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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Guarantee'd way to Silence NoMi Cracktivist Megan Goodmundson: Ask Her Questions

Ten days ago, NoMi cracktivist, Megan Goodmundson was barking away on her blog. The barking being much like that one neighborhood dog that seems to bark non-stop, while no one ever knows what the dog is barking about. If the barking could be translated into English it would be saying, "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! PLEASE! PLEASE someone pay attention to me!" 

Cracktivists only wish they had some Troll B Gone. No such luck.
 Sorry, back to the point...
Megan had barked a few questions at me (and Don Allen) so, I decided to answer them and submit them to the comments on her blog. Knowing she would never approve them, I posted them on this blog in the previous post.
Now it is ten days later and Megan's owner (possibly John Hoff) must have smacked her a few times with a rolled up newspaper because, her barking seems to have stopped. Kinda nice to not hear her barking, huh?

Here is the comment that I submitted to the watch-dog's blog a few minutes ago:

"Well what do you know? 'Ol Megan really is a hypocrite. Barking away with your questions that you demand answers for yet, when someone calls you on your bullshit... You simply tuck your tail like a scolded puppy and cower in the corner. Kind of like John when he see's someone who doesn't like him at the courthouse.

Oh well, I'll post this comment for you."

So, if you hear the cracktivist dog Megan Goodmundson barking away sometime and want to shut her up, just roll up some newspaper and sw... 'er umm I meant, just ask her a few questions in public.

Oh yeah... Hey Megan, are you current on your shots?


Anonymous said...

You are right, Jim, that dirty bitch Megan really loves attention on the internet and at meetings. The sad fact is she believes at least half the bullshit that she poops out in a mindgame with herself. What a sick phony. Sorry for the course language but she is a predatory leach. A perfect fit for Deadbeat Dad Johnny Northside Hoff.

Jordan Hawkman Group said...

Anti Johnny, the noose appears to be tightening around Jeff, John and Megan's neck (plus a few others).

We owe it all to you the one that started putting these guys on notice from the start. We are not going to put up with their made up garbage and story telling anymore.

We tip out hat to the master!

Thanks again for paving the way to the promised land we are one step closer with each passing day!

The cracktavists are losing ground by the mile these days!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to second the motion of JHG and toast you, The Anti-Johnny, Jim Watkins. JHG is correct that you were the first to stand up to the Crazed Hater, John Dead-beat Dad Hoff, and not accept his version of the game. Bravo Sir.

Jim Watkins, the momentum you created helped bring all of us to where things stand now. Where things are now is that JHG is kicking bigger and bigger ass everyday of the week, non-stop right along side you Mr. Watkins. And the phony Hoffzis are in a total funk.

I do recommend that anyone interested in North Mpls. read The Jordan Hawkman Blog each day to keep up on breaking news. I know I do. Jim, I check in at your Blog once a week for the big overview.

To all of you who are fighting the liars and parasites like Jeff Skrenes, John Hoff and Megan The Bank Cheater Goodmundson and her crooked slumlord parents I say- More power to ya!

Anonymous said...

"We tip out hat to the master!"


"Out hat"

Grammar much?

Anti-Johnny said...

I have been rendered "Speechless" and am genuinely humbled.

Granted I don't know who most of you are really but, we are all dogs as far as honorable characteristics we share in our battle versus the NoMi Cracktivists.
* Dogs are loyal
* Dogs gather together and look protect each other as a pack
* Dogs are well suited versus cractivists as they can smell assholes from far away.
I could go on but, you get the point lol.

Thank you to all who read this blog and thank you for all you do.