Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Northside, Johnny Northside: Imaginary Secret Agent On The Move As Trackers Close In

Secret Agent John Hoff AKA 00-Hoff. Photo courtesy of StarTribune
I can just picture the scene in my head as I laugh uncontrollably. James Bond music starts playing as John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, wait, I meant, 00 (as in Double "O") Northside walks across the screen, dressed to no frill in a suit that doesn't fit, his tie resembling a used car salesman's that only covers half his beer belly, then he turns and pulls his cell phone like Bond pulls his gun. 00-Hoff shows his cocky little grin as he knows he is the best secret agent since James Bond. The sad thing about that scene is John Hoff probably played that role in his mind so many times that he starts to see himself as someone he isn't.

He was born John Hoff. Since then he has become John Hoffman, the author of two critically acclaimed books (sarcasm) on Dumpster Diving and then he became Northside... Johnny Northside.
Since 2008, Northside has fought the forces of evil in north Minneapolis. Using his Blog, he has been completely ruthless with his written attacks against his targets. What sets him apart from other people who rant online is who he targets. He won't go after high profile politicians or corporate big shots because, those people will always have people willing to defend them.
Instead, Hoff targets people the general public would not want to defend and that has sort of given him a license to attack, smear, expose and exploit. At least it appears to be the case in his mind as he has launched cyber attacks against "slumlords," sex offenders and anyone who has been arrested. It doesn't matter if someone ended up having charges dropped or found not guilty because, he exploits them as being guilty of being arrested and that is good enough for him. After all, no one is going to want to defend one of his targets or they risk becoming a target as well.

Hoff is known around the world though. If you ask anyone if they remember the "Blogosphere Trial of the Century" their expressions perk up as they appear to have heard of it. They respond by saying, "YES! Who could forget that famous police chase with the white Bronco." No, no no... NOT the OJ Simpson "Trial of the Century!" They look confused and shake their heads and admit, "Oh, then I have no idea what you are talking about."

The Blogosphere Trial of the Century was the case where Hoff was sued for getting someone fired for "telling the truth" about them. Well, sort of. Hoff tells partial truths and in that case, he lost when a jury ordered him to pay his victim $60,000. The lawyer who beat him has since become his favorite target after the ruling was reversed on appeal. Recently, Hoff has been going nuts on his blog saying that the plaintiff in that case owes him a judgement of nearly $4,000 from the legal fee's. Fee's Hoff claims he paid with his own money but, it is more likely that the special interest group paid them after they jumped on his side when the case was spun into a free speech case.

Yes, Hoff seems to love playing the part of a secret agent who is simply too smart for anyone trying to oppose him... Or find him.
Find him? He is Johnny Northside! He lives in north Minneapolis and his address is widely known so, how hard can it be to find him and why would anyone want to find him?
00-Hoff has made being served with legal papers into a 'catch me if you can' game. He has written about his supreme secret agent skills and his ability to go stealth or invisible. His victims also take an interest in his where-a-bouts. I don't know what they would want to talk to him about in person but, 00-Hoff doesn't want them to find him. 00-Hoff also doesn't want to be served with legal papers, no matter what the reasons for being served may be.

In my personal opinion, secret agent Hoff is an asshole. There are a LOT of other people who share the same opinion and some of those people spend time trying to find out if 00-Hoff is at home in north Minneapolis while he tirelessly blogs about what happens in his neighborhood and the evil ones who he loves to write about. There are people who play along with his secret agent, 'catch me if you can' game and 00-Hoff revels with the knowledge that he has people scouring all over Minneapolis, looking for him. He might be thinking to himself, 'Yes! Look for me in Minneapolis! That is where I live. That is where my blog focuses and it stands to reason that I must be there as well."

That is the fantasy world inside the mind of a nut-case who likes to pretend he lives the life of a secret agent.
This is the real world though. The real world has a few people keeping an eye out for John Hoff. One of them has done a good job of keeping an eye out for Hoff and they came to me to let me know that Hoff is not in Minneapolis. He makes an appearance from time to time to give the impression he is there but, the gifted "tracking tipster" proved Hoff is no invisible secret agent.

00-Hoff is not a secret agent. He is merely John Hoff and he has been working in a small-ish town just outside of Ada, Oklahoma. Seminole, Oklahoma to be exact. I am still trying to confirm who he works for but, I am certain he works in the legal field. I doubt he commutes to Seminole, Oklahoma from north Minneapolis.

JOHN! Your cover is blown!
(The screen goes to black as the music from James Bond starts to play)


Anonymous said...

Those that were unfairly targeted and tormented by John Hoff aka Johnny Horsehide, should take great satisfaction in seeing how fat and rotund Hoff has become, see photo. Remember, his massive fat pig gigando weight gain is not caused by what he is eating. Oh no........it is caused by WHAT IS EATING HIM. And he will likely perish from the ghouls he shadow boxes with as he stuffs his pie hole. The cumulative nightmares he created for himself will now consume him.

Anonymous said...

The absolute truth is the folks in NoMi hate him. He has been such an asshole on the NorthTalk Facebook group that people want him kicked off. While John Hoff, writing as Johnny Northside, thinks he's got a huge following, we all just can't stand him. His views have such racist undertones that the people of color that know hinm in NoMi give him the finger when he walks by.
John Hoff is a legend in his own mind, but the best line I ever hear said about him is: "John Hoff - America's favorite douchebag".

Anonymous said...

As to his two books I really liked them. He took subject matter otherwise unavailable at the time and pioneered in getting it out there.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy the larded up, puffy abb'ed and sick bloated image of John Lard-ass Hoff in a suit that is waaaayy to tight for his oversized gut.He looks like a little house. HE TAKES THE CAKE AND ATE THE CHICKEN DINNER. John, you wearin' a fat suit or suumpin'? And you would dare to critique, over and over, the appearance of others? God is Great, Fatboy. YOU GO NOWW-WWWww!!

Anonymous said...

Keep writing about John. He is a waste of . . . well, everything!

Anonymous said...

Caption to the photo, above: "I John Hoff, will stick this pen, right here, up where the sun don't shine, spin it around, and then lick it like a popsickle. Again.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, look at John Hoff pretending to be someone important with his notepad and pen waving in the air.
"America's Favorite Douchebag" thinks he's some kind of super reporter.
But we all know that he's just a nutcase blogger.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is related - did a search of John Hoff in Seminole, OK and this came up numerous times. Mr. Hale appears to be similar age (born 1964)...

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Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 7:17...
I had found that info as well but, it isn't the same Hoff. There is another John Hoff in that area (the poor SOB has no idea) and it is a bit harder to determine who's who. Especially when John Hoff-Northside is trying to go under the radar.

Anonymous said...

There are several people named John Hoff. There is even one in Canada who is a real journalist and writes for a real newspaper.
But there is only one JOHN WILLARD HOFF who is America's Favorite Douchebag, and Slumlord, and absentee father* (his own son admits John drives his crazy - and there is video to prove it).

*absentee in the sense that Hoff is an emotionally abusive prick.

Jim Watkins said...

(Perk) Video?
Is there a link to it? Post it if there is.

Anonymous said...

The commenter @ August 25, 2013 at 7:20 PM calls Hoff's books "pioneering". These are the same books were John Hoff (writing as John Hoffman) refers to the police as "pigs" and advocates burglary, theft, damage to property, and anarchy as an acceptable way of life, a way of life he still leads.
John Hoff has a law degree and yet he still buys stolen property from strangers on the street in his neighborhood so that "rich" people can't get their hands on it. He clearly knows the law, and chooses to disregard the actual laws in favor of his own interpretation.
John Hoff is so morally bankrupt that I sincerely doubt any State will grant him a law license.
Anyone reading his blog can see he doesn't have the ethics or morals to be a lawyer, and would bring shame on any state that granted him a law license.
All one has to do is "Bing” or “Google” his name, and the trail of abusive & unethical (& illegal) behavior lists longer than a football field.
Everything Hoff has ever gained, he ends up losing due to his abusive and erratic behavior. He just refuses to learn from his mistakes. John Hoff displays sociopathic behavior, and his blogging just feeds his lusts for sadistic gratification.

Anonymous said...

re: Anon 6pm

I'm sure these aren't the videos to which Anon is referring, but interesting nonetheless...


He couldn't even comb his hair or tuck in his shirt for his Nat'l Guard Swearing In... good golly

(sounds like JWH is a bit paranoid on this one)

(this one just made me laugh)

(JWH accuses Don Samuels of the same things he does -- and then runs away)

His Own YouTube name is Johnny Hoffa - a legend in his own mind...

Anonymous said...

Actually the trailer is still posted. Watch John Hoff at his buffoonish best. Breaking into a home illegally, talking to a frog, damaging a boarded up home, and walking with his realtor.
The guy is a nutcase to say the least.


Jim Watkins said...

A note to the person who submitted comments about video clips of John's son with John babbling in the background....
I didn't publish the comments only because you referred to his son using his first and last name.
I know it may seem petty but, I met John's son once and I thought he was actually a pretty nice, well behaved kid (from the boys mother I assume lol).
When it comes to kids, I try to leave them out of the fray if possible and hope that John's son will grant me an "no-holds barred" interview about "Growing up Hoff."
I will gladly post the comment if you are willing to re-submit it without using his first name.

Anonymous said...


Can't you just edit out the name? I don't remember all what I sent.
Besides, John mentions his son's name in the header of his blog. We all know his name.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 6:45.
I can't figure out why it won't let me copy the text so I can edit his name out and then paste it. I will figure out how to get the comment posted w o the name soon tho.
And John does what he wants with his blog. All I am saying is I don't want to include kids with this blog if I can help it. Just one way I can separate myself from his ways.

Anonymous said...

Hoff is sexy as hell. You guys are just jealous.