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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogger John Hoff Published Lies & Twisted Facts While "First Amendment Retaliating" Against Online Foe - Part I

This picture explains the feud between Johnny Northside and the Anti-Johnny Northside

Blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside went on a rampage against this blogger with the intention of ruining my professional reputation while smearing me personally at the same time. He published a three part series on his blog that started in September of 2012 and continued into November. Just a few short years ago Hoff sent me an email that more or less said, "Back off of me or I will be forced to First Amendment Retaliate and ruin your career." Click HERE to read Hoff's email threat.

Readers of this blog know that I did not back down to his threat. It took Hoff a few years but, he did finally carry out his threat and the previous post on this Blog documented proof that his attack has yet to stop.

My time has finally allowed me to address some of the lies and partial truths he published in his 3-part attack against me. This is Part I of my series of setting the record straight.
That reminds me of a joke I made up about John Hoff.
Q: How can someone tell when John Hoff is lying?A: His lips are moving! (in his case, his fingers are moving and typing)

In this post, I will point out several of Hoff's lies and provide some comments in response to his attack post. My words will be in red.
 Click the link below.

http://adventuresofjohnnynorthside.blogspot.com/2012/09/go-live-with-your-grandmother.html#more "

Hoff said,  
Here was a high profile scandal and I had picked up some nuggets of info. It was almost like my DUTY to make sure that info became easily available on the internet.
I find his words to be highly ironic because, when it comes to facts I have found and documented concerning Hoff, those words explains my reasons for continuing my efforts to inform the public about him.

Hoff said, 
However, at the same time, the radiation from the "hot thread" created my cartoon nemesis. The evil Anti-Johnny. He's so plodding and uncreative that he didn't even pick his own NAME. I mean, that name was given to Jim Watkins BY ME.Imagine if Batman had to tell somebody, "Well, you kid around a lot. Joker. Why don't you try calling yourself The Joker?"
I still find myself amazed with his fantasy world conclusions he has spun his existence into and the truly disturbing part about what he said is that he REALLY MEANT IT! He reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson's character "Mr. Glass" in the Bruce Willis movie Un-Breakable.

Hoff said,
There was a time when Jim Watkins and myself could almost be friendly, to "agree to disagree" and sit down and break bread or at least pizza crust together. (Note: That "I" paid for!) That's when the photo was taken, above, of Jim holding my cool book about dumpster diving with glossy and professionally designed  cover art, produced by a professional publisher and, well, um, Jim's special little booklet he put together all by  himself, yay, clap clap clap. 
1) The "booklet" Hoff is referring to is one of four that I wrote and taught over a four-year period. Further, that particular class was taught for Kaplan Professional Schools and was TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) certified for Realtor and Broker MCE credits. I was also certified by TREC as an instructor for MCE. That course book was printed and bound by Kaplan.... Not "Paladin Press."

2) Speaking of Paladin Press... They are the publisher for his second book. I have long said that I believe Hoff to be an extremist who has personality issues comparable to a sociopath. Here is a link to Paladin's website where they list the topics of other books they publish. Paladin Press.  Just a few of the topics for reading are...
Combat Shooting, Hiding and Smuggling, Silencers and Exotic Weapons, Locksmithing and SNIPING!
  I am NOT kidding! Click on the Paladin link to see more subjects!

Hoff said, 
But returning to that strange, happy era when I could share pizza with Jim while he was using some kind of weird pen that secretly tapes, and I was all, like, why is there a little light glowing on your pen?
Again, the pizza was the only thing "shared" because, Hoff clearly didn't share the tab. I am not the first person Hoff has met for a meal and "forgot" his wallet at home. His comments about that pen have turned 180 degrees since we met that day. He claimed after that meeting that I was lying when I informed him that I had recorded our visit on video. I have a question for Hoff... "Hey John, what color was the glowing light?" He will never answer that, of course. I have to laugh at how dumb his comment was. Lets imagine if he noticed a light coming from a pen... Do you think he would not ask any questions about it?? By nature, Hoff is more curious than a monkey. Anyway, the hidden camera I used that day does not have any lights on or inside it. His claim that he saw what he did is just another lie.

He continued his post by publishing the letter I had sent him (I might add that I did not give him my consent to publish it) via email. In his response to it, Hoff said, 
In response to Jim's email, I talked to Jim on the phone and told him he shouldn't publish this article because it would damage his reputation as a competent teacher on the subject of real estate; a reputation he'd labored long and hard to build and, indeed, his teaching efforts were like a second career.
On the contrary. One of the main reasons people attended my classes was because, I told them how things really were. We see those infomercials where the experts talk about how easy it is to do whatever they are pitching and what they are selling is exactly "how to" do it. In my case, in addition to telling people "how to" do it, I also included examples of how NOT to do it. In other words, there are a lot of ways to "not" do it in real estate and telling people personal examples was very useful to them and was "real." 

Included in the fine print of Hoff's post was the part that explained what ended up happening with foreclosure situation... I found a buyer for that house and no one lost anything. In keeping things "real" with Hoff's post, here is an analysis of it:
At the time I sent the email to him, my stress level was very high due to the investment house I owned being in foreclosure status. A short time later I ended up avoiding the house being foreclosed when a buyer bought it before time ran out. Fast forward several years and Hoff publishes that private email and focuses on what the problem WAS at the time and NOT what ultimately ended up happening. Why would Hoff do such a thing? I mean, what would his purpose be considering I am no longer in that line of work? The answer is simple.... Hoff intended to do exactly what he threatened to do back when I started this blog. The following is part of what he said in his email to me...
You have a tremendous opportunity to BACK THE HELL OFF, JIM so I won't be forced to "First Amendment retaliate" with a posting about "who is Jim Watkins" which will have you wearing un-removable egg on your face for the rest of your life or as long as our civilization has the internet, whichever is longer.
He continued with...
your unpublished article itself gives me all the metaphorical ammunition I need to put a hole in your real-estate teaching ship. I really prefer not to do that, however, simply because it is ugly and personal and therefore unpleasant.
In the Moore V Hoff case, Hoff was sued for getting someone fired and he claimed that he could say what he wanted (as long as it was the truth) because,  Moore was a limited public figure. For a public figure and a limited public figure to have grounds to sue someone who writes negative things about them they need to show malice. They have to establish that the attacker said what they did out of malice and as previous cases shows is that it is very difficult to establish what an attackers intentions were. Sooner or later, I will sue Hoff for all that he has misrepresented about me and lied about. I am not a public figure. At the time I sent that email to Hoff I might have been considered a limited public figure but, Hoff didn't publish my letter then. Hoff waited a few years and published it after I left the business and am no longer any sort of public figure.
All of that really shouldn't matter in the eyes of the law since what Hoff said above to me shows exactly what his intent was. If I should have to prove malice, I intend to let Hoff's words do that for me.

Hoff hates the fact that he can't find any "dirt" on me to inform the public about me. Everyone he bashes on his blog (or nearly all) have a criminal record or a record exists that they were arrested and it doesn't matter if they were not charged after. He attacks people that the general public would not want to defend. He attacks Level 3 Sex Offenders. He attacks people who have any sort of criminal record. He attacks people who have been accused of criminal activity. In my case, he can't place any of those labels on me so, he associates my name with someone who does have a criminal record and portrays me as guilty because I was friends with that person. I say "was" because, Hoff threatened to make that person and their family hate me if I didn't back off of him and that is exactly what happened. I am no longer friends with them because of the actions Hoff took to make that happen.
Now Hoff can't even threaten to tarnish my image by associating me with my former friend so, he threw the last thing he could think of at me (the email I sent him about my past situation) to bash me in public.
What it really did was prove my point about him. That point being that John Willard Hoff AKA Johnny Northside is a vindictive bully who uses the first amendment as a weapon against anyone he pleases.

Look at this! I got so side-tracked with other Hoff points that I didn't continue on with explanations and pointing out lies from that post about me that Hoff wrote.
Oh well, I will continue with that in my next post.


Anonymous said...

As I've told you before, I was another "forgotten wallet" event with John. Except ours was a date. I wasn't impressed and that was the only time we went out.

Aside from that, don't give Hoff the power that you are no longer friends with someone because of him. You make your choices - weighing value of a friendship against Hoff-induced misery may not feel like much of a choice, though.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is despised by most northsiders who consider him a outsider who just wants attention.
The guy is a mentally disturbed nutcase who needs serious therapy.