Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Karma Visits Blogger John Hoff In A Big Way As Oklahoma Denies Law License

This Blog post is dedicated to every person who has suffered and endured the unfair attention of John Willard Hoff. 

This article is the first of many regarding north Minneapolis blogger John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside of the Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog and his quest to obtain a license to practice law in the State of Oklahoma.

Specific details involving the long process will follow in the weeks and months to come but, this post will be limited to the facts.
The three images below are copies of the three page document from the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners' "Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law" obtained from the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Click on the images to view larger.

To the Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners and members of the Oklahoma Bar Association... I offer you my gratitude and a huge THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

There you have it. The supreme court of Oklahoma agrees that John Hoff has 'engaged in...routine acts of cyber bullying on his blogs. ...made little or no effort to investigate the veracity of the..information' Well, well, well-lookie, lookie- someone's credibility has taken a cannonball below the waterline! Just deserts for a hostile meanie who has no empathy or compassion for others. PRAISE THE LORD!

Been there met him. ick. said...

Ha! And they undoubtedly only saw the tip of the very large iceberg we call John W. Hoff.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lately, John has been criticizing the parenting of hapless, marginalized, inner city black folks. I suppose he would need to look under a few rocks to try and find a crummier father than himself. I wonder if he ever got caught up on his child support?

Anonymous said...

Lately John Hoff has been posting articles about others accused of tax fraud...really?
Hoff is the pot calling the kettle black.
Here is what the Oklahoma Bar wrote in part as the rational for denying Hoff's law license.

Mr. Hoff failed to report all sources of income to the IRS, including his
compensation from Brent Palmer, an attorney in Oklahoma, donations made in connection to his
blog, blog advertisement, book royalties, and income from individuals who resided in his house
in Minnesota. Mr. Hoff also received income by removing people from his ‘jail roster’ if they
paid him a sum of money. Mr. Hoff’s lack of candor in reporting his income and failing to pay
taxes on said income reflects poorly on his character and fitness. His failure to report to the
Minnesota Employment Commission all of his income and all of the activities in which he was
routinely engaged for no or little compensation may also have resulted in him receiving
substantial unemployment benefits for which he may not have qualified had he made full

Looks to me like John Hoff will soon be listed in the Hennepin Jail roster he is so proud of posting.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm that John Hoff uses the twitter name @Streetscoop?

Jim Watkins said...

Anon 2:26-
I found nothing that would indicate John uses that user name at all.

Anonymous said...

Agreed..posting style isn't like Hoff

Anonymous said...

We now have information (above) which confirms that John Hoff isn't even CLOSE to being as smart as he pretends to be. What a dolt! His dumb-ass blogging ended up costing him a REAL carreer!

Anonymous said...

And he states in his blog that he'll quit blogging in June unless he can make some real money off his blog.
Yeah - money that he doesn't report to the IRS, and hasn't been reporting to the IRS, along with the money he earns from ILLEGALLY renting out his NoMi home.

John Willard Hoff, tax cheat, fake revitalizer, failed politician, slumlord, dead-beat-dad, and bully blogger who will NEVER HAVE A LAW LICENSE IN ANY STATE IN THE USA - EVER!

Thank you to those that objected to Hoff's application. YOU ARE HEROES!

Anonymous said...

Now that we know it is a fact that Hoff was denied a law license, when are you going to post the rest of the story and documents that show Hoff for what he really is - a fraud, and a cheater, and a slumlord.

Anonymous said...

So Hoff is a deadbeat felon... Hmmm maybe he'll write about himself!

Anonymous said...

He is NOT a felon, you dumbass.

Tracy Farris said...

Appleseed! so let me get my glasses! Ole Appleseed is a dead beat dad, a fraudster, a drunk a LIAR.. and LAZY.as my sister Bernie would say whom Appleseed first blogged in 2008 about as she was dying of cancer. This is just tooo crunchy! On top of BORING NOW. Yep He still needs Jesus, a Church Basement AA program and a LAWYER...WOW. North Minneapolis has crime and Poverty. John Hoff and his ilk will NEVER be the answer to that. Criminals saying look at that smoke, over there, no tlook there, there's smoke there..meanwhile we ain't looking at thim..thanks JIM for keeping your eyes on this!

Anonymous said...

Supreme Court, Board of Bar Examiners, what's the difference, amirite?

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch

D said...

The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners is part of the Oklahoma Bar Association. They conducted the background investigation into John Willard Hoff. After an extensive investigation in which they looked at hundreds (if not thousands) of documents, conducted numerous interviews, took depositions, and held a hearing, they determined that Hoff was unable to meet the ethics and morals standards, and articulated those reasons in a "Finding of Facts".
Much of that rational related to Hoff's "bully" blogging where he uses his blog to attack, harass, and intimidate people, and he publishes information that has not been verified or fact-checked.

In simple terms they stated what everyone already knows and that is that John Willard Hoff is a sociopathic asshat with visions of grandeur.
Hoff thinks he's some sort of first amendment champion, when he's actually just a tabloid trash buffoon who blogs for spare change because he can't hold down a real job. (Read the above article)

John Willard Hoff, unable to comprehend that he is a lifelong failure who simple can't stop putting his hand in the fire, appealed his law license denial to the Oklahoma Supreme Court pleading poverty, and expecting the court to waive the rules and change the laws just to accommodate his frivolous pleadings.
And the best part of his motions to the court, Hoff actually had the nerve to blame his OK National Guard friend and attorney Lloyd Palmer for his failures, after Mr. Palmer helped Hoff pass the bar exam, gave him a job, and let him live in his Oklahoma home for free.
Typical Hoff - stab your friend in the back when you no longer need him.
Hoff actually told the court that he would change his ways, and that they should let him apply for a law license sooner then the 60 months he is required to wait to re-apply.

Are you frickin kidding me!! Hoff has not learned a damn thing from all his failed attempts and continues to be Americas biggest douchebag. Why on Earth would anyone think he can change - HOFF IS A SOCIOPATH!

Needless to say, the Oklahoma Supreme Court denied Hoff's motion to waive costs, and dismissed his appeal.

And as far as anyone knows Hoff is still unemployed, renting out his Minneapolis home illegally, and attempting to swindle his mother's finances under his control.

Jim Watkins said...

This was just posted on the Facebook page "North Talk".... And I have no idea what she is talking about??

"Dana Fisher Jim Watkins is a pile of dung. I wish he lived here so could talk of my deceased love to my face. #mortgagefraud,fraud."

Deceased love??? Maybe she is confusing me with John Hoffa and HIS blog? She is a reader of this blog so, maybe she will expand on her comment?

Jim Watkins said...

* "HOFF's" blog....Not "Hoffa." Sorry, previous comment had typo.

Anonymous said...

Dana Fisher is a nutcase just like Hoff. Ignore whatever she says - none of the people on North Talk like her.

Jim Watkins said...

To follow up on the Feb 18, 2015 comment at 2:26...

I just came across this link that appears to be outing someone from Chicago as being John Hoff.

Some of the links are about John Hoff aka Johnny Northside but, I do feel bad for the other guy because, well how would you like to be mistaken as John Hoff?
I didn't see a way to get a message to the person who posted the page info so, if anyone can help me out with where to contact them I would appreciate it.

BTW... New post coming in a few days that focuses on Hoff's recent article he wrote about his son and many of his far-fetched claims he made about his role as his father.

Ravenheired said...

John Hoff tried to contact me today regarding legal bills from an attorney we hired to represent us in a case. We paid him the $4,000 fee he charged us and after the case was through (and we lost due to NEVER qualifying for grandparents rights in the first place (any lawyer should have known this but apparently our $4,000 was too enticing). We had one court hearing, which we lost. He billed us an additional $2,000. We haven't, nor will we pay this. So, guess who this attorney is ? Palmer. John Hoff's friend, he threw under the bus. He represented himself as a attorney working for Palmer on my phone. Highly illegal.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Ravenheired:
I'd like to talk or email with you about this. Your identity/information will not be published. Our communication is 100% private unless you give your permission.
Email me at: Thedfwmentor@aol.com
Thanks for commenting