Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Monday, May 17, 2010

You Can Take The Trash Out Of NoMi But, You Can't Take The TRASH Out Of John Hoff!


I have been saying it on this blog and all over the Internet since I first learned who John Hoff was, that he is a low-life, bullying...FRAUD!!!

The MplsMirror has just published an article about how the media has made that ass out to be a local hero but, they published the physical  PROOF that John Hoff aka Johnny Northside had a restraining order filed against him by a recent roommate. I am not making this stuff up! Have a look for yourself....



Let the World Know said...

YA!! Score one for Terry!!
I think we need to make sure that Jill Clark and Peter Rickmyer get copies of the restraining order so they can show that Hoff DOES harass people, and is crazy in the head.
AND, if he was renting a room doesn't he need a rental license, etc?? I think the city needs to investigate this situation. Hoff you are going down you douchebag!!

Anti-Johnny said...

Word of the article and the "alleged" child abuse that the restraining order revealed has been passed along to John's ex-wife, Tina. I think fits of rage and physically hurting a 12-year old kid will be of particular interest to her and the judge in Johns custody hearing that is coming up in July!
Sad thing is... John is so ego-driven that he actually see's this kind of publicity as good. As long as it get his name out there, he will take any and all the attention.
You see he went past his editor in ND and printed a rape victims name in the paper???
Hey John! I told you that day you decided to reneg on your word with me that I will NEVER, EVER go away! As long as you are still babbling in public... I will be right there to tell everyone what a fraud you really are! And its on the Internet (as you say) FOREVER!!!

Jordan Hawkman said...

Justice Has just been served!

1.Exposing a young RAPE VICTIM's name
2. Restraining orders against a female roommate he was intimidating and stealing from?
3. Divorced and fighting a losing battle for custody of a child he has put bruises all over.
4. Trashing an underage female who is dead.
5. Doesn't pay taxes.
6. Doesn't pay child support.
7. Doesn't keep up his home.

(the list goes on and on)

John Willard Hoff is exactly what gives North Minneapolis a bad name. It is no secret why he targeted North Minneapolis to slither to when being chased out of town from his previous pit-stop.

By the way: Even the opening line of his blog is a lie. His kid does not even live anywhere close to North Minneapolis. It is all theater for him, but then again, he likens himself to aspire to be a cartoon character (his words not mine). What a psycho he is.

Let The World Know: Unfortunately an owner-occupied home with a rental of a bedroom does not need a rental license. Everything the group of these people do is constantly on the edge or simply below par.

The is the beginning of the end for the JNS Gang or Nomi Homies (as they put it). A little birdie tells me that there is far more information to come out regarding Hoff, Goodmundson, Skrenes and several others. It is only a matter of time.

Anti-Johnny you have been spot on with John Hoff all along. You lined him up in your cross hairs and pulled the trigger.....Bulls eye!!!

Three cheers to Anti-Johnny for exposing this Zero for what he is.

Anonymous said...


Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Score another touchdown for the mplsmirror.com:

John Hoff endangers children, shows them how to make bombs. See article: http://www.mplsmirror.com/mpls/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=645:hawthorne-neighborhood-council-board-member-makes-bombs-violated-federal-and-state-laws-a-and-endangered-children&catid=49:quick-notes-and-observations&Itemid=174