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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anti-Johnny Responds to Megan Goodmundson's Questions

This is just a guess but, I am guessing that the comments that I submitted to Megan Goodmundson's blog, NoMi Passenger, that included my answers to her questions she directed at me, will not be published. Why would I think that? Simply put... She accuses so many people of all sorts of things and expects people to give her answers to her questions but, she refuses to answer any question that she is asked.
Considering that her boyfriend is John Hoff aka Johnny Northside, it makes more sense because, he lives by his motto of "Do as I say... NOT as I do!"
Knowing that up front, I copied my comments that I submitted and will post them here for the readers to see.

Rather than repost the bulk of Megan's post that, in my opinion falsely accuses Don Allen of several things, I am only posting the questions that were included in the post on her blog. If you would like to read the entire content of that post, click this link NoMi Passenger Blog.

Here is what I submitted:

Hi Megs!

How ironic, I was thinking about you today and wouldn't you know it but, you have been thinking about me too!
I see you posted a few questions for me and I am here to answer them. Despite the fact that I have asked you questions about your house that was foreclosed on only to have your parents buy it back for pennies on the dollar and you never answered them.

I have a hunch that my comments here will never be approved now that I mentioned your house deal.
That's ok though! I will be posting a copy of my comments on my blog tomorrow.

Your questions:
"Jim, how does it feel to be conned by Don Allen? Yeah, conned."
I can't say that I know. I say that because, I have never had contact with Don Allen. I posted comments on his blog one time but, that is the extent of my communication with him.

"Remember, a few months ago, you were bragging about how JHG was so connected and so powerful. How JHG was gonna lay the smack down and the NoMi activists weren't going to know what hit them?"
Indeed I do. I do have to point out that you did not quote me and what you just said is actually your words but, my exact words were somewhat similar.

"Ummmm, yeah. Turns out it's just Don Allen. LOL. Sorry,Jim, nice try though."
You are stating your opinion as if it is a fact. I don't know Don Allen but, I will defend him against your accusation here by asking you a simple Yes or No question...

Do you have actual PROOF that Don Allen is "behind the controls" of the JHG blog?
By proof I mean you have physical evidence that can be verified? This is just MY opinion but, I contend that IF you actually had PROOF that Don Allen is "behind the controls" of the JHG blog, you and your boyfriend, John Hoff would be doing everything in your power to broadcast that proof to any and all people who would possibly listen.

Oh, I have another question for you...
Since the JHG blog began in July of 2010, how many different people have you and John identified and claimed in public to be the Jordan Hawkman?

I will answer that for her by providing a copy of what she said on one of her own hate blogs about... Yours truly! To read the entire post, click this link: "Megan's Anti-Johnny Hate Blog"
The highlighted text is from Megan's site...

"Let's get started, shall we?

Who is the self-proclaimed Anti-Johnny? Well, we all know it's Jim Watkins.
And who is the Jordan Hawkman? It's still Jim Watkins."

In the same post, Megan tells us all who is writing the blog when she gives us her email address...
"Want to contribute something? Email me. Northsideactivist at gmail."

Megan! Who is it? I have just documented where you accuse BOTH myself AND Don Allen as being the JHG.
I hope you do answer my questions since, I willingly answered yours AND I did it using my own identity and not anonymously.

Now we wait & see if Megan will reply as I did with her questions or if she continues to be the hypocrite she and John Hoff are known as.


Jordan Hawkman Group said...

I think Jeff Skrenes is The Jordan Hawkman.....he has alot of free time on his hands.

Perhaps Eric Johnson is the Jordan Hawkman?

Maybe JHG is Megan because she has a history of multiple screen names and personalities.

Perhaps it is some high school kid sitting back and getting a kick outta all this with his buddies in the neighborhood.

It is really too bad that they have so many enemies that they have no clue as to the hundreds they may have crossed over the years. Perhaps it is just someone fed up with all the crap and silently and anonymously wants to make a difference.

Hey?....we mak'in a difference yet?

Maybe it is a large well connected group of people that are going to bring them all down in one fell swoop....or pick them off one at a time!

The Jordan Hawkman never rests!

The Jordan Hawkman appears to be everywhere nowadays!

Anonymous said...

yOU JUST BUSTED YOURSELF,HOLMES. YOU SAID ME AND DON ALLEN.what up,G-MONEY!??! Say it isn't so jimmy.By the way, how is Coppell treating you? Elementary, my dear Watkins.

Anti-Johnny said...

Anon 10:43,
What??? No really. WTF are you all excited about this time?
"Me and Don Allen"...... What? You need to be more specific with where you are quoting me from. My point was that Megan has accused both "me and Don Allen" of being the Jordan Hawkman. I went on to ask her, "Which is it?"
Come on Hoff (or is it Megan or Eric Johnson)?

Coppell? How is it treating me?
It is a nice suburb I guess but, can't really say it has been "treating" me one way or the other since, I don't make it over to Coppell very often.

Is that a Sherlock Holmes reference? If so, your detective skills are closer to that of Scooby Doo as you are hot on the trail of nothing.