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Friday, September 25, 2009

Johnny Northside Recorded!

On Monday, September 21, 2009... The Anti-Johnny called John Hoff as he had requested via text message. Johnny Northside had been informed that the Anti-Johnny had contacted Lennie Chism with information about the Minneapolis City Council (Don Samuels and Barbara Johnson) and Johnny Northside that could be of help to his campaign.

While the call lasted nearly 40 minutes, the following 15 minute audio clip was taken out and copied here.
What you will hear is funny, sad, disturbing and... You just need to hear it for yourself. Johnny Northside refers to himself as the "800 pound gorilla" and he voices his rather crude opinions of Lennie Chism, www.mplsmirror.com, Al Flowers, other city council candidates and at one point in the recording, Johnny confirms he supports DFL candidate Don Samuels, even though he is a member of the Green Party.
Johnny also claims that he is a "player" in the north Minneapolis political scene. Here is hoping that attorney Jill Clark hears this audio clip as it might help with the lawsuit she filed for Jerry Moore.

To listen to the 15-minute clip from the phone call, click below.
John Hoff Phone Call


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Hoff actually fancies himself a journalist. Perhaps he means in the style of "yellow" journalists like William Randolph Hearst, minus the clout.
However his experience at ACORN is obvious in his techniques of intimidation. It's straight out of Sol Alinsky's Rules for Radicals playbook. The technique is used in situations where the "agitator" desiring to achieve change uses proven psychological techniques and deception to manipulate groups of people to agree to something they currently oppose. The technique works and the targets rarely, if ever, know they are being manipulated.
Let's see... former ACORN activist + Rules for Radicals techniques + "yellow" journalism = Johnny Northside a.k.a. 800 lb gorilla.

Anti-Johnny said...

To Anonymous...
I like the way you think on the subject. I should point something out to you though. Unless I am wrong, I don't think John Hoff has ever been associated with ACORN. Jeff Skrenes aka The Hawthorn Hawkman and director of the Hawthorn neighborhood association used to work for ACORN.
Might as well be John though because, those two are best pals. It was Jeff who got the city to buy Johns house on 6th street.