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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ugly Controversy Has a Name. It's Name is Johnny Northside

John Hoff has a history of positioning himself right in the middle of controversy. The topic is of no significance to Hoff AKA Johnny Northside, as long as his efforts are expected to be rewarded by seeing his name mixed into the mud pie. Some people might argue that he stands up for what is right and vows to fight. Then there are people like me, Jim Watkins who has studied Hoff's past, his activities, his fights, his attacks and when the dust begins to settle after his numerous crusades, the public can always count on Hoff's signature move rearing it's ugly head. 

Signature move? What on Gods green earth would that be???

It really consists of several things that all add up and become the signature move.
Here is how a Hoff controversy goes...

Hoff masterminds a scheme that he can blog about that will upset a group of people who want to fight back. Hoff's secret and Ace up his sleeve is the people he targets are people that the general public would not care to defend. Criminals have proven to serve his causes well.
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Hoff uses his blog as the "battle field" which allows him to control what the public is allowed to see and his posts paints the picture of him being the hero for fighting for the greater good of the world while he spins the opposition to make them appear as though they are guilty human trash and he should be commended for providing such a service to society.

Take the Hennepin County Jail Roster for example.
The County publishes the names and addresses of every person who was booked into the county jail during a specific time period. In other words, if a person was arrested... their name is put on the list.
It is an arrest record. Period.

If charges were never filed... So what?
If charges were dropped... So what?
If a person was charged, tried and found not guilty... So what?
If someone was arrested by mistake and released... So what?
Hoff's position is this.... "You were arrested and that alone is enough to say you are guilty."

Hoff copies the roster and publishes it to his blog where it remains for the public to see even though the county removes the roster from their website within a few days.

Let's say Joe Common was arrested and released within hours after the police realized they got the wrong guy. No charges filed.
Joe Common's name is immortalized by John Hoff on his blog, the Adventures of Johnny Northside.

Joe applies for a job but the background check uncovers an arrest record archived on Hoff's blog and even though no charges were filed and he was released within hours, the prospective employer saw the arrest record as a black flag and decide to not hire Joe.

Joe shouts out to Hoff via email, "I didn't do anything! Take my name off your blog! You are preventing me from working and supporting my family! That is not fair! You are violating my rights! Take my name OFF!"
Such a plea only causes Hoff to cast a smirk that you would expect to see on the face of a dictator. He then responds to the person by offering to remove their name after they PAY him a fee! A fee in the neighborhood of $300.
Hoff puts the spin on the situation so it appears he is doing his part in the fight against crime by making a criminal pay. It doesn't matter that the person is not actually a criminal.

The honest people of the world don't see such an act as a service rather they see it as an act of extortion.

Back to the signature move...

Someone see's Hoff's bullying people using the jail roster and call him out in public and demand he explain himself for engaging in such activity.

That part is easy for Hoff because, in his mind, he has already won the battle. He got the public to notice him and then comes the signature Hoff move.
John Hoff kicks and screams online while being as loud as possible in order to draw more people to pay attention to his cause. Cause??? What cause is that???

Hoff points the dirty finger at the guilty criminal from the roster while claiming to be the real victim and not the person from the roster. Hoff cries to the public that his first amendment rights have been violated because, he has been telling the truth and not lying!
In other words, Hoff violates a rule or a law and rather than take accountability for it as most people do... Hoff becomes the victim and fights to prove that he should not be held accountable over a rule or a law that (in his twisted mind of reason) should not have been a rule to begin with.

All of that brings me to the part where the ugly monster rears it's ugly head.
Most of the times when Hoff attacks someone as I have demonstrated with the example above, he is actually doing it while being a great big hypocrite!

He wants his readers to support his opinions of criminals and all of them deserving to live their life among the trash and scum of the earth because they are criminals!
Never mind that he too is a criminal... at least when using his own standards of being arrested.

Hoff submitted the following to the Seattle Weekly back in 2006 in response to an article that was critical of the conditions of the King County Jail (Seattle, Washington)...
Click here to read on Seattle Weekly

Black Hole of King CountyI applaud Rick Anderson's exposé ("Dead End Jail," Nov. 2). On March 13, 1996, I was arrested as part of a protest in front of City Hall and brought to this filthy hole.I had a splitting headache, and so after a very long wait, I managed to see a medic at the jail to get some over-the-counter medication. The floor of the holding cell, I pointed out, was covered with a fine patina of filth where anything might grow, including hepatitis. The phones did not function, and there was no bathroom tissue.A class-action lawsuit against this facility should be strongly considered but, beyond that, there should be professional discipline within the medical profession for those who have been knowingly complicit in these conditions for roughly a decade.And, by the way, all the charges against me were dropped.John HoffAppleton, MN
The irony with the subject is simply priceless! John Hoff bashes and calls out people who have been on the jail roster (don't forget that most of his online presence has focused on criminals), YET... Hoff was arrested himself and had the nerve to make a public complaint about the conditions inside the holding cells???
It is JAIL! No jail in the world would give a crap if the conditions of their jail didn't meet the expectations of one John Hoff! But, John will always take the stance that criminals deserve the bare minimum.
More and more people are seeing the ugly head of the virtual monster that is John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside.


Anonymous said...

thank you for opening this site up, he regularly screens out things he doesn't wants posted. This is especially the case when it comes to Don Samuels whenever anything negative is brought up about him on Hoff's site.

Anonymous said...

I hear that soon Hoff will end up in the same jails he loves to post about so much. I hope he ends up sharing space w some of the people whose family names he enjoys maligning.

Anonymous said...

In Hoffs most recent posting of the jail roster he talks of how its important that people like him do things like that so that people could never be secretly jailed by the government. What a load of shit! We all know that Hoff only does it to shame and humiliate people. Solidarity w the journalists in france is a joke as well. He'll never have the balls they did, although if Hoff sat still long enough the people he mocks and provokes would probably catch up w him sooner or later as well. Both are picking on marginalized and disenfranchised ethnic groups who don't need additional goading from the likes of white shitheads who are too arrogant to view their angst objectively. White shitheads who provoke others to wrath and then hold up a pen as though they're some kind of fucking hero.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff is not worth blogging about.

Jim Watkins said...

The following was submitted by me, as me on Johnny Northside's modt recent blog post about the jail roster....
"The "drunken fat man" photoshop was not done nor posted by me. The blog was never to "trash" you. It has always been a public service to inform and the only way it could be "bizarre" would be when considering the subject. Oh, that would be you.
For the record, this is the only time I have posted to your blog since before August. Someone you know told me you posted a comment that hinted you thought it was me"

DT said...

In 4 days the world will know the truth about Johnny Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

John Hoff sleeps in his shitty uninsured Grand Am (which is a car for girls) while he tries to date women online who are either in prison or Russia. Real women are too challenging for a guy like John...what's he gonna impress them with? His book about digging in the garbage? Or perhaps the 43 cents in royalties he received from it? Smoooooth.

Anonymous said...

You people are HORRIBLE, petty and so utterly ungodly. I'm sure you make your Mothers and children proud. Find a church or look in the mirror and stop being so ugly. I know average people can't love their enemies but there comes a point when you grow up and move on.

Anonymous said...

John is a very disturbed individual. He can only feel good about himself when he drags others down. His obsession with criminal -- particularly sex offenders -- says an awful lot about what is going on inside his head. I believe he is dangerous, but that he will ultimately be removed from our presence by one of the many people he has maligned.

Jim Watkins said...

This is a comment that was sent as anonymous but, I removed one sentence because it contained sensitive information that I am not wanting to publish right now. Here is the comment:

Johns most recent comment on his own blog-pretending to be anonymous-pokes fun @ people who receive food stamps. As though thats somehow worse than walking into peoples houses uninvited and raiding their fridges and cupboards while they're not home. Who will he pick on next? The unemployed? No, because he is. The mentally handicapped? Oh, wait, he's already been doing that his whole life. 'Retard! Retard! Retard!' he would say. He used to pick on them on the schoolbus as a mean-spirited teenager. Picked on one poor guy until he had a tantrum and injured himself hitting his head against the windows. No one liked John growing up. Some people never change. Not happy unless they got someone to pick on. Oh well, its one way for him to sublimate his own personal failures.

Anonymous said...

When do we get to find out the truth about Johnny Douchebag? Soon, I hope? Don't deny the masses! Dish it up already! We wanna watch the bastard squirm! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Don't hold back. He deserves whatever he gets! Let's have it! C'mon, everyone! Who else feels the same way? C'mon, Jim, let's see how it all looks in the daylight. Let everyone see what a hypocrite bastard he is! Bring the dirt! I SAY BRING!

Anonymous said...

The truth is John Willard Hoff is a douchebag.
He has a long documented history of disturbed behavior that reflects his sociopathic personality.
He got elected to public office and was voted oput of office after three months due to his abusive behavior.
He applied for a law license in Oklahoma, passed the bar, and one year later still does not have a law license, just call the OK bar and ask.
Facts speak for themselves.
Hoff is a failure at everything he touches, and he is such a miserable person he likes to ruin the lives of others via his unethical blogging.
Nuff said...