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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing... The BITCH SQUAD!

Introducing the BITCH SQUAD!!!
It takes a special type of person to make the Bitch Squad. Topping the list of Bitchers is none other than the Bitch himself, John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside!
Other members of the useless We Watch, We Call Bitch Squad, Jeff Skrenes, Megan Goodmundson and a special welcome to the newest member to the Bitch Squad... NoMi Passenger! (Update: It has been confirmed that NoMi Passenger is actually none other than the Super-Citizen, Megan Goodmundson.)
I will take the honor of claiming to be the Top Troll to the JNS blog and I posted the following on that site last night after Jeff made a post about calling in car repairs...

"Anonymous said...
There are bullets being shot all around the area as well as drug dealing just to name a few and you are jerking everyone around with calling in CAR REPAIRS???
Rather than waste time calling car repairs in and then blogging about it, might I suggest that the PARENTS of said kids keep them from playing in the STREET and around ANY car!
I think I have just come up with a suitable name for the JNS crew (John, Jeff, Megan, etc.) that call in stuff like car repairs.
Behold the Bitch Squad!
May 24, 2010 11:59 PM"

What makes NoMi Passenger so special is the fact that they are a HYPOCRITE and follow along with the John Hoff way of doing things... Point the finger at others and in this case taunt someone to use their real name yet they don't list their name anywhere! Not in their comments. Not in their profile and not on their own Blog! Here is the comment that earned them a spot on the Bitch Squad:

"NoMi Passenger said...
@Anon 1159 - come on, use your real name, come out behind the curtain and let's let our names and credibility and positions go toe-to-toe.
If you think we (the bitch squad as you have dubbed us) ONLY call in things like illegal car repairs then I think you should pay closer attention or get to nomi better because we call in EVERYTHING that looks suspicious or illegal. Heck do you know how many hooker calls I make on a daily basis? Hookers = Drugs. At least our Penn Ave hookers do.
So do me a favor, next time you want to call us the bitch squad how about you do it with your real name, k?"

You got it NoMi Passenger!
Here's a tip for you... The "Trolls" are growing in numbers and as we grow, we are finding out more and more about you and we are going to "out" every single one of you JNS Ass Kissers now known as the "BITCH SQUAD!"


Patty A said...

I must disagree with you. I'm the top troll to that blog. I've known Hoff for years. Thanks North MPLS for taking him off ND's hands.

NoMi Passenger said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anti-Johnny said...

That is FUNNY! You would rather mingle with Satan himself??? How could you possibly do that when you already SLEEP with Satan himself?

Jordan Hawkman said...

We all know that Nomi Passenger is Megan Goodmundson, gal pal of John Hoff now.

There is a purpose to using screen names as forces the bloggers out there to work address the issue. Being a Troll appears to be the right thing to be right now. Trolls appear to be anyone who contradicts the small minded ideas of anyone affiliated with the Bully Blogger.

While they are trespassing and stealing phone books and bragging about it, others out there are discussing youth gun violence. On the Mplsmirror.com one can see there were angry people and not a lot of answers at the meeting. T Armadillo from the JACC board was there and also appears to be a contributor to the JNS site. That being said, Both Hillside Chronicles and JNS are being promoted on each other sites and are pretty much one in the same.

There appears to be no boundaries with these guys and no awareness of keeping their selves independent. I wonder when Michael Browne, Dave Haddy and T Armadillo get together is that is a kosher with the board rules, in that, the meeting needs to be open to the public. I am just saying there needs to be some higher moral ground here and these guys are far far from it.....in fact, they don't respect being fair and balanced.

Following the rules is not any of their strong suits.

Let the World Know said...

JH, the open meeting law doesn't apply to JACC. The open meeting only applies to government agencies. JACC is a non-profit.
The nice thing about this is that any neighborhood organization, or any group can keep John Hoff from recording the meeting, and even ask him to leave. This happened a few months ago when John went nuts in a south Minneapolis meeting discussing the demolition of a historic house. John was told to stop recording, and then got kicked out after he got mouthy.
Since he was not a member of that neighborhood association, he had no legal right to be there, and they had the legal right to kick him out.
All neighborhood associations should know that they don't have to allow John Hoff, or any of his crew to attend their meetings.
And if he does attend, they have the right to prohibit photography, and audio/video recording. If John Hoff argues, call 911 and have the police remove him.
They also do not have to allow Jeff Skrenes to attend. He is an employee of the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association, and as such, has no authority outside of their office. Although Jeff thinks he's some kind of Hobbit crusader, he has no special authority in the community. He is a private citizen just like everyone else, and you can call 911 if you see his trespassing at vacant homes taking phone books.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Let The World know,

Thanks for the info. I will kick him out at every chance....although it appears lately these guys are invisible.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and you can all wallow in your slummy houses with boarded windows and rotting phone books. God forbid someone want to take action on the Northside. The MPLS Mirror is a rag.


Jordan Hawkman said...


I think yo
u are confusing doing something good with irratoonal bitching. Bring some real solitions to the table that are not govt give aways or non profits and stop whining.

Jordan Hawkman said...


I think you are confusing doing something good with irratoonal bitching. Bring some real solitions to the table that are not govt give aways or non profits and stop whining.

Jordan Hawkman said...

Anti Johnny,

Just received word that ANOTHER reformed JNS reader woke up and joined the good guys. He did, however, stop drinking the juice a little while ago. You know, the juice that makes the mind the size of a pea (or perhaps even nonexistent). Anyway, welcome aboard and join in on the fun.

It appears that we are being contacted on a regular basis with tips and ideas from people that are fed up and tired of these hypocrites. Good lord, we are not really even trying nor have we unleashed a fraction of what we know. This is going to be so much fun watching these evil snakes wither in their own evil doings.

Grab a chair, there is tons-o-fun to come.

Anti Johnny ou should have a time clock widget to the count down for John losing his house to property taxes. I will get the exact auction date from the county. When I talk to them, they don't understand why the guy does not at least come in or call to make a payment arrangement. It is surmised that some people just don't care or are to lazy to attempt to be responsible.

They are dropping like flies!

P.S. you should get a count down widget the JACC House eviction by the city too.

and another one that counts the time between screwup for JNS contributors. Connie Nempolis just reset that one with a DWI endangering the lives of families and children while wobbling her car stone cold drunk down the neighborhood roads.

Jim Bob Duggar said...

Can you put the post by Nomi Passenger aka MeganG up again. I love reading what that crazy old lady has to say. She's nutty.

Anti-Johnny said...

Note: NoMi Passenger Re-Posted but, slightly edited.

"No need to post this comment, it can just be a line of comm when you leave a comment on my blog and then I can leave a comment on your blog.

Little do you know I'd rather mingle with Satan than JM. And trouble w/ John in paradise? Surely you are just trying to create a split and a divide. At least that is what JH sez. Anyway - I did leave a NoMi Pass comment on JNS that SAYS who I am - since you or someone else decided to just start using Megan G as a name so now I have to use my google account. Like I said "keep up"."

Anonymous said...

Several people have posted on TAOJNS over the months that they like Jeff's postings much better then John's. Many readers really think John is just an asshole who like to harass people. Jeff's postings are actually about the positive things happening in the neighborhood and informative. John responds to these comments by stating that people are just trying to "divide and conquer".
Really John...NO!
Your posts are immature and stupid. Every time you see a police car you write about some big action going on like a little kid who runs to the window every time he hears a siren.
Your posts about slumlords, and butt glass, and brown paint are getting old. You bitch about the same stuff over and over and it's getting really dull.
Jeff Skrenes really does write better articles than you, and they are informative and highlight the positive in the community.