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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Johnny Northside Vs. L3SO's - Anti-Johnny Has A Plan!

Now that John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside has had the restraining order against him made public, he is once again blogging about Level 3 Sex Offenders in North Minneapolis and how excited he is about the ruling just made by the Supreme Court. John has literally gone after Pete Rickmyer because,  he knows nobody will have the stones to tell him he is taking the law into his own hands on the matter and the laws even apply to him. Anyone who has done that John blasts their name on the Internet and states that the person supports sex offenders. Typical John to twist it into something that makes him look like he is the good guy.

I got to thinking about John and this stupid public battle he has launched against the L3SO's and he won't stop until some are shipped out to the suburbs and away from NoMi. (has anyone else noticed that most of the sex offenders lived in NoMi long before John ever started to LOOK for a house there?)
John has violated, broken or simply ignored so many rules and laws with issues about himself and his house that I came up with a great solution to the problem.

John has yet to pay ANY property taxes on his house since he bought it in 2008. The Truth in Housing agreement he signed which lists all the repairs he was given 90 days to address have all been ignored. In other words, John's house is nothing but a pile of shit and he is just fine with that. The restraining order states that John has left bruises on his 12-year old son. The same son that John is in a current custody battle with his ex-wife over and court records show that his ex also has him back in court because, he has not paid his child support as stipulated by the court.

John bashes L3SO's who merely live in the neighborhood yet, he doesn't pay his child support, is in danger of losing any custody he now has AND the restraining order states that he has been physical enough with his son that he has left him bruised! I am going out on a limb here and stating that John Hoff is a bigger piece of trash than any of his recent targets! Thats a double standard if I ever heard of one.

The State and the City of Minneapolis should impose the following "sanctions" on Mr. I Play By My Own Rules Hoff:

- Move 3-5 L3SO's into John's house at 2226 Bryant Ave. N. and give them free rent.
- John must live in the same house as the selected L3SO's
- John must not unfairly blog about any of the L3SO's assigned to live in the house and he must interact
    and be friendly with them while assisting with the repairs
- All people living in the house will address every repair that is needed until it passes inspection
- The city will pay John's past due property taxes for him with the condition that he must re-pay the loan
- John will have six months after the repairs are completed to repay the loan for the taxes and
   materials & labor for the repairs.
- If he does not repay the money he owes AND proves he can't work and play well with others
   during the repairs and six month period, the city will foreclose on his property, evict him and sell
   the house.
   The proceeds from the sale will then be applied to satisfy the amount he was to
   have paid. The city will also place a judgement on him personally so, he would not simply be
   let off the hook and allowed to screw the city out of what he owes them.

Thats it! Fair play for a very unfair bully! John thinks he can't handle living in the same area as other L3SO's, well lets see how much he likes having to be ROOMMATES with them!

Please note that this entire post was written as a light-hearted joke and is not to be taken seriously. Although I do have to admit, it sure would be funny as hell and deserving if this was to happen!


Anonymous said...

The temporary restraining order is no smoking gun as much as you wish it was. Anybody can walk into the court house, put down the right words and get a temporary court order for no contact between the two parties until a hearing is conducted. Looks like there was no further hearing, no permanent restraining order, no validated accusations. Heck, I could do that to you right now. This restraining order thing is a tactic used all the time all over the place, especially in north minneapolis. People file these temporary things against elected officials, board members, the list goes on. For all we know you yourself proclaimed Anti-Johnny was the one to bribe the ex-room mate into writing these so called allegations.

Your dream of some big custody battle is a trumped up dream as well. Family court matters between divorced parents are common.

Your obsession with Hoff is growing beyond creepy. Didn't you move out of state?

Now here's a REAL idea for ya: take the L3SOs that are stacked in NoMi and move 'em out to the cushy burbs where your TJ Waconia fraudsters live. Heck those guys are in prison so they don't need their lovely spcious homes right now. Just imagine how many L3SOs we could fit into those large lake homes and that lovely home out in Rogers. Just think of the headlines now: Mortgage Fraudsters who ravaged North Mpls give back by housing level three sex offenders right in their own homes. Now that's what I call serving your sentence. Perhaps they can get through the pearly gates after all once they have repented in such a grand way.

Yes, move the L3SOs to the mortgage fraudsters house. Perfect solution. And John would be pleased as well, don't ya think?

Anti-Johnny said...

Finally! Someone who has come forward to defend that piece of shit after the Mirror posted that article!
Your wording, excuses and down playing the wrongdoings of John and also making sure to include the TJ Waconia jab makes it easy to identify who you really are.
Only one person would have this sort of inside knowledge and still feel the need to defend John....

Why its the "Super-Citizen" who scammed her lender with her house and ignored all the repairs needed to her house and uses the word "repent" more than she should...

One question for you Megs... How much alcohol do you have to drink for you to be able to not vomit when you and John, ummm ewwww uhh you know... Copulate????

Ugh! Gross! I have to go take a shower now! Just thinki.... EEEWWW!!!

Jordan Hawkman said...

Megan Goodmundson, John Willard Hoff and Jeff Skrenes have had a lot of damage to them recently and from the sounds of it, it is completely deserved. When you make your bed you also must sleep in it!

The 3 of you have done nothing of any significance in your lives and ironically have no viable explanations to any of the detailed wrong doings listed.

The only thing you guys do is try to sling mud at someone else in a futile attempt to side step. How dumb do you think people are. Everyone is laughing at you frauds and the people that are sick of you are growing and growing. The pressure is obviously getting to you and you are sadly realizing that our cumulative resouces and power of those hunting you down is by far superior to you few goods.

Everyone is turning on you now that you are exposed as complete frauds. The fun in all this that it is over for you and we have so much much more for you.

It has just got to be killing you knowing that every time we put something out there on you it is a bombshell and not this he said she said nonsense you sling out there.

I wonder if your pals are going to be excited being asociated with you in the next rounds. Don't feel ignored, we are not even close to finished with and of he Immediate JNS crew yet.....not even close.

Me thinks someone could be in danger of losing their job in the not to distant future. This individual wont even know what hit them. Should not be too hard to figure out since most of the Jns cronies don't really have much for jobs. It will be very abrupt when it happens and then best part is that we may not even choose to gloat about it publicy. Sometimes a meal best served is a meal served cold.

One last thing, this individual has been found out to have been stealing from their employer. Appears to be status quo for the JNS gang.

Anonymous said...

Actually Anon 4:54, the restraining order is without question valid. I took a copy to the Hennepin County Service Center and they verified it. It was signed by the Judge and is in effect for two years. There does not have to be a hearing for the order to be valid. It is valid until it expires or is dismissed.

And the rest of your comments are just crap.

John Hoff is a vindictive prick who gets his jollies harassing and intimidating people. He is clearly in need of serious psychiatric treatment (something I think the Vets Administration already knows). Just look at his history. Where ever he goes history repeats itself. And he never ever learns from his mistakes. Every place he has lived he leaves a trail of legal problems and people who respond to his rants by writing terrible nasty things about him, because he is a psychopathic predator. John Hoff is a textbook predator who stalks and taunts his victims. Just read his blog, it is filled with examples of his predatory activities. And anyone who dares disagree with him will become his next victim. His predatory behavior rivals the sex offenders he blogs about. He takes great pleasure in complaining about slumlords, getting people evicted from their homes, fired from their jobs, or sent back to prison. He loves to enforce rules, but when those same rules are used against him he files complaints. He actually filed an Internal Affairs complaint against a police officer for ticketing his car during a snow emergency. And he went so far off-the-deep-end about this he writes another blog dedicated to complaining about towing. This is a guy who will twist the rules to suit his needs, or ignore them as he see fit. He has a documented 10 year, multi-state history of harassment and intimidation.
John Hoff is a man so completely without a soul that he has no business setting foot in a church. He is a real life "Michael Myers".
I truly believe this man is damned to burn in Hell for eternity, and he deserves it (and I'm sure the Devil has a space reserved for Megan Goodmundson as well). I hate to say it, but a hope Beelzebub makes their eternal lives in the inferno miserable.