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Monday, January 11, 2010

Johnny Northside: Once a Hypocrite... Always a Hypocrite

One really has to wonder what supplement John Hoff feeds himself. His latest comment was a response to an article posted on the MplsMirror Click here and see Hoff's comments after article.
In his third paragraph, you could tell that he was really upset about the article when he said the following.
"you managed to screw up the facts and tread very near (or even directly into) defamation territory"
John ended his comments with the following.
"hanging out with losers and nobodies like Al Flowers and Jim Watkins? "
This guy has the mentality of a dictator because, he actually hints at legal action for someone saying things about him that are true yet, he slams people by calling them losers AND he does it while claiming he is a journalist???  Oh wait, he didn't do the name calling on his blog but, he did on someone else's so, he was free to say whatever he wanted.
Allow me to point out what he DID say on HIS blog...
"little greased-up prison errand-boy, Jim Watkins of Plano, Texas, a.k.a. "The DFW Mentor."
(Oh, yeah, I've got something special for Jim Watkins, by and by, "
If anyone should be throwing the defamation card around, it's Jim Watkins. He even announces his intention to retaliate. By the way, John was wrong with his statement as Jim Watkins hadn't lived in Plano for years.
John had this to say in the post where he posted pictures of what he claimed to be Helgason's house (even though it is owned by an LLC which John can't identify the owner) as he walked on the lake ice to get his picture...
"One small step for Johnny Northside, I thought...one giant leap for blog-based journalism."
Journalism??? What a hypocrite!
For those who may be reading this blog for the first time, please take some time to read past posts on this site. There is plenty of documentation posted where John bullies, threatens and makes statements as to what he will do to Jim Watkins if he didn't delete facts posted about him on this site. In one of his emails he threatened to "ruin" Jim Watkins if he didn't delete.
Remember folks, Johnny Northside was a city council member in Grand Forks, North Dakota and he was promptly removed from office for his antics.
Johnny Northside may have heard the saying, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." If you ask him if he is worried others will throw stones at his house, his answer would probably be, "My glass is bullet-proof."
Defamation! Give us a break!

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Anonymous said...

This back & forth between Johnny & Anti-Johnny is amusing. What I have read on this blog about John Hoff is disturbing. Meaning I think John Hoff's past is disturbing and I have noticed that Anti-Johnny gives sources and links to back up what he says about Johnny. Other than the Anti-Johnny being friends with the owners of TJ Waconia, there has been nothing but childish name calling and opinions offered from John Hoff about Jim Watkins.

I just found a facebook page that is a few years old named, Fuck John Hoff. Anti-Johnny isn't the first person to hold a low opinion of John Hoff.