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Friday, March 1, 2013

Blogger Hoff Lies About Where His Donation Money Was Used

Blogger John Hoff owns Minneapolis' most controversial blog,  The Adventures of Johnny Northside.
One of the main purposes for the Misadventures of Johnny Northside blog is to inform the public about Hoff and his past, current and even future wrongdoings. We have documented several instances where Hoff lied to any number of people who range from everyday people who read his blog up to but, not limited to, the Veteran's Administration and at least one judge.

Hoff's biggest enemy is not me, Jim Watkins (as Hoff has stated). Rather it is himself. He gets caught up in the minor publicity that comes with being sued for getting someone fired and LOSING, resulting in a $60,000 judgement against him. For Hoff to appeal the case, he needed roughly $4000 to file the appeal. It ended up being paid by a free speech group that joined his case as a "friend of the court."

Since March of 2011, which is right after he lost round 1 of the "Trial of the Century" (that too was a name Hoff decided to attach to his case), Hoff's homepage on his blog has been soliciting cash donations to help "defend the first amendment." Below is the copy of his plea for money.
Support The Adventures of Johnny Northside--WE NEED FUNDS TO DEFEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT!

If you scroll way down the homepage of his blog, you will see where he offers the public his "Acknowledgement of Support." Here is what he has posted and pay special notice to the larger text in bold...

Acknowledgment Of Support 
Thank you for your help defending the First Amendment. Everything you contributed was applied to expenses, including a rather pricey transcript of the trial. 
But don't worry. Eventually we'll have a lot of fun with THAT document, especially Jerry Moore's testimony.
If you do feel like contributing toward our blogging efforts and/or legal defense, whether financially or with a letter of support or with paper copies of information you think I'd find of interest, mail it to The Adventures of Johnny Northside, 2226 Bryant Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN 55411. 
I have nearly come to the conclusion that you can tell when John Hoff is lying because, his lips are moving! However, when he lies on his blog, it would be his fingers typing to know he is lying. Allow me to give you, the readers the un-deniable proof that Hoff has lied to both the readers of his blog as well as anyone who has donated money.

In November of 2012, Hoff published a post about TJ Waconia and included a bunch of court documents that were in PDF format on Pacer.gov. Users wanting to get copies of records on the site have to pay for it. The following link is for the post I am talking about.

A Traditional Thanksgiving Bounty Of TJ Waconia Court Documents, Including Transcript Of Criminal Sentencing...

In that post, Hoff completes his lie when he made the following statement... (remember above he tells readers that "Everything you contributed was applied towards expenses." And he was talking about the "Trial of the Century" expenses.)
"The coolest document in the bunch (of TJ Waconia court records) has to be the transcript of their hearing, which cost a pretty penny but, hey, PayPal donations."
This is another prime example of how Hoff does what he wants and doesn't think twice about lying to the very people who gave him money to help him defend the first amendment but, decided to spend "a pretty penny" on TJ Waconia documents. Let me remind readers who might not keep up with dates... The TJ Waconia case was wrapped up for the two owners of TJ Waconia in April of 2009. Yet somehow, Hoff thought it was important to lie to his contributors about where their money was going but, he did it in order to continue his attack on a 3+ year old case that no other media outlet writes about anymore because, its yesterday's news!

It makes me wonder all the other places he might have wasted the generous donations his readers have given him? If I was one that gave him money, I would damn sure want to know and ask him.


Anonymous said...

The real question here is how much trouble John Hoff is going to get into for IRS fraud? Meaning he has collected thousands of dollars (he says only pennies)of unreported income. My source says that since "someone" paid his legal bills that is considered income that he has to report.
Not to mention that he rented out his house to TWO roommates illegally while he was boasting that he was in Afghanistan serving in the National Guard protecting our country - That, of course, is a total exaggeration since his "disabilities" prohibited him from being an active duty soldier, and he was nothing but a glorified office boy.
Yep - just like Al Capone, John Hoff will be caught by the IRS. A fraudster like John Hoff can't fool everyone. NO sir, and I've got all my documents shipped off to the IRS so they know what a scam artist Johnny Northside really is.
Anyone else care to report him there is a link to report tax cheats on the IRS.gov web page.

Jim Watkins said...

@ anon 10:40pm
Oh how I hope you are being serious! Ok, I mean, how I PRAY you are being serious w/ having contacted the IRS about Hoff.

Anonymous said...

If everybody reports John Hoff for tax evasion the IRS will listen. Let's not let Hoff get away with it.
We know he doesn't report his rental income, or all the income he gets from his blog. REPORT HOFF TO THE IRS!!!!!

You were successful in getting the city to placard his house as an unlawful rental. Let's team up again and get Hoff busted by the IRS. Let's get him where it hurts him the most: In his wallet!!!


Anonymous said...

John Hoff becomes a smaller and smellier fish in a dirty pond as time goes on.

Eventually he will fade away leaving his stink and starting anew somewhere else where he is unknown.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff aspires, failure upon failure, to be a slumlord himself. But cannot cut it./// While publicly pimping his son, and any other victim he chooses to throw under the bus for cheap self promotion on the Internet highway; he secretly cheats his neighbors and neighborhood. ///Behind closed doors, in his tiny world and orbit, he abuses room renters and women./// All this on a foundation of peeling paint, junk cars and a trashy yard. Cheating the City out of permit fees is stealing. Worse than that, he greedily and with evil abandon boot-legged in the health and safety issues of the heating and water supply to his mini-farcedom. Busted evil mini-slumlord of 850 Square feet of wretched filth, predation, and degradation. John Hoff is a sadist.
(Re-printed comment from last year)

Anonymous said...

sounds like jimmy's the only one that responds to his own posts. then he gives his own rebuttal comments with anon comments. how creative

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 9:10...
How did you come up with that theory?

Anonymous said...

No No, Anon-9:10am. Jim Watkins is not alone. I and many other truth seekers and victims of Johnny Horse-Ass stand with Mr. Watkins. Jim is a straight talker and a straight shooter and clearly does not lie. Johnny Northside kisses up and kicks down. He is transparent in his opportunism. He will pimp anyone, including his own son. And then document it on his own blog. He is also a stalker of women and sued his own ex-wife to get his child support payments down to Zero so he could support his blogging and jacking-off and drinking habits. So ANON, instead of making cowardly accusations that are false against Watkins, why do you not take the time and make the effort to look at your buddy, Johnny Northside, the liar and dangerous Northside stalker.

Anonymous said...

7:35- good try, jim, read you again in a year..seeing you always. nice tie you had on sunday

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 10:26
Nope. Sorry but, as readers know I always put my name with my comments and 7:35 was not written by me. However, I do know who wrote it.
Tie on Sunday? lol You must think I was in town but, I have been in Texas since January 1 and I don't usually wear a tie while I am outside working in the yard, which is where I was this past Sunday.

Anonymous said...

straight shot down 35w and you worked on your lawn in bermudas after you left services