Timeline of John Hoff Oklahoma Law License Application and Results

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Johhny Northside Loses in Court

It seems Johnny Northside aka John Hoff, was in court again a few weeks ago. From what the court record shows, John was given a speeding ticket in October of 2009 but, do you think John simply accepted responsibility for his wrong-doing and paid the ticket?
Of course he didn't!!!
John had to waste more of the courts time by fighting the ticket he was issued in Stevens County and he was found...GUILTY!

What could have been a $40 fine if he had admitted he was speeding and paid the fine, turned into a hefty $125 fine AND it shows he was convicted of a "Petty Misdemeanor."
Hoff speeding conviction record

Interesting note:
John paid the $125 fine after he was held accountable but, he apparently has yet to get caught up on his child support payments.
Looks like John STILL thinks that laws and rules do not apply to him. WAKE UP, JOHN!


Anonymous said...

This HAS to be a mistake and thats why JNS fought it.
His defense is that he doesn't even HAVE a car! If he does, there is no way any piece of shit owned by JNS could go as fast as the speed limit.
Hoff, if you read this I think you are a waste of sperm!

Anonymous said...

He is such a LOSER!

Anonymous said...

Where in the heck is this guy going so fast? He does not work or have anywhere to be. It would be great to find out the licence plate number of the car he was pulled over in to see who is extending him car credit. If it was not him speeding, then let's have the owner of the car stand up for their leader and drink the juice and accept the ticket. Oh yeah, with these guys it is always someone elses fault. Guess that is the trouble with his types. Always an excuse and never a real explaination.