Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners Finds "Tremendous" Student Loan Debt Owed By John Hoff

In 2004, John Hoff (semi-formally known as Johnny Northside) moved from Seattle, where he began his petty career of attacking and exploiting people, and settled in Grand Forks, ND.
He attended law school at the University of North Dakota and just a few years later, Hoff had a degree in Law. Imagine.... John Hoff, being a lawyer. That is a scary thought!

Thankfully, Hoff moved to Minneapolis after graduating while hauling very little in the move. A few of the things he brought with him included an entire State (North Dakota) being pissed off at him for his antics and a pile of student loan debt. Student loans are not a concern to most graduating law students as they are about to join the ranks as a lawyer.

Hoff was about to become dangerous. After he left Seattle, he was interviewed by the SeattleWeekly and offered a peek at what he planned to do after law school.

"After law school, Hoff says, he's going to start a law firm—specializing in record law, lesbian issues, and international space law—and open offices in Grand Forks, Hollywood, and . . . Seattle. Then, he adds confidently, he will get a state legislative seat, then make the jump to the US Senate as the first Green libertarian."

Fast forward more than a decade and we find that John Hoff fell just a bit short with making good on his claims. Actually, Hoff fell flat on his face because, he failed to deliver any of those claims. 

In 2013-'14, Hoff applied for, took and PASSED the Oklahoma Bar Exam. Thankfully,  the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners took a close look at Hoff's past during a 2-day Rule 11 hearing before the board in Oklahoma City in August 2014. It took a few months for the board to make sure their ruling would hold but, in October, 2014 the board denied Hoff a law license and after a failed bid to appeal the ruling, Hoff found himself holding his ass in his hands after the Oklahoma Bar Examiners handed it to him. 

Here is what the Oklahoma Board concluded regarding Hoff's student loan debt:
Fast forward one year and we have been blessed in a way because, John Hoff has slowed his blogging activities to a crawl. He has said that the blog is retired but, people know that the temptation to use his beloved blog to self-promote and/or bash someone will simply be too tempting for him to lay off completely.

Coming soon.....
I was one of seven witnesses to testify for the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners at the Rule 11 hearing for John Hoff, held in August, 2014.
I was the only witness of the seven who appeared in person and the next post on this blog will be a review of my testimony as well as opinions and observations I made at the hearing.
It will be good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Seriously Jim. After whatever its been, what, 5 or 10 years?... Don't you think its time to pack it in? John Hoff is just a guy with very limited means and no influence. And here you are writing about him as though he's the devil. The part that's sad is, you've wasted over 5 years of your life publicly bad mouthing this guy. Not that John's a saint or anything, but for you its just sad. Being so consumed with hating on someone you haven't seen in years to the degree that you do is unhealthy. Some day you'll look back on your life and reflect on what you did with it. Spending a decade obsessing and bad mouthing a nobody constantly is going to be one of those things to reflect on. Not exactly a value add, eh? Do yourself a favor, just pack it in.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 11:12
Of course your advice is offered without putting your name to it and in doing so, lends zero credibility.
I read the comments and considered different aspects. Whoever wrote the comments has something to gain by having me "pack it in" with Hoff. At first, I thought Tom Balko wrote it but, Tom has never been able to write much without numerous spelling and errors with grammar. That and I assume Tom is too busy running his new business, Vector Services, LLC in Andover, to be bothered with looking at this blog. I should be happy he cut me off in the selfish manner he did because, it taught me that there is no such thing as a "true friend" and that it is safer to turn your back on a friend when their world is crumbling because, when they stand back up, they have got what they needed from you and away they go. Karma will visit one day and I hope I am around to see it.

So who wrote the comments if not Tom? Someone wanting John off their back, maybe? Someone interested in knowing more about Hoff? Not likely because, if that were true, then they would be supportive of me and this blog. Not encouraging me to lay off.
The grammar is pretty good in the comments so, they know how to write.
My conclusion is the comments were written by John Hoff.
All who agree say, "Aye."

I like to think that of all the dumb, vindictive, cruel and selfish things John has done in his lifetime that have caused pain and suffering to his targets, his family and even himself... That if he could go back in time to un-do any of his mistakes to make things right, that the one he would choose would be........
Deciding to heed to my request made in 2007, to lay off his online assaults against me and my then-friend, Tom and "pack it in."
Yeah, Right! Hoff? Pfffft!

Maybe if Hoff knew that all of his wrong-doings in his life would be documented here for all to see and the level of commitment that I would put forth in exposing his messed up ways... That maybe, just MAYBE... Hoff would choose to go back and not pick a fight against me.
But.... He can't go back and, he picked on the wrong guy when he attacked me and my then-friend, Tom.
So, to the person who wrote the comments, whoever you are.... I am not "packing anything in." John made his bed. He get's to sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

Remember, if you forget the past, you are destined to repeat it. I will never forget or forgive Hoff, the spineless piece of crap. I as well as many other inner city professional landlords put up with his slanderous bullshit for years. I could have sued him for slander and defamation and easily won, but as my lawyer told me, "you will only pay me" as low life Hoff does not have a pot to piss in. I also testified against him in the Oklahoma bar case. I will keep my foot on his neck until the day he dies, which after seeing the fat ass in person, might not be too far down the road!

Anonymous said...

John knows the difference between its and it's. Keep deflecting your insanity and pretending that these comments aren't real. Perhaps you could do volunteer work or something of value.

Anonymous said...

John spent ten years messing with thousands of people who did either very little or nothing at all to him. Jim has taken it upon himself to make John pay for it. Jim has played fair. Jim, ultimately, has won the war that JOHN started against hin in highly ARROGANT fashion. Throw up a link to the youtube vid, Jim, and let them hear for themselves...John talking out of his big ass like he's Clint Eastwood or something. Then practice your touchdown dance and spike the ball some more for us. BTW...Jim may not have written a romantic advice column, like John did, but he has a nice girlfreind, a family that appreciates him and makes enough money doing what he enjoys. This is a pet project...Anon writes as though it's Jim's whole world...hmmmm...who would think of a tiny, insignificant blog that way? Same person who recently pulled a little disappearing act on the same afforementioned GARGANTUAN MOUNTAIN of student loans and left us tax-payers holding the bag.

Jim Watkins said...

But we should point out that John IS dominant over me lol. Have a listen...

Anonymous said...

HA! Everyone ought to listen to that. Self-described 800 lb. Gorilla takes on Jim 'Sampsonite' Watkins and is reduced to new role as Whipping Chimp of the Blogosphere! John needs to quit leaching off of us taxpayers. The huge public price-tag attached to his failed delusions makes him a much bigger burden to society than the people he enjoyed pointing at so much. I hope that this blog will continue as an effective means of keeping a dangerous, poisonous and toxic man in perpetual 'check.' Also, this way, John gets to feel what it's like to be singled out for HIS failings. Although I'm not so sure the first anon was John, I think it's great that Jim posts everyone's comments whether he likes them or not. JOHN never did.

Anonymous said...

John wrote a romantic advice column? What planet was that on? What was his advice? 'Have some rum and coke and then hunt down a fat chick?'

Dave said...

John Willard Hoff NEVER learns from his past experiences, and his past ALWAYS repeats. No matter where he goes, no matter where he lives, no matter what he does, his past repeats.
John Willard Hoff is his own worst enemy.
Readers of his blog; numerous readers of his blog gave him advise to tone it down, stop trespassing, stop buying "stolen" property, stop his racist posts, stop harassing and intimidating people, and he never listened.
While student teaching at the UofM he was so despised by his fellow students they created a "F&CK JOHN HOFF" Facebook Page.
And he was denied a law license in Oklahoma because, well because he's such a first class asshole, with a documented history of using the WWW to harass, threaten, and intimidate people.

So August 4, 2015 at 11:12 PM, or Megan, or Dana Fisher, or whoever you are remember this:
He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of a fool shall be destroyed. - Proverbs 13:20

Since you are a companion of the biggest fool, John Hoff, you can go down in destruction with him, you asshat.

Anonymous said...

Be nice. Making fun of John is fine but why pick on girls? I'm sure women of all shapes and sizes are equally unimpressed with John. Where and when did he write a romantic advice column? That is wacky. John is a prolific failure at so many things. Who the hell would waste the paper? How can someone let a guy like John write something like that when he can't even get a date? Please tell me more this is killing me.

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting a stop to john who was a mouth piece for the dirty part of the city council. speaking about the dirty city council, i saw samuels at ridgedale today.

Jim, since you were so successful with exposing John's corruption, would you considering exposing the city council's corruption on a new board?

as you probably know many are quietly tied to nonprofits that get government grants that don't do what their function are supposed to be in the publics eyes when exposed.

doing this would bring the awareness needed to stop the corruption, but just be careful with your business if you do this. i've known people who've spoke out only to have been harrassed by their underlings and city attorney with unlimited funds to attack business owners.

take some time to consider it, i completely understand that its probably not worth the risk, but i think people would be grateful inside the city and possibly throughout the nation if exposing corruption on most major cities becomes a trend started by you.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 4:34,
I am not going to go after the Minneapolis City Council for a few reasons. 1) I am in Dallas and it would be a huge help to be able to access documents that are only found in Hennepin County. 2) I have no interest in the city councilmen at this point. The reason I started with Hoff was because of my then-friend, Tom Balko. Now that he has been out over a year and has not contacted me, I have no reason to help him expose councilmen who set him up. 3) It wouldn't do any good. I say that because, I tried and it went nowhere.
Here is an example:

At the Helgason-Balko sentencing hearing, Barb Johnson testified as a witness. She spoke of how she became aware of TJ Waconia and what she claimed was not possible. She flat-out lied under oath and that is a fact, not my opinion. I have proof that she lied and I have the transcript to back it up.
I took that documented proof and went to the StarTribune. They were not interested. I went to a longtime friend who works for the Pioneer Press and he spoke with reporters about what I had and he told me what they said. They said that what I had was "good stuff" but, "unless Barb Johnson was mixed up in some sort of sex scandal... I'm not about to go after the city council president."
The city council's involvement (Johnson and Don Samuels to be specific) in the TJ Waconia saga is stomach churning and in Johnson's case, criminal. The city council screwed up so bad when their very public, trumped up lawsuit backfired. It ended up costing the taxpayers millions of dollars when they were forced to settle with Suntrust Mortgage. The settlement was kept quiet because, the public would have been furious and wanted heads to roll.
Seeing the city council walk away from that ordeal without a scratch... I doubt I would be able to come up with anything that could get them to be held accountable for other wrong-doings.
I posted on this blog about the TJ Waconia settlement if you care to read about it.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed Johnny Northside's blog. Sorry to see he's not active anymore. I wish him well wherever he is.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered how John Hoff got NON-PUBLIC information such as the names of juveniles in police custody, or police suspect info that had not been publicly released?
Seriously, why would someone risk their job giving a nutcase blogger like Hoff this info?

Well, maybe they were tricked. See - it turns out that there is Minneapolis Police Lieutenant named......Jonathan Hoff, who goes by John Hoff.

My money bets that Blogger John Willard Hoff called internal police offices saying he was John Hoff, and the cops thought he was Lt. Hoff, and gave him the private info.

Blogger Hoff took advantage of this mistake on numerous occasions.

Only problem is that impersonating a police officer is a felony.

Now it someone would investigate this - we might see some real fun.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about John's romantic advice column. What did it say? Where was it published? Was it called "How to Get Rejected by Prison Chicks," or "How to Get Rejected by Ukrainian Mail-order Brides?" Maybe it was titled, "How to Get Rejected by Women Less Than Half Your Age." Or "How to Impress Women Even Though You Live In Your Van, Down By The River!" Or "How to Get A Female Roommate and Invade Her Privacy To the Point That She Needs To File A Restraining Order." Or, "How to Impress Women By Being Emotionally Abusive and Screaming at Them in Your Pathetic Attempts To Control Them?" He is an expert, and I would love some advice on these matters, but first, I need to know where to look, Jim. Do you Know who it was that made that comment? They sounded like they had some juicy inside information. Can you get them to write a piece, or could you interview them and make a new posting? This is too good to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Any news about Johnny? Have not seen hide nor hare about him in weeks

Anonymous said...

He was one of the revolving authors for the dating advice column known as "Dr. Date".
It was published in the MN Daily, the U of M paper.
You can research and see the articles he wrote by cross referencing articles he wrote using his own name. That will tell you what timeframe he was writing Dr. Date.