Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog Set To Retire June 15, 2015 But, Misadventures Blog Will Continue With John Hoff Information

Screen shot of one of Hoff's pen names, Johnny Forada (click to view larger)

Please note that the link to Hoff's Notice of Appeal against the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners is posted at the end of this article.

John Hoff has announced he will be stepping aside from his beloved blog in June 2015 but, as Hoff history has shown, it does not mean Hoff will discontinue his bullying ways. It merely means, he will refocus his personal attacks on people he does not like and find another way of doing it.

Hoff has been totally exposed now that the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners denied his application to join the Oklahoma Bar, even though Hoff completed and passed the bar exam.
Their decision was reached after holding a Rule 11 hearing that covered Hoff's character, moral fitness and respect for the law. I was a witness for the OBBE's and testifying against John was a gratifying experience. All of Hoff's misdeeds against others finally came back to haunt him.
Click HERE to read Findings of Fact Conclusions of Law

Hoff's long history of bullying goes back long before he began blogging in 2008 and I expect him to continue his ways even more now that he has been disgraced from his quest of becoming a lawyer.
After his blog is put to rest, Hoff will be almost 50 years old and essentially starting over from scratch (his student loan debt will likely follow him to his grave), only his public image and credibility will make things more difficult for him. Not to mention, most of his family are at odds with him and likely won't offer him much support. According to his brother, Judd, John lied to him and his mother about his Oklahoma law license status as they had not been aware of a hearing being held.

Word is going around that John will be or already has been reported to the IRS for not claiming income earned in 2013 as well as the Minnesota Unemployment Commission for claiming benefits while not reporting income he earned in Oklahoma at that time. Both of those misdeeds were proven to be fact at the Rule 11 hearing before the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners.

It is the opinion of this blog author that once John is officially done with his Johnny Northside blog, he will be even more dangerous and pose a bigger threat to intensify his bullying because, he might feel he has nothing more to lose after he lost his credibility and dignity (he didn't really have much of those before).

This blog might explore a few changes to the layout or maybe alter the title but, the commitment to stand up to Hoff and his cyber attacks for people scorned by him in the past as well as hoping to prevent future attacks... Will remain a priority.

To close, I offer you the opportunity to read the 8-page notice of Appeal Hoff filed in November against the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners after his application to become a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association was denied. It really is entertaining to read some of his insane reasoning for the basis of his appeal.
Note: The court document was obtained from the Oklahoma Supreme Court records.

Click HERE for Hoff's Notice of Appeal


Anonymous said...

The whole last couple of years he was all 'once I get my law license this' and 'once I get my law license that.' He talked about it as though it would be like winning the lottery. Talked about it like he'd be a big-shot (cue Billy Joel) and be able to outspend and outshine everyone. Ya BIG SHIT! Serves the lying backstabber right.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard he's living in a van down by the river.

Anonymous said...

Where by the river? Need to document this to shut down his illegal rental house.

Anonymous said...

Clearly not an SNL fan.

Anonymous said...

Well, la-dee-frickin-da!

Sorry I didn't realize you were joking.

Hoff actually owns a pick-up with a camper top. Since he rents out his house he could be living by the river. And he's just as dumb as Matt Foley.

Anonymous said...

At least Matt Foley was smart enough to realize his usefulness as a good example of a bad example. Hoff is still steeping himself in his own delusions of grandeur. Really-this is funnier than the Charactor Matt Foley. What we have here is something even more pathetic and buffoonish: A good example of a bad example that still thinks he's a good example. Like the Emperor who has no clothes never realizing that he's naked no matter how hard the people laugh, jeer and point. 'Couldn't be! Everyone ELSE must be stupid! There's no WAY one so grand as I could have been mistaken!'

Anonymous said...

'The Legal Excommunication of John Hoff- A Would-be Lawyer Cautionary Tale.' (and just like the Rocky and Bullwinkle show) OR...'How to Mortally Shoot Oneself In the Ass While Applying to Practice Law.'

Anonymous said...

Has his blog ended early? Nothing since April? Perhaps he's busy with his roommates....

Dave said...

For John to be totally silent for such a long time is exceptional.
I have a suspicion he is up to something, and in hiding to protect his plan.
Maybe he went to Mexico to pass their Bar Exam, and then plans to come back to the USA and transfer it? Who knows - the guy is a sociopath, and thinks so far outside the box he falls off the table. He just can't comprehend that his behavior is unethical and defamatory. He is so self consumed with his right to free speech that he can't see his own self destructive behavior.
A panel of seven respected attorneys heard testimony about Hoff's fitness to be an attorney and basically said, Hey John, you're a first class prick, and an even bigger asshole because you spend all your time writing a blog harassing, intimidating, and defaming people. You are too lazy to get of your ass and get a job. You cheated on your taxes and falsified your unemployment documents. And you have every excuse in the book not to pay your court ordered child support. There is no fricken way we're ever going to let you have a law license in the state of Oklahoma, you self-righteous douchebag.
And how does Hoff respond? He goes to his blog and repeats the same immoral and ethical behaviors that disgusted the seven learned lawyers of the Oklahoma Bar ethics panel. Then he files an appeal creating his own interpretation of the laws, telling the Supreme Court that his way of thinking is correct and that they should change the way they do business to meet his needs.
Oh, and let's not forget the best part of Hoff's brief. That's the part where he begs the court to let him reapply for his law license in less they 60 months (after denial he can reapply after 60 months) because he's going to change his ways and be a very good boy.
The only way John Willard Hoff will change his ways and behave in a "normal" way is if he's in a coma.

Where is he?

Anonymous said...

So is his blog done? No farewell post? I guess he just wants it to fade away....

Dave said...

We all knew John Willard Hoff was full of crap when he said his was retiring from blogging. He added a post today (July 6, 2015).
See John Hoff is one of the most dishonest people there is. The Oklahoma Bar was absolutely right when they denied him a law license because he is not morally or ethically fit to have a law license. You cannot trust him as his word is worthless.

John Hoff is a sociopath. His history ALWAYS repeats. It doesn't matter what he does, it always follows the same pattern. He says one thing, does another - he cannot be trusted. John Willard Hoff NEVER learns from his mistakes.





Jim Watkins said...

The July 6 posting on the AJNS blog was written and posted by Jordan North, one of his blog contributors.
However, John Hoff did post a comment with the same posting.
His blog won't go away completely, nor will he really retire or never post on it again. This is John Hoff we are talking about. It has been well documented that Hoff has never been able to go about anything he does in a low-profile manner. Meaning, he has never shut up in the past and there is no reason to think that he will be able to shut up in the future
Only a matter of time before Hoff finds or creates some trouble that he feels is newsworthy and he will surface.
Like his blog.... THIS blog, will also never go away. Maybe I will write the unauthorized biography of John Hoff? Ok, probably won't bother with that project because, I doubt there would be more than four or five people who would actually pay to read about him lol.

Dave said...

There is another Minnesota blogger being sued for defamation. I fully expect "America's Favorite Douchebag" John Willard Hoff to comment on it at some point. Since he thinks he won the blogosphere trial of the century - only to be denied a law license for the same unethical behavior that got him sued.

Ya think he'd delete the blog and go for another try at that law license some time - But Hoff is his own worst enemy. He just can't pull his head out of his ass because it's stuffed up in there so deep he has to peek out his navel to see what's going on.