Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Evidence of Unemployment Benefits Fraud Surfaces on John Hoff

The Adventures of Johnny Northside blog, owned by John Hoff, is said to be coming to an end.
To all the people who have endured his wrath, I tell you this... Johnny Northside will be over and done with.
With the end of Johnny Northside, it leaves one question though...

"What will happen with John Hoff?"

No one can really be sure what will happen with John Hoff but, with any luck, all of us will know or at least have reason to believe that John Hoff will be facing the consequences of his own demons. 
One of those demons is that Hoff is a fraud and, according to his own sworn testimony, appears to have committed fraud. What kind of fraud? Against who? 

How about the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

On April 30, 2014, John Hoff was asked to appear in Oklahoma City to submit a sworn statement (Deposition) to the attorney representing the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners. Hoff submitted an application in August, 2013 to take the Bar Examination for the purpose of becoming a licensed attorney in the State of Oklahoma. Information that questioned Hoff's ethics and character fitness was submitted to the board by several people, including the author of this Blog, Jim Watkins.

The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners sent that information to their attorney who reviewed the documents and Hoff's application was investigated. The deposition consists of 225 pages of sworn testimony from John Hoff. The information contained in this post is found on pages 65-88. I did not want to post the entire 225-page document so, I took screen shots of the pages that contained testimony from Hoff that focused on his income and unemployment benefits.

The screen shots were made into .jpg files and are posted below. Click on any of the images to adjust the size to view the text more clearly. For reference... The numbers (1-25) represent the line number for dialogue on every page of the statement. The "Q:" is dialogue for the attorney presenting the questions and the "A:" represents Hoff's answers.

Pay particular attention to page 76. Hoff admits that he did not claim income he was paid while working (and living) in Oklahoma for Lloyd Brent Palmer. Mr. Palmer is a licensed attorney in Oklahoma and was part of Hoff's unit that served in Afghanistan. I want to point out that Hoff did not report that income (that was paid to him in cash and he was not given a form 1099) to the IRS on his 2013 tax returns. It may have been reported for his unemployment. Regardless, if it was not reported for his unemployment, then that is clearly fraud. If it was not reported to the IRS... That is another problem for Hoff to answer to the IRS about.

Here are the six .jpg files for pages-65 thru 88. Each image contains 4 pages of sworn testimony by Hoff and he was under oath while giving the testimony.

To summarize, Hoff admitted and gave details about his income in 2013. He received income from the National Guard, Lloyd Brent Palmer, book royalties, Google Ad Sense, Veterans Administration Disability and as the Findings of Fact - Conclusions of Law from his Rule 11 hearing state, he received money for removing names from the Hennepin County Jail Roster as well.

I will ask Hoff the question here... "John Hoff, what is your excuse for this alleged fraud?"
Of course, I don't expect Hoff to go on record on this blog with an answer but, I am fairly certain the Minnesota Department of Unemployment will pursue the matter in search of an answer.

The following information was copied from the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance website that covers fraud. Click HERE to go to their website.

Applicant Fraud

Any person who knowingly makes a false statement or representation, deliberately fails to disclose material facts, or knowingly withholds information in order to obtain Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits has committed fraudand is punishable by law. After the discovery of benefit fraud, a determination will be issued to the applicant stating that the unemployment benefits received were obtained fraudulently. The applicant has the right to appeal a determination within 20 calendar days, as defined by Minnesota Unemployment Insurance law.

Penalties for Committing Fraud

A monetary penalty of 40% of the total amount overpaid is assessed on all overpayments established as a result of a fraudulent act. In addition:
  • Interest is added to any outstanding overpayment or penalty amount at a rate of 1.5% per month.
  • An additional administrative penalty of ineligibility of up to 104 weeks may be assessed for false representation or concealment of facts.
  • Some cases are prosecuted under Minnesota Statutes that provide for prosecution of felony theft which may include penalties of up to a $10,000 fine and/or 10 years in jail.
Refer to Minnesota Law, §268.18 Subd.2 and §268.182 subd.2, for more details.

Stay tuned!


Dave said...

And let us not forget that John Willard Hoff has rental income from his two RENTERS.
Income that must be reported for both tax purposes, and unemployment purposes. Income that Hoff DID NOT report to either the IRS or MN unemployment. John Hoff is factually a tax cheater, and filed fraudulent unemployment claims.
It is also a fact that Hoff has been renting out his house without a rental license, while NOT RESIDING AT THAT HOUSE. That means he must report to the the county that his house is a non-homesteaded rental, which means it would be taxed at a higher property tax rate.
But dishonest and immoral John Hoff has been cheating the government for years.
What do you expect from a guy who writes a book promoting identity theft, burglary, fraud and tax dodging.
It is plainly obvious why the Oklahoma Bar denied Hoff a law license. The guy displays criminal behavior.

Anonymous said...

This whole blog is an unseemly vendetta against a guy whose Johnny Northside blog has done a lot of good making people aware of rogue elements on the North Side. I wish John Hoff well wherever he is and wherever he goes.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 12:40
THAT is funny! If you aren't John Hoff yourself, you are easily just as disturbed as he is. You see, the content of this blog is not opinion rather, it is fact driven.
If you need further PROOF, I encourage you to read the Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law document that was issued by the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners, who rejected Hoff's application for a law license after a 2-day Rule-11 hearing was held after his moral character and fitness to practice law was questioned.

Anonymous said...

No Jimmy, you're a disturbed and obsessed little man. He has exposed drug rings, killers, murders, slumlords promoting drug houses. Your little twisted soul has exposed a possible tax issue or gasp, undeclared rent. We have a house on our street here, we have reported they're prostituting children and not claiming the income.

We have killers running around and you feel like you've done something in exposing a tax evader in Oklahoma? STFU! Your life must be sad and lonely.

Dave said...

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that anon 6/11/15 @12:40am is none other than Dana Fisher, the asshat that bans anyone she disagrees with from northside Facebook groups like NorthVent.
Dana is a frequent guest blogger on TAOJNS, and is well known in NOMI as just as psychotic as is John Hoff. She lives in NoMi and boasts about how wonderful it is, yet she sends her kids to a suburban school, shunning the Minneapolis schools. And she has posted about looking for housing in the suburbs so she can get out of Minneapolis. Just like John Hoff she is a fraud.

And while she defends Hoff as doing good with his blogging, a panel of respected and learned lawyers determined that:

After the introduction of all testimony and documents and argument of counsel over a period of two full days, the OBBE took this matter under advisement until September 19, 2014.
On that date, all of the OBBE members who were in attendance at the hearing, reconvened to deliberate and discuss the testimony, documents introduced, and argument of counsel presented on August 14 & 15, 2014. The evidence introduced establishes the following facts (emphasis added):

1. Since 2008, Mr. Hoff has been a professional blogger. He has engaged in a
myriad of routine acts of cyber bullying on his blogs. These acts of bullying have included not only personal attacks on individuals but also on their families and/or friends. In the process, Mr. Hoff was routinely abusive, hostile, threatening, and disrespectful. In many instances, Mr. Hoff made little or no effort to investigate the veracity of the negative and degrading information he put on the Internet about others. Mr. Hoff did not use proper avenues to settle his disputes, but instead chose to mount personal attacks on others through use of the Internet.

It is also important that John Hoff re-posts the Hennepin County jail roster for the sole purpose (Hoff actually posted this rational) of making it difficult for those people named in the roster to get jobs and/or housing. It doesn't matter to Hoff that some of those people may be acquitted, or have charged dropped. The thing is that John Willard Hoff is such a disturbed and miserable person that he actually gets gradification from the hurt, harm, and mysery he inflicts on others.
John Willard Hoff is clearly a sociopath who is in desperate need of mental health treatment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:40- So are you saying that John Hoff is justified in acting out his vendettas publicly (which is what the JNS blog WAS) but that Jim shouldn't? JOHN IS THE ROGUE ELEMENT THAT PEOPLE NEED TO BE WARNED ABOUT! You must be John Hoff, because every other person in the western hemi-sphere has concluded that he is not worth knowing or defending. As well as the OK bar. Read the findings of fact. Hoff is a mean-spirited, remorseless hypocrite. Although he obviously needs pychiatric help, he's too far down the prim-rose path and too arrogant to ever seek it. He wasted the best years of his life, ruined his own chances of a law career and stabbed his own brother in the back. People like you aren't helping him with your encouragement. The activity you are lauding ended up being the very self-inflicted wounds that cost John a career in law. All that time in college down the shitter and you pat him on the back. Your enabling a mentally ill person.

Anonymous said...

He probably would've failed the bar exam anyway. Look at his crappy writing: It's full of gramatical errors. He's not a very smart guy. Didn't he spend like 10 years in college before he got a law degree? Didn't he like finish dead last in his graduating class? He would've sucked at law anyway. I also notice that he's like at least a year older than everyone else in his high school graduating class. One can easily guess what that means...must have gotten held back somewhere along the way.

Anonymous said...

Another VERY telling fact is that Hoff sought to have the records of the OBBE proceedings SEALED BY THE COURT! The OK Supreme Court would do no such thing! Sooo...once again, big fucking surprise, Hoff is a hypocrite! Mr. Freedom of Information doesn't feel so constitutional when the info may embarass HIM! What comes around goes around. Wow. He must have pissed off some POWERFULL cosmic forces because he can't seem to stop stepping in his own! What a shitheel!

Anonymous said...

Hey...what about the calculation of his child support payments? Wouldn't that have been calculated lower than it should have been? Look like Mr. Hoff was cheating SOMEONE ELSE as well. Wow. And he pretends to be suuuuuch a dedicated father! Maybe instead of dedicating an assinine and embarassing blog to his son he should have simply dedicated his fair share of funds to support him! He had it set so low he could have obtained it by digging under vending machines! Typical Deadbeat Dad while he toots his own penny-whistle and makes like he's a front-runner for Father Of The Year. 'Intentionally underemployed' while hiding numerous revenue streams! Hey all you single ladies-get a load of Prince Charming!

Anonymous said...


John Willard Hoff under-reported his income to many agencies and that is why he should be investigated by those agencies.

Minnesota Unemployment
Minnesota Income Tax
Minnesota Property Tax Refund
Dakota County Family Court
Hennepin Property Property Tax (As a rental his house is falsely claimed as a Homestead)
Minneapolis Housing Inspections

These are all agencies that Hoff has filed false reports and/or documents with.

If enough people file complaints maybe they will finally investigate Hoff for the criminal he is.

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha. JNS tries to sound altruistic about why he stopped blogging. Not one word about he HAS to find a job since he was caught frauding the government and others:

7/9/15 "Blogger Johnny Northside! said...
I simply cannot afford to put in all the unpaid time this blog requires. If I could do this for a living I would, but the last 7 years have proven to me that I can't. My focus is now making money so I can help my son during his college years."

Um. Yeah. Sure thing, John Hoff...
July 9, 2015 at 1:43 PM