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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Make A Deal With John Hoff and Get Stung Like A Bee Every Time

Parody comparison of a Bee and John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside

I got an email the other day from a person who has been crucified by John Hoff AKA Johnny Northsider in the past. I had sent them an earlier email to tell them Hoff was once again, going after attorney Jill Clark. Or at least posted the lawsuit that Clark had recently filed in Hennepin County.
For a guy who is wanting to get licensed to practice law... Following up on the most published, attacked subject in blog history, Jill Clark.... Is not the choice many other people would choose to write about.

During the years this blog has existed, there have been countless comparisons made involving Hoff when trying to explain so many of his mis-deeds. Some of the comparisons include: A slug, a yellow journalist (lower than Geraldo Rivera, a member of the Mafia, skid marks, etc., etc., etc.

The comparison that I was given in the email is simply outstanding and I think it deserves to be showcased with a post of its own.

Here is the comparison that was sent to me about John Hoff.
There once was a bee and an alligator that needed to cross the river that was flooding on the side they were on.
The bee couldn’t make it that far and the alligator wasn’t tall enough to navigate the river as it was near the waterfall.
They are mortal enemies that have fought for ages.  Finally when the river was just about to swallow them up they cut a deal.  They agreed that the bee wouldn’t give a deadly sting to the alligator while the alligator promised not to go under and drown the bee.
Soon they were off with the bee riding on the top of the alligator’s head navigating successfully across the river.  They were about half way across but, neither of them were in the safe zone where their individual abilities could save then alone.  All of the sudden the alligator felt the bee give him the deadly sting.
The Alligator yelled to the bee: “what are you thinking?  We were going to make it but, now we both will die?  What gives?”
The bee replies: “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself….I am a bee and that is what I do.”

John Hoff can be compared to the bee. The alligator is like most people and usually don't bother with other people's issues and they make good on their word.
Not the bee.
John Hoff  is stuck on the other side of the river and no one will give him a ride because, they all know what will happen to them if they try to reason with him. 

HE cannot help himself….it is what he is.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any insight as to why he has allegedly called this "truce" and is supposedly having his First Amendment rights "chilled"?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoff was involved in some "litigation" and there is a gag order in place.
Since he cannot discuss the details he considers his 1st amendment rights violated ("chilled"). Although, in his blog he has indicated that he may test the limits of the gag order. Please do Mr. Hoff, seeing you arrested would be the highlight of my career.

Jim Watkins said...

A comment was submitted on Nov. 14th that referenced some sensitive material about Hoff's status. I didn't publish it because of the legality involved and my not wanting to risk compromising any part of it until it is over and done with.
I don't know the status for certain anyway.

Jim Watkins said...

The following comment was submitted but, I had to remove the last part of it because it mentioned sensitive information that is not considered public.

"This is worth mentioning just to document the bias John Hoff shows on his blog.
John's good friend Peter Teachout has been listed by the city of Minneapolis as owning one of the worst problem rental properties in Minneapolis. But you won't see any mention of that on Hoff's blog. If this was any other landlord Hoff would make it a headline, but because it's his friend, he won't even mention it.
I've send his blog several comments, but you won't see them approved on his blog because Hoff is one of the most unethical writers in the blogosphere."

Anonymous said...

What address is the Teachout debacle?

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 7:55:
What exactly are you asking?

Jordan North said...

There is no Teachout Debacle. Peter Teachout had some tenants that he tried to rehabilitate. This did not work. He took impact statements from the community and used them to evict his tenants that were no longer functioning as productive members of society. The home is getting worked on now. I have seen the property and it is by no means even close to the horrible properties we have around here. He is busy in Afghanistan protecting our freedoms and you're here saying terrible things on your couch, behind a keyboard, like the coward you are.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Strib article that talks about the worst rental properties in Minneapolis.


Zoom in on the map area of North Minneapolis. Point on the dot at 3638 Lyndale Av N. and you will and you will see the name PETER TEACHOUT.

Anonymous said...

So everyone knows Jordan North is a companion blogger with John Hoff's blog, she writes for Johnny Northside and she describes John Hoff with the statement: "saying terrible things on your couch, behind a keyboard, like the coward you are".

Hoff doesn't even live in Minneapolis.

Jordan North is the replacement for Megan Goodmundson, who was smart enough to bail on JNS.
Hoff uses people for his own needs, then dumps them when they disagree. Wake up Jordan, you're just a pawn in Hoff's games.

Tell us your real identity anonymous Jordan North, or are you afraid Target will be offended. COWARD!

It is a FACT that Teachout is a slumlord. Being in Afghanistan isn't an excuse.

Big new coming about your hero Johnny Northside in the future - stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Satcom $,,, Johnny is the HR man at Satcom Communications Brooklyn Park, MN

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 9:55...
Can you offer anything further? I just did a quick search and could not find anything that supports what you said.

Dave said...

It is more likely that he is working at Satcom Marketing in Brooklyn Park. That place is just another one of those telemarketing sweatshops that losers who cannot find a job go work at.

"Hello, this is your cable company and we have a special on HBO..."

I highly doubt that John Willard Hoff is the Human Resources person at that company. He has no experience in that field, and since he has absolutely no judgement when it comes to character, he's be the last person anyone would hire as a Human Resources manager.

Jim Watkins said...

I am thinking that what Dave said makes a lot of sense.

But, I am still wanting to know where or how that claim can be verified?