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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blogger Johnny Northside Is Helped by "Low Income Property Mogul" Then Turns Against "Slumlords"

"Slug" image courtesy of Ryan Turner

After being a more or less, "John Hoff historian" for the past five years, my reactions to so many of his two-faced, hypocritical and even "thuggish" writings and actions have become somewhat numbed as I am not easily surprised by him anymore. This post is one of the rare times I sit back after discovering Hoff had done something particularly disturbing and think to myself, 'Good God! This slug would think nothing of stealing a toddlers piggy-bank!' (Note: In his Dumpster Diving book he admitted to looting change from a wishing well pool but, that is another story)

Hoff aka Johnny Northside, has done everything he could think of in his attempt to make a name for himself during his self-promoting tour of north Minneapolis. As previously pointed out on this blog, Hoff has gone on an all-out attack against people who the general public would not want to defend. Among some of those targets are Level 3 Sex Offenders, gang members, local residents he has deemed "shady" and one of his favorites to attack... Rental property owners that he has constantly referred to as "Slumlords."

In 2010, Hoff wrote a 24-page plea for "mercy" to the judge in his delinquent child support case that gave an almost play by play description of his life from the early 90's to the present (at that time it was 2010).
In that document, Hoff wrote about two separate times when his very survival was greatly assisted by two people he referred to as "low income rental property mogul" and "low income property mogul(s)."

Here is the link to the PDF 24-page court document (Click here) where on pages 11 & 12 Hoff gives details of how those two property owners went out of their way to help Hoff survive.

The three pics below are screen shots from that document. Click on each image to view full size.

It was immediately after the "RV" in St. Paul period that Hoff moved to No-Mi and and began his public crusade against all the evil "slumlords" for destroying "his neighborhood."

This last part is merely my personal opinion in the matter but... For Hoff to willingly accept so much selfless, kind and humanitarian help from two people who clearly did not have to and then immediately turn and attack other people who earn their living in the same industry as the two who helped him is purely SICKENING! I feel like going off on a tangent of insults against Hoff for having the nerve to condemn property owners when it was property owners who saved his worthless ass to begin with but, I will resist that urge. However, I will end this post on a humorous note with these opinions...

John Hoff is such a LOSER that I bet he would come in LAST in the Human Race!
Q: What is the difference between a possum and John Hoff, both laying dead on separate streets? 
A: There are skid marks visible in front of the possum.


Anonymous said...

johnny Northside has posted a link encouraging people to file discrimination complaints with the Mpls Civil Rights Dept. i suggest any minorities he has harassed use that link to file a complaint against him

Anonymous said...

For readers that are nor familiar with John Hoff, when he lived in North Dakota just over a decade ago he tried his hand at flipping properties having bought several "dumps" at low prices and trying to resell them for a profit, as he tried to learn the property flipping business from another ND nutcase. He even tried flipping a flop-house motel. Needles to say, Johnny Northside (who has failed at everything he does - including being a father) failed at the property flipping business.
To this day he owns a run down and windowless house in Inkster, ND that the city wants to demolish.
John Hoff denies he was ever in the house flipping business, but the public records proved otherwise. Even when faced with the facts, Hoff still lied.
John Willard Hoff, aka Johnny Slumlord, the Northside hypocrite and America's Favorite Douchebag.

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Anonymous said...

this might interest you guys some. since hoff bought his home for under $20,000, he has never finished the required repaired items on the truth in sale of housing report to the city's knowledge. If someone wants to report him, there should be some fines in store for him not completing them and/or having the home reinspected in a timely manner as required by law.