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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Your NoMi Neighbors: Hoff, Skrenes, Goodmundson, Browne & Haddy

Graphic of how NoMi hypocrites work

This is was actually submitted as a comment written by the Jordan Hawkman for the previous post. I thought the content was really thourough and decided it was really worthy of a post of it's own. I just wish I knew the identity of the Jordan Hawkman. Good work JH!

"Jordan Hawkman said...

It was only a matter of time. These guys cut their own throats. Meet your Nomi Neighbors:
John Willard Hoff
The Little Bully who Makes fun of Rape victims and exposes their identity and terrorizes his female room mate. Does not pay child support or fix his dump. Does not pay property taxes (the list goes on)
JefSkrenes, who is f currently financially supporting a slumlord himself named Brian Kallioinen. This individual lost properties to the Government recently. Skrenes participates in unauthorized work behind the city's back (that is until they shut it down). Skrenes also spews information which does not make any actual sense. Skrenes states that he will be on you like a hawk if you live in his neighborhood. However, his personal standards rival that of homes from post Katrina where he resides.
Megan Goodmundson, the Bank Frauding Renter. Goodmundson also has to very large judgement against her recently. It appears taht while she was strategically not paying her mortgage and duping her mortgage company into selling it to her parents she chose not to pay creditors as well. Where did all of the money go Megan? I guess when you are full time blogging and chasing your neighbors around and calling the city on them, there is not time to have a legitimate job. I am sure your neighbors are less than enthused with you. She even hangs her US Flag upside down.
Michael K. Browne, entices people to invite a convict into their home while the guy is on his way to jail. All Browne's palls start also endorse the guy. I wonder how the kidnap victim's family feels about this long ringing endorsement by this JACC board member.
David and Amy Haddy, they have a multitude of building orders issued on their home while griping about others. David Haddy is a JACC Board member.
These are your neighbors everyone.
Some welcome wagon. Oh, if you come in their neighborhood, they will Harass you if you are not P.L.U. (people like us)"

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