Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Will Johnny Northside Ever Be Accepted? Not Likely

Before John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside understood rejection
Image courtesy of Gary Larson - Far Side 
I saw this cartoon the other day and it made me wonder if John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside (milf) has ever been able to get along with another person for an extended period of time?

Over the past 5-6 years, I have become as close to a Hoff Historian as I hope there ever will be. During that time I have been able to identify trends with his actions and reactions with his life experiences as well as for those who have come into contact with him and on rare occasions, become friends with him. As Hoff inches closer to reaching his 50th birthday, one thing has remained consistent in his lifetime: John Hoff does not appear to have any "friends for life" or even any long term friends. Sure, he would likely dispute that assumption but, that is actually MY ENTIRE POINT!

Every time a situation came up where Hoff did not agree with someone, no matter what it was concerning or who the person was that disagreed with him... Hoff has had to argue with them and if they wouldn't engage him in his personal king of the hill game, he has turned to anyone who would listen to him. The times a judge has ruled against him, he has not accepted it and moved on. Instead, he has argued in public and in the courts that either the judge was incompetent or he argues that the rule or law itself is stupid and he won't quit until there is nowhere for him to plead his whiner case.

How else can you explain why he took a ticket for sitting on a sidewalk in Seattle all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court of Appeals? Or why he cried foul over and over after he was recalled (or kicked out) from his seat with the Grand Forks city council within a few months of being elected? I might add that he won the election after the incumbent councilman moved at the last minute and Hoff won by 6 or 7 votes.

I would like to believe that at one point in his younger part of his life that he was a cheerful kid who really tried to fit in, as the cartoon at the top of the post suggests. I would think that constant rejection from other kids and the circles they ran with finally got him to realize that he would never fit in and would never be accepted. It would make sense after a life of rejection that he adopted his current persona of being the worlds biggest douchbag and asshole.

The point to this post is to serve as a bit of a warm up for the next post I put online about him. With his life-long history of being annoying, unfair, disrespectful of anyone of authority who criticized him which has led to all sorts of rants, attacks, tantrums and vendetta's against those who dared challenge him, it gives me peace of mind when Karma pays him a visit and I, along with so many others who have faced his wrath are able to play a part in assisting Karma.

To close, it has been confirmed by a person who recognized him that Hoff has been spending a lot of his time in Seminole, Oklahoma. He will never admit that he lives there however (read post again from the start to understand why he won't admit to it) but, I am very close to putting the pieces together with why Hoff has been in Oklahoma and even more than that is, what he is planning in the coming months.
I have been told he has been working for a law firm in Seminole, as a legal assistant or close to it anyway. We all know he has a degree in Law from North Dakota and before I pull a Johnny Northside and throw a hunch against the wall in hopes it will stick, I prefer to do a little more homework and be sure of my hunches.
I will make this pledge to anyone who would like to do their part in helping Miss Karma pay John a visit.... Once I am able to verify what I think Hoff is up to in Oklahoma, I will call on all of you to rally behind me and pitch in with your help in assembling the largest known online vigilante gang ever to grace the net as we sit back in the front row to watch Karma come down on Hoff like no one before him.

Be patient and take comfort in knowing that we have actually begun to summon the "pay back bitch God",otherwise known as Karma! And she is on her way!

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