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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Marks Over Five Years Of Blogging For The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside Blog, Once Deemed a "Bastard Child of a Blog" and "Brief Amusement"

Photo by Anti Johnny of Hoff at Broadway Pizza in 2009. 

Happy 2013 to all the readers of the Mis-Adventures blog!
The last few months of 2012 were busy ones for me and I didn't post much on this blog as a result. However, that is not saying there was nothing John Hoff-related to post. Hoff was plenty busy keeping up with his attacks against me both on his blog as well as other sites on the Internet. In the coming weeks I will be addressing some of them and ignoring the rest as they tend to be both non-sense and/or repetitive.
I will also be posting my long-overdue response to Hoff's post, "Afraid To Visit North Minneapolis Himself, Evil Anti-Johnny Sends "Proxy Fraidy Cat" To This Blogger's House, Chapter Three Of The Evil Anti-Johnny Book Of Revelations.." 
Consider it the other side to the story if you like but, as I will explain, about the only story involved was the above mentioned post on Hoff's blog and how he came up with such a crazy, far-fetched and some of it simply un-true analysis of the otherwise un-eventful encounter.

All of that and a lot of other updates about John Hoff will be posted here soon!

The headline of this post shows "Bastard Child Of A Blog" and "Brief Amusement" in quotations and the credit for them goes to John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside himself.
The Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside blog began back in August of 2008 and within days of its birth, Hoff posted his response/opinion to it on his blog. Here is the link to that post... Hoff on the Mis-Adventures of Johnny Northside. In that post, Hoff first referred to me as the "Anti Johnny" and called this blog a "Bastard Child Of A Blog" and "Brief Amusement". Here we are in 2013, over five years since it first appeared online and I can say that John Hoff was mistaken. He was mistaken because, the Mis-Adventures has been alive and well since and is only five months younger than his "long running" blog, The Adventures of Johnny Northside.
This is only my opinion but, with all the content this blog has brought to the public about Hoff and what is soon to come... This blog has been anything but, a "brief amusement" to John Hoff.


Anonymous said...

So if you Google "dfcash55" you will see that Johnny's blog happens to be owned by Daniel Field - dfcash55@hotmail.com Which is his real name - Danny or Johnny?

Anonymous said...

John Goofus Hoff is a big stinky fish in a very small pool of his own fetid slime; nothing more. I chuckle because his "business model" is a repeat and complete failure. Here is why: Nobody elsewhere gives two scoops about North Minneapolis. The growth potential of his Johnny Northside blog is just as nil as that of his Johnny Guardsman blog. Nobody beyond a few blocks, or a few miles away cares. Period. Johnny Northside and the sick hater, John Hoff, will go down without even a whimper when he gets tired of fooling himself into believing in himself. A month, a year, a couple more years until he will fold his ratty tent? Again. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

What you are seeing is that "dcash55" has been given guest access to the JNS blog by John Hoff. Hoff wrote about it last fall:

Johnny Northside! said...
Johnny Northside blog welcomes guest blogger dfcash55, who is concentrating on a "jacked up property of the week" but is, of course, free to write about other stuff as the mood strikes.

September 11, 2012 8:29 PM

While it might be true that Daniel Field is another of Hoff's pseudonyms (as in fake names he uses but denies it), regardless they are both hated on the North Talk Facebook page.

Apparently Hoff has given up all hope and just blogs in a drunken stupor. Rumor has it that his own son doesn't want to spend time with him and that was apparent over Christmas. While the rest of us spent the holiday with our families, John Hoff spent it blogging. Obviously he was so miserable that he posted the jail roster on Christmas eve, something he does when he's been bitch slapped by a commenter, or is just plain angry at the world.
Maybe if John Hoff wasn't such an asshole, he'd have a friend he could talk to and not live the life of a dejected hermit.

Anonymous said...

And the photos of the items that Daniel Field is selling on eBay (dfcash55)seem to have been taken on the same furniture that is in the background of pictures of Johnny on this and his own blog.

Anonymous said...

does "dfcash" stand or "desparate for cash".... just wondering