of the people who have claimed to be "Activists" in NoMi but, this blog and a few others have made it a point to keep after the shady, under the table ways of these activists by letting the public know. This particular foreclosure involves a person that most people would simply be stunned to learn that this person has a recent foreclosure against them.

Who is it? You will have to stay tuned for the details on this one. To quote NoMi's number one nut, Johnny Northside, this is a "Post in Progress...."


Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope the poor victim of this matter is not suffering too much over the loss of the home.

So many foreclosure victims are innocent and unknowing people who were suckered into predatory mortgages.

Anonymous said...

Good point Anon 11:37.

Plus so many foreclosures were sucked into a spiraling storm when values plummetted because of mortgage fraud that was rampant. And then homeowners couldn't get help with the predatory loans they were suckered into.

The Galbanator said...

Something smells like a former mortgage broker walking away from a dirty deal while sticking it to the poor residents of a St. Paul Neighborhood to clean up his awful mess.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Skrenes was NOT a victim of mortgage fraud. At the time he was working in the mortgage industry and got himself a sweet mortgage deal.
Jeff Skrenes pulled the same kind of scam that Megan Goodmundson did. He refinanced his home, took cash, than walked on the mortgage and let the home go into foreclosure. He allowed the home to be trashed until it was boarded up by the city.
Currently Jeff lives in a rental home with numerous housing code violations that he ignores, because he is doing his landlord a favor.

Freddie Mac said...

John Hoff and his brother Judd are both mentally ill. They tried to commit Judd a while back.
Makes ya wonder which sibling Laverne Hoff has sex with to create a couple of mental misfits like John and Judd Hoff. Or maybe Laverne was the byproduct of inbreeding. Look at John's eyes, he looks like the result of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Anonymous said...

QUID PRO QUO Protection racket = A BRIBE

Perhaps it is deeper than Skrenes doing his landlord a favor by not calling 311 on the housing code violations at the flop shack that is his rented abode.

Skrenes is a peanut bully, is he also a petty extortionist with a deal Kunanin could not refuse?