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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NoMi Hate Bloggers Still Guessing Wrong

It has been seven months now since NoMi first saw the blog, The Adventures of Jordan Hawkman and it has since been one of the main focal points with just about every other northside blog and the bloggers behind them. I could go on and on about all the corruption the JHG has brought to the publics attention but, one thing that has kept me laughing all this time is the fact that no one seems to know who is behind the Jordan Hawkman Group.
What is my point to all of this?  I was once deemed to actually be the Jordan Hawkman. John Hoff said it. Johnny Northside.com said it. Meagan Goodmundson said it. Jeff Skrenes said it. Eric Johnson said it. There was even a blog created by John & Megan which focused 100% of its content on... Me!

Soon after the JHG broke onto the NoMi scene, all the neighborhood crack-tivists entertained the possibility that I may not be the one behind the Jordan Hawkman blog.
They have since claimed in public that Donald Allen is the man at the helm. They even called a meeting with him to deliver demands they claimed came from councilman Don Samuels but, that was never verified and has not been discussed as John Hoff took a gamble by making the claim but, didn't win that hand. Here is the link to Eric Johnson's claim: http://www.irvinginquisition.com/2010/09/meet-donald-w-allen-nuisance-tabloid.html

The cractivists have claimed the one behind the JHG is investment property owner, Keith Retiman. I don't know how much Keith is involved in any of the NoMi political scene past him being on a neighborhood board but, from the little I do know about him... He has far too many other things going on in his business and personal life to devote the kind of time JHG does with their research and blogging.

Pffft! Why don't I just post what was on the Irving Inquisition on Wednesday, August 11, 2010:
Jerk Du Jour: Jordan Hawkman Group

Is there ever a time when these people ARE NOT lying? The funny thing is, none of these schmucks actually live in Jordan. Who are they? It’s generally believed that JHG is comprised of the following people.

- Brian Smith: Ex-JACC chair, thug-hugger, walked away from his house and let it go into foreclosure. He no longer lives in Jordan. Has a history of being belligerent and pulling the race card constantly.
- Don Allen: Convicted felon, poverty pimp, convicted of writing fraudulent checks in the thousands by stealing a check book from somebody in the VA hospital. That’s just totally fucked up. He doesn’t live in Jordan.
- Jim Watkins: Compatriot and friend of the TJ Waconia swindlers. They’re in jail and he’s not. He talks shit about Johnny Northside from his home in Texas as the “anti-Johnny” alias. He must be bored or something, you would think he’d take an interest in what’s going on in his neck of the woods. Definitely not a Jordan resident.
- Terry Yza…something: Has a connection to Texas as well, but it’s been a while. There’s speculation—can’t say for certain—that Terry had a drug abuse problem some time ago. She’s behind on her property taxes, yet feels emboldened enough to criticize JACC board members’ loan to home value. Also, not a Jordan resident.

Which brings me to the latest "Guess" that the I.I. has made on who is really behind the JHG. In fact, Eric Johnson recently wrote a post which showcased his wisdom and super detective skills with being able to make what appears to be the 7th or 8th confirmation that the JHG is... Terry Yzaguirre!
AGAIN? Come on!

I feel left out again. Why can't I be the JGH again (in the eyes of the cractivists)?

Did anyone notice the last topic on the I.I. blog? Tune in shortly as the Anti-Johnny answers the question posed on that site... "Does he charge by the hour or by the job?"

I can't tell you exactly how much he charges but, I can tell you it is nothing short of a RANSOM!


Anonymous said...

Read the latest article about NoMi terrorist Eric Johnson on mplsmirror.com.

This pervert is walking hand-in-hand with one of the predatory offenders they want to kick out of MoMi.
Looks like Eric Johnson is a dangerous pedophile type that needs to be watched.

Anti-Johnny said...

Admin note:
The previous comment submitted by Anonymous (1:06 AM), does not reflect the opinions of this site. This site neither agrees or disagrees with the commenter's opinion.
I personally think that the only thing missing from Eric Johnson's wardrobe is a full length raincoat. But, that's just my opinion.

Jordan Hawkman Group said...

Did anyone ever think that Jeff Skrenes is the Jordan Hawkman? Or even John Hoff himself? They are both that sick and they are not JHG.

The truth of the matter is that we all of a little JHG in each of us....some more than others.

JHG's identity will remain a mystery and the legend of The Jordan Hawkman continues to live on just like Batman.

The Jordan Hawkman will not rest until they are brought to justice....Something tells JHG that they are getting nervous for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Yes. There were folks that thought JHG was actually John Hoff creating a false controversial identity to drive traffic to his own blog.
John Hoff is actually psychopathic enough to create such a scheme and write antiJNS articles and let people write nasty comments about him. There was also a theory that Hoff created JNG to seek out his secret enemies.
However, using some very interesting techniques, it was determined that JNG was not John Hoff, Don Allen, or Terry Yugizumba or however you spell it (sorry Terry).
JNG and his/her followers will always remain a mystery, because that's how they maintain their power, by not allowing John Hoff and his Nazi Hoffzi followers to attack them.
John Hoff and his bully blogging WILL be stopped.

Anonymous said...

opps, typos in the above comment JNG should be JHG. Sorry about that, tiny smartphone keyboard.

Jordan Hawkman Group said...

Anon, isn't it amazing that the bully bloggers have people that paranoid about him?

The tables have been turned on these guys almost instantly and all we are doing now is leaning on him and watching him topple.

We can assure you that this is not a scheme.

Do you find it interesting how John Willard Hoff never addresses the group that is kicking his ass up and down the information highway with the greatest of ease?