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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Activist Megan Goodmundson Makes North Minneapolis A Better Place... By Leaving!

I have to admit that I am not exactly reporting on up to the minute news with this but, better late than never.
Long time north Minneapolis activist Megan Goodmundson is no longer living in NoMi. In fact, she is no longer living in the Twin Cities. Several sources have confirmed that Megan Goodmundson no longer lives in her house on Newton Ave. N in Minneapolis after moving north of the cities to the Minnesota town of New York Mills. According to the New York Mills city council minutes from December 2012, Goodmundson had been hired by Kim Hoban who manages the local liquor store/bar as a part-time bartender. Click HERE and see the liquor store report on page 2.

It has been confirmed that she works as a property manager (not sure of the title) for The Schuett Companies, which is based in Golden Valley. At least one of the properties that company is in charge of is the Kaleva Apartments located at 205 Walker Ave. N, in New York Mills, MN.

Since Goodmundson, once referred to as the "Super-Citizen" is no longer living in the cities, it has raised the question of the day...
Is Megan Goodmundson still in a relationship with John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside?
According to sources with knowledge of her situation, Goodmundson met a man via the Internet and moved to pursue a relationship with him in New York Mills. She is still listed as a contributor on Hoff's blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside but, she has not been contributing to the site in some time.
Now that John and Megan are no longer together, it raises several new questions with things like, who lives in her house now and did Hoff have to actually live in his house on Bryant Ave. north?
Stay tuned folks as this story is just starting to unfold!


Rita said...

Megan's title is Regional Manager. Not sure which apt. complexes she oversees . I know for a fact Park View Terrace in Moorhead. She was just recently promoted by the company and was just posted in our July monthly newsletter. I would guess some of the properties she oversees are Detroit Lakes,Pelican Rapids,Fergus Falls and of course New York Mills. This is just a guess. Megan as a bartender ! Cannot even begin to imagine the bully in a bar ! God have mercy . Oh wait - maybe much easier to be around her if drinking or totally wasted. I personally do not think the loose nut should even clean toilets at a rest area and she is in the world of elderly and disabled people in these apt. buildings.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new boyfriend knows of her prior domestic assault case?

Anonymous said...

Oh my a person like this is working where my loving parent lives ! What is wrong with the Schurtt company to employ such a person. I must believe the pay must be low and they havr to hire low life to fill positions. This cannot continue.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone provide them with her criminal background? I doubt the company knew of this when they hired her.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 10:46 AM:
According to one resident with knowledge of the matter, Megan's boss was told about it a while ago. She does not have a current criminal history. She accepted a plea back when this all happened and the court agreed to drop the charges and have her record show a clean record. Megan has said on this blog that there was no arrest and said, "GET IT?"
I think what she has confused is that while the court made the charges go away, she doesnt seem to understand that the record of her being arrested and charged to begin with will stay. Obviously because, we were able to find the documentation that is posted on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Please help me imagine the personal ad Megan Goodmundson must have posted to capture the perfect new boyfriend. here is my shot:

Yap yap yap...must like a big asshole...yap yap yap and mortgage fraud for two. I will give you my money like I did for my previous honey...yap yap yap.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how desperate some guy must be to go out with Megan? Her ass alone is near an acre of real estate. Seriously, she went out with John Hoff. Obviously Megan Goodmundson is attracted to douche-bags with a trailer trash mentality. Criminals and cheats like Megan and John were made for each other because no one else can stand them. Guess you just have to look for the biggest asshole in New York Mills and you'll find Megan's new low-life boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

If Megan does work for The Schuett Companies, based in Golden Valley, they are right up her alley. The Schuett Companies will reject the rental application of anyone with a criminal history. Megan loves screwing those with criminal histories of financial problems. She didn't want them in North Minneapolis, now she can reject them in several northern Minnesota towns. Racist, prejudice, & homophobic Megan can now legally discriminate working for the Schuett Companies.

Anonymous said...

It would seem that you have struck a nerve here? Good 'ol
"JOHNNYBOY" wouldn't post my comments on this issue. He will not say what HAND LOTION he will be using now that [lard ass], I mean Megan is gone. (Did I just say that)? Oh well, "JOHNNYBOY" says a lot of things, a lot worse than this.
who loves ya' baby

P.S. Cool Blog

Anonymous said...

7/5/13 @ 6:23 pm,

What's wrong with a landlord discriminating against someone with a criminal history? Sounds like a damn good idea.