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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Your Secrets, Lies and Dirt Are Not Safe With Activist Megan Goodmundson

A fitting image to describe northside crack-tivists
Megan Goodmundson aka the "Super-Citizen" (as fellow crack-tivist Johnny Northside calls her) commented on this blog on December 19, 2011 Click here to read.. Some people might say the surprise was that Megan commented at all after she vowed to never comment on here again. Not in this case because, the real surprise came in what Megan said or more to the point... What Megan meant. For someone who claims to be an activist and who has volunteered with councilman Don Samuels' election campaign, her comments should be a lesson to anyone who has ever confided in her.

The lesson is simple: Don't say ANYTHING to Megan that you don't want repeated.
Here are the comments that Megan submitted to this blog:

NoMi Passenger said...
Jim, you're such an idiot. All this speculating over break ups and make ups over.... technical glitches or mishaps???
And really, do you realize the wealth of information I could have provided you on your quest to destroy John, if only you hadn't made an enemy of ME???
You have no idea the secrets and lies and dirt I know.
But glad to see you are still obsessing over John, me, me& John. It's heartwarming, really.
Now THAT is disturbing!
She actually SAID, "the secrets and lies and dirt I know." I have long professed that John Hoff is a dangerous hypocrite to anyone who stands up to him (and some who never even heard of him) but, even the most loyal supporters of John should re-consider whether they really want to stand beside him or not while his own girlfriend runs around the Internet telling people that she knows about his "secrets and lies and dirt."

The other thing that she said was that she "could have provided" "the wealth of information" if only I hadn't made an enemy of her. Really! What that means is that nothing you tell Megan is safe with her because, she is willing to provide that information with anyone who has not made an enemy of her.

Now, THAT is one scary community "super-citizen" activist if I ever saw one!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that if you call 311 to report anything on John Hoff the friendly 311 operators will notify a certain city council member who will intervene on John's behalf? Ever wonder why housing complaints about Hoff's code violations never get investigated? Ever wonder why reports to the police of him "collecting" stolen property never get investigated?
Ever wonder why a city council member would testify in court on behalf of John Hoff?
Guess those gifts "of nominal value" John Hoff sends certain city council members are to show his appreciation for the individualized protection, err - ahem - assistance they provide him.

The Galbanator said...

Looks like she had her ass handed to her in court recently....and that is alot of ass!

NoMi Passenger said...

Ahh, Jim, I didn't say I would have spilled any beans, just pointing out your lack of savvy, that's all. If you were/are so intent on destroying somebody, get in good with the closest people. Silly me, one should never interupt an enemy's stupidity. Carry on.

"In order to have an enemy, one must be somebody. One must be a force before he can be resisted by another force. A malicious enemy is better than a clumsy friend."

Anonymous said...

This is a good lesson to learn (as was learned by Eric Johnson when Megan snubbed him in the JACC election). Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. That is Megan's mantra.
The reality is everyone should realize that Megan Goodmundson is the enemy.She just uses people to her advantage. Megan, just like John Hoff, is a malicious predator who thrives on exploiting the weakness of her friends and/or her enemies to her advantage.
And she pointed out the realities here, boy oh boy!
She will use her association with you to collect "the wealth of information",and then she will use it to destroy you.
Is this the kind of person you need as a friend? Is Megan Goodmundson the kind of person you want as a friend?
Sounds to me like she is well suited to be the girlfriend of John Hoff, who has been described as a dangerous psychopath who thrives on the misery he inflicts on others.
Jeez, why would anyone in their right mind want to be friends with Megan Goodmundson?
Maybe her "friends" are just keeping their enemies close?
After all, think of the damage an enemy like Megan Goodmundson could do.
I may not have a PhD. But I'm smart enough to recognize that staying away from Megan is the smartest thing a person could do. Right?

Anonymous said...

jeemy, you force me to come to be psycho that i am i see that i must now take care of many of problem that problem has become. i angry too much and now is time. sorry. shee you shoon