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Monday, January 17, 2011

Northside Vigilante's Targeting Crack-tivist's Parents

Vigilante's Target Crack-tivist's Parents

Just five days ago, Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, went on record by announcing to anyone who might read soon to be un-employed Jeff Skrene's blog, that it isn't enough to go after major property owners.
John said, "We need to go AFTER the VERY minor slumlords who own, say, just ONE house." What would make a person with just one rental property a slumlord? Thats easy! A slumlord is someone who owns a house that is run down and in dire need of repair. Like, say, the rental property located at 2718 Newton Ave N. that northside crack-tivist Megan Goodmundson lives at. A simple check on the city website shows that the property has countless repairs still needing to be addressed and is way past the agreed to time to complete them as promised in the TISH report.

What slumlord owns such a blight? Why its none other than Megans parents, Gary & Janis Goodmundson of Chesapeake, Virginia!
These Northside Vigilante's are going after people who they "think" deserve to be ridden so, its only fair that they also target the ones that ignore city orders to fix the rental property that they own, especially when the house is run-down and occupied by someone claiming to be setting an example for a better NoMi.

Below is a copy of Johnny's words.

Johnny Northside! said...
Though we have the major slumlords all over our radar--people and entities like Paul Koenig, Mahmood Khan, Dana D III, Keith Reitman, Bashir Moghul (who I've listed last because he has so much humility and likes it that way) it seems to me it's time for a tactical shift among the NoMi Revitalization Blog Network.

YES we need to keep riding the big slumlords and that's a big job, riding them. But we need to set our sights on the minor slumlords who own, say, under a dozen houses.

And then we need to go after the VERY minor slumlords who own, say, just ONE house, but it's a really, really bad house...gets raided by SWAT, people smoke crack there, that kind of thing.

Do the math. How much does the slumlord get in profit? How much do the taxpayers pay for, say, the police services eaten up by houses full of criminal tenants? How much does a bad house cost the neighbors around in decreased property values, lost sleep, fear and stress and worry?

I'm glad you posted this about Bertelson. But this post is bigger than Bertselson. This post may be an example of a tactical shift we need to accomplish: we have the big fish in our nets. Let's go after the mid-size and little fish, too.
January 12, 2011 10:43 PM

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Send the Hobbit back to the Shire said...

Well, then we need to go after Jeff Skrenes' landlord Brian Kallioinen.
Brian owns a few properties that have very obvious and serious code violations. But Brian is protected by Jeff Skrenes because Jeff doesn't want to offend his own landlord.
Jeff even refuses to discuss any of Brian's housing code violations in is blog, while he will freely trash other landlords with false and defamatory information.

We can only hope and pray that one of these landlords will sue Jeff Skrenes personally, and in his official capacity as Hawthorne's housing director.

One really has to wonder what hell Jeff does for Hawthorne besides blog, and show up at events wearing an ugly green tie. He sure hasn't made any real progress with saving homes from foreclosure, or demolition.