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Friday, July 12, 2013

Arrest Information Found On John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

Random pic of Occupy demonstrators. Hoff not pictured.

One of the more "ballsy" things blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside does is copy the monthly Hennepin County Jail Roster before it is removed from the county website and re-publishes the list on his own blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.

Since he began posting the jail rosters on his blog, several people whose names have appeared on the list have contacted Hoff, asking him to remove their name from the list. Hoff has publicly ridiculed many of those people and has even published the emails that were sent to him. His attitude about removing names has been "Too bad! You shouldn't have gotten arrested!"

All one has to do in order to get put on the original county jail roster is get arrested. It does not matter if charges are ever filed or dropped because, the jail roster is merely a list of people who were arrested. However, the mere fact that a person had been arrested has been enough for prospective employers to pass on hiring someone after they discovered the applicants name on the jail roster published on Hoff's blog.

Several months ago Hoff outdid himself by manipulating people on the list by announcing on his blog that he is willing to remove a person's name from the list (only what is published on HIS site) for... A FEE! In fact, here is what Hoff said on his blog when he announced his plan...(Click HERE to read post on his blog)

I am going to offer to remove names from my republication of jailhouse rosters. I will do this for a mere $250. For that amount, I will go into a roster (or up to three rosters, but no more than three) and I will replace a name, address, date, etc. with a row of XXXXXXXXXXXX. 
Some might reason that perhaps Hoff was really just saying that in order to piss some people off. You never know because, if someone was to get mad enough and sue him over it, he would be beside himself with joy, knowing what kind of publicity he would get from something like that.
In this case however, he was not just saying that. Hoff really meant it. The proof that he really meant it comes from Hoff himself and what he wrote on his blog about it. (Click HERE to see the entire post on his blog)
Recently somebody accepted this offer and beamed money to my PayPal account, a couple hundred bucks. Just to have their name and address removed from one of the jailhouse rosters. Just so an employer would have to dig a LITTLE harder if they wanted to find out about that old arrest, which never even resulted in charges...Incredible.Looking at that glimmering, glowing new deposit of electronic mulooh, I couldn't help but think, "Geez, that's more money than I make from 6 months of Google ads. I might just be onto something, here!"
It has come to the point with me that I feel like I need to take a shower every time I finish reading something Hoff has written. It makes me wonder though, 'On what day did the Lord create John Hoff? And couldn't He have rested on THAT day?' (semi sarcasm intended)

All of that Hoff history lesson being said, makes it that much more hypocritical of him because of the following information that was found online.
According to the Seattle Times from August 23, 1994, John Hoff was arrested in Seattle's University District for none other than SITTING ON A SIDEWALK! Normally that kind of activity would be looked upon as petty and not worthy of talking about. However, Hoff did it intentionally because, he thought it was a dumb law and wanted to test it in court (sound familiar?).
Here is the link to the story published by the Seattle Times. CLICK HERE

Here is what the Seattle Times reported:
Seattle Municipal Court Judge Michael Hurtado yesterday allowed the city to begin its case against John Hoff, who provided opponents with a test case last month when he was arrested after sitting on a University District sidewalk.
A few years ago, in a phone conversation between Hoff and I, we were talking about this very blog The MisAdventures of Johnny Northside. Hoff does not like the fact that I maintain a blog that is dedicated to gathering public information about him that portrays him in a negative light and he suggested that I "Just delete the damn thing." Obviously I passed on his suggestion to delete this blog but, after reading how Hoff has manipulated others who have asked to be removed from his blog, maybe he will contact me and offer to pay me to remove his name from my blog.

It is an amusing and ironic thought but, unlike John Hoff... I can't be bribed or bought.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Go to this website and Submit this abuse complaint to google:



Anonymous said...


He is an ass! A fat, stupid, hypocritical ass.

Anonymous said...

Here is the most honest summary of The Playbook of John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside- ---------------==========/As Goebbels said...

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”-=======-----------======== Hello, North Minneapolis. Do you copy....OVER...

Anonymous said...

Awful lot of visits to this site from Oklahoma City. Looks like JohnnySlumlord is traveling, and worried about a post that might appear in this blog.
Hoff outright lied in his blog and some little bird has sent me the absolute proof that he lied. Is Johnny Douchebag worried it might appear here? Only John Hoff can make things right, by being decent and admitting he made an error in his posting. Honesty has always been the best policy.
Or the proof can be submitted to this blog.
Or maybe I should charge Johnny $200 to not post it just like he blackmails those on the jail rosters he posts?

Jim Watkins said...

An interesting tip was sent to me from an anonymous tipster. They claim that John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside "may have had a romantic interest" who was not his wife, during part of the time he was living in El Paso, Texas while he was in the Army. Since the tipster did not identify themselves nor offer any form of proof to support the claim, I have to stress that it is mere speculation and may not be true at all. HOWEVER, it would offer one possible reason why Hoff's (now ex) wife left El Paso for Seattle back around 1997. If anyone has any information that could prove the tipsters claim, please contact me via the comments.

Dave T said...

John Hoff is such a piece of shit, he tried to claim that he had a disability and needed to sit on the sidewalk because there were no benches. The court found otherwise.
Mind you this is the same disability that Hoff received veteran's benefits for, but was still able to join the national guard a couple years ago and get deployed to Afghanistan by his own choosing.
John Hoff's perversion of the Americans with Disabilities Act is a disgusting abuse of the law and shows what a pathetic parasite he is.


Jim Watkins said...

@ Dave T:
Great find! I don't think I had seen the actual court ruling for this trumped up Hoff case. Here is the appeals courts findings with regard to his claiming he was discriminated against when ticketed for SITTING ON A SIDEWALK!!!

" Hoff finally contends that the officers violated RCW 49.60.030, Washington's ban on discrimination against persons with disabilities, when they cited him for sitting.   He claims that he has a disability that requires him to sit and rest periodically and often must sit on the sidewalk where there is no bench or park.   SMC 15.48.040 exempts persons using wheelchairs or having a medical emergency.   Hoff counters that his disability is not so severe that he must use a wheelchair or that it qualifies as a medical emergency, but that it nonetheless requires him to sit.

To prevail in his claim, Hoff must show both that his disability exists and that the City discriminated against him because of that disability.  Doe v. Boeing Co., 121 Wash.2d 8, 13, 846 P.2d 531 (1993).   Whether a handicap exists and is the basis of discrimination are questions of fact for the trial court, Doe, 121 Wash.2d at 15-16, 846 P.2d 531, which we review only for abuse of discretion.   While Hoff did testify that his injury requires him to sit and rest, several officers also testified that he walked to the store for a soda and that he was able to get up and approach the police officers numerous times.   Further, there is no evidence that the City ticketed him because he had a disability.   Rather, there is ample evidence that officers ticketed him because he persisted in sitting on the sidewalk after they warned him that he was violating the ordinance.   Hoff cannot establish a violation of RCW 49.60.030."

Anonymous said...

So John Hoff was trying to defend the little guy who was being oppressed by the police.
Isn't that the same thing Jill Clark had been doing?
I guess it's OK for Hoff to be an "community activist", but if someone else does it, they get abused and destroyed in his blog.

*Lady K* said...

I was called at 1am this morning with news that someone in my family was on John's website. I've been doing my own research on him. Hes a loser! I wonder why he didn't mention that his girlfriend has been charged with a felony. http://www.mplsmirror.com/mpls/images/stories/pdf/mg.pdf
Hes a stalker, from this report listed above it seems as if shes a stalker too. I see that he has been brought to court for CS. I wonder what else he is hiding from. Hes lived in a lot of states-- what is he running from? Well I am on a mission. Not only to air his business but his families business also. I'm going down the whole list.. EVERYONE is getting the spot light. Ill post my findings on this page. So far you guys have done enough. This time Johnny fucked with the wrong family. I'll let him use my red lipstick so he can at least look pretty when I fuck his whole world up. >=) I don't understand why these leaches latch on to his breast. (Yes i herd he and his fat wife wear the same bra size). Its time this guy gets a taste of his own medicine.
*Lady K*