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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogger Johnny Northside's Penny Stock: Worthless!

On February 21, 2011, Johnny Northside AKA John Hoff, wrote a blog post about a penny stock that he had recently invested his money AND his son's money in. Click here to read his post.

The information below shows the company Hoff invested his and his sons money with, has gone Belly-Up. It seems like everything Hoff touches and puts effort into, seem to do the same thing... TANK!
 The following company financial data was copied on Feb. 28, 2013 and is courtesy of Scottrade.com
SurgLine International, Inc., formerly China Nuvo Solar Energy Inc., is a holding company. The Company wholly owns SurgLine, Inc. (SurgLine) and Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. Nuvo Solar Energy, Inc. is a development-stage company that owns solar and photovoltaic related technology. The Company is also seeking other business opportunities. 
0.00 / 0
0.00 / 0
Price Open
Previous Close
Day High
Day Low
52wk High/Date
0.0014 / 5/15/2012
52wk Low/Date

Hoff compared this company to north Minneapolis when he said,
"I feel an affinity with the stock. I say to myself, "This stock is like my neighborhood. Right now, you can buy in for pennies on the dollar but we have unlimited potential."
We all have seen the values in Hoff's neighborhood go thru the roof since he announced his big investment. Sarcasm there because, his neighborhood is no better off now than it was before Hoff stumbled into it. One could argue that his "efforts" have done nothing to help the neighborhood but, no one can argue the fact that Hoff's investment vision is really piss-poor.
Hoff's investment in the stock demonstrated that he is "Proud to be an American" ... After all, it WAS a CHINESE company!  Way to invest in your own neighborhood and Country, John!

I might suggest that Hoff should have done some smooth maneuvering and sold the stock when he could have gotten some of the money back. It stands to reason because, before he moved to Minneapolis he maneuvered all around St. Paul. Forget the fact that I am talking about how he lived in a beaten up 1979 Shasta RV and had to constantly move it from street to street to avoid being towed. Click here and see page 11 of the 24-page "Have Mercy" plea Hoff submitted to the judge in  his delinquent child support case.

In looking at past endeavors of John Hoff, I would say the "Safe Bet" is putting your money and trust in places John Hoff is NOT.


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, Hoff's document is hilarious. The writing bears no resemblence whatsoever to a real legal document. He is such a clown. We all get such a kick out of him and think he's a hoot...even though he's dangerous as hell.

Anonymous said...

This comment is regarding The Holler House slander in the recent Johnny Northside Blog of 4/15/2013:

That whiff in your nostril, John Hoff, is probably Pete's crutch as you, Johnny, are always sticking your nose there. The Holler House looks really straight in your pic; cleaner than your rental dump or anything else you ever owned. Got windows?