Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blogger John Hoff Completed Oklahoma Bar Exam But, Status Under Review, Regardless of Test Results

Cartoon parody of John Hoff as a lawyer with his own rules

The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners held the Bar Exam on February 25-26, 2014.
John Willard Hoff was one of the names published as an out of state applicant prior to the test dates.
I received an email response from the Director of the Board of Bar Examiners on March 5, 2014 that stated John Hoff attended and completed the exam that was held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I had sent a package to the board containing information that suggested John Hoff does not have the moral character to become a licensed attorney in Oklahoma. I have been told that I was not the only person that sent them information however, up until the confirmation was received, it was not known if Hoff attended or if he was allowed to take the test.
The results to the exams will not be known or made public for several months.

The board director informed me of the following...
"An applicant is allowed to take a bar exam in Oklahoma even if the character and fitness portion of their application has not yet been approved.  However, should they pass the exam, the applicant is not eligible for admission until the Board has approved their application."
The amount of Hoff material that I submitted was substantial and no date was selected for when the board will complete their investigation and decide if Hoff's application will be approved or denied.
This blog will keep the status updated as information is received.

I do not envy the position the Bar Examiners are in with deciding to approve or deny his application because, I think they could regret it if they let Hoff become a lawyer as his history suggests it will be a matter of time before complaints begin to pile against him.
At the same time though, if they deny the application, they should expect to be made into a spectacle circus because of Hoff's history of appealing and fighting every ruling that went against him.

My hope is that Hoff will be denied a license because, John as a lawyer would mean no one is safe from his attacks. A crazed Hoff with access to court records that are not available to non-lawyers is frankly a very disturbing situation that I hope will never happen.


Anonymous said...

Unless the OK Bar Examiners are deaf, blind, or in a coma I cannot see how anyone could consider John "Slumlord" Hoff morally and ethically fit to hold a law license.
He doesn't pay child support; doesn't pay property taxes; doesn't obey the laws of the land; advocates theft, damage to property, burglary, trespassing, and identity theft.
He buys and sells stolen property, and blackmails people in his blog.
Hoff is a dangerous predator with sociopath behaviors. He belongs in a locked psych ward, not a law office.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. On behalf of many....

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear March 5, 2014 at 3:43 PM,

Know that I sent copies of all that to the folks at the Ok Ethics dept.
They know full well that he doesn't pay child support, or his property taxes. They got records going back to 2000 to prove Hoff is a deadbeat dad. I mailed them a copy of his dumpster diving book with pages flagged proving he teaches people about identity theft, and how to steal from businesses.
If they give Hoff a law license something is really wrong, and that will be a decision they will regret - guaranteed - because Hoff never learns and his history ALWAYS repeats..

Anonymous said...

More proof that Hoff is unethical:
Use this article to find out he made repairs to his home without the required permits - look it up:


Dave said...

So while John Willard Hoff is posting blog articles about how a landlord in north Minneapolis made repairs allegedly with out a permit, Hoff totally hides the facts that he made illegal and repairs without a permit to his home at 2226 Bryant N.
According to his TISH report his furnace was inoperable and needed repairs that required a permit, yet he has lived in the house for 5 years and the furnace works. Not to mention the plumbing repairs - again that required a permit to repair - that were made illegally and without a permit.
Records search from the city of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota reveal that no permits were obtained for any of the repairs that were made, at least until 2012.
So I wonder if Hoff can explain how the repairs were made, and I want to know how Minneapolis inspections let this slip by:


Anonymous said...

I also just turned in the prick for renting his house without a rental license. The City will be checking this out real soon!

Dave said...

Last time I hounded inspections until they went to Hoff's house twice, couldn't find him, so they put a placard on the house saying it was an illegal rental and ordered the tenants to vacate. Hoff rushed home from his vacation and met with the inspectors and had the placard removed.
HOFF DOES NOT LIVE THERE.He just pokes in head in once in a while so he can say his tenants are roommates.
John claims he is on a "first name" basis with inspections. And Don Samuels was protecting him.

We need to get Council member Yang to make inspections stop giving Hoff special treatment.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. This guy is a mental scumbag.

Jane doe said...


Anonymous said...

I don't know what Hoff has on the folks in the inspections department, but they seen to be well informed that Hoff is renting out his house without a license, but don't seem to be doing anything about it.
I guess the place will have to burn down before they cite him for an illegal rental.

Anonymous said...

Well March 11th you should file your complaint again for Hoff renting his house without a license. Inspections is dragging their feet on this for some reason.
It's been over 4 months and nothing has been filed.

Jim Watkins said...

@ Anon 9:50
I am not sure what you mean by your comment.
I have not filed any complaints against John Hoff with anyone.

Anonymous said...

The comment was directed at Anonymous who on March 11th said they turned the prick (Hoff) in for unlicensed rental.
It's been over 4 months and inspections hasn't done anything about Hoff's unlicensed rental while he lives in Oklahoma.
Sounds like corruption in Minneapolis inspections.