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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Johnny Northside: Fair and Un-Biased? Hardly

Johnny Northside has been blogging away with defending city council member Don Samuels while claiming to be fair and un-biased.
In addition to John being on a "first name basis" with city inspectors, it's no wonder why he goes out of his way to buddy up to certain city and neighborhood leaders.
John Hoff is a member of Facebook.com and the following individuals have approved John to be added to their "Friends" list on the site:

Bryan Thao Worra - Hawthorne Community
Jeff Skrenes - Hawthorne Housing Director
Don Samuels- Minneapolis City Council Member
And let's not forget...
R.T. Rybak - Mayor, City of Minneapolis

I doubt you will see Johnny Northside saying anything negative about Don Samuels since he is "friends" with him. Oh, the Johnny Northside Blog reports on events that he claims are "newsworthy." Yeah, right.

For your entertainment, read about John and his experience as a city council member in North Dakota. It didn't go too well.
Note the quote where he said, "I am the city council now." Sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

Jim - What is this character really up to?

Anti-Johnny (Given by Johnny himself) said...

Note: I still approved the previous comment despite the fact that it is likely Johnny Northside trying to get me to acknowledge who I am. So, I didn't edit the comment.
I am not claiming my name to be "Jim" and further, isn't it obvious what this "character" is really up to? Read this blog and I am sure it will answer the question.

Goon said...

You should have been in Grand Forks, when little Johnny Hoff was on the City Council here in Grand Forks, it was a side show, that fortunately didn't last very long.

Anti-Johnny (Given by Johnny himself) said...

There isn't a whole lot about that fiasco online but, people like you from the area still talk about it to this day. It HAD to have been amazing to have been there while the drama played out.
What are some of the details or what was said on the street about it that the media has not reported?
Thanks for the input!